339 thoughts on “Stop NATO ChemTrails!!!

  1. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html

    The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies

    1. Barclays plc
    2. Capital Group Companies Inc
    3. FMR Corporation
    4. AXA
    5. State Street Corporation
    6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
    7. Legal & General Group plc
    8. Vanguard Group Inc
    9. UBS AG
    10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
    11. Wellington Management Co LLP
    12. Deutsche Bank AG
    13. Franklin Resources Inc
    14. Credit Suisse Group
    15. Walton Enterprises LLC
    16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
    17. Natixis
    18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
    19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
    20. Legg Mason Inc
    21. Morgan Stanley
    22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
    23. Northern Trust Corporation
    24. Société Générale
    25. Bank of America Corporation
    26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
    27. Invesco plc
    28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
    30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
    31. Aviva plc
    32. Schroders plc
    33. Dodge & Cox
    34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
    35. Sun Life Financial Inc
    36. Standard Life plc
    37. CNCE
    38. Nomura Holdings Inc
    39. The Depository Trust Company
    40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
    41. ING Groep NV
    42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
    43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
    44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
    45. Vereniging Aegon
    46. BNP Paribas
    47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
    48. Resona Holdings Inc
    49. Capital Group International Inc
    50. China Petrochemical Group Company

    * Lehman still existed in the 2007 dataset used

    (Data: PLoS One)


  2. Name Names of SH: shareholders and TNC: transnational corporations that together hold 80% of the network control

    “karen hudes” shareholder control-holder



    “It is pretty easy to see such things taking place in our economy, but almost impossible to prove, and

    without further transparency measures for corporations to disclose their owners and shareholders,

    networks of strongly colluded parties can control global markets without oversight or taking responsibility.”



    name names

    (idiomatic) To identify specific people, especially people involved in confidential activity, misdeeds, or crimes.


  3. Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) ObamaCare and Unions


    in fact, i would raise two points.

    one, it is very, very clear that the democrats and the president now own this lock, stock and barrel.

    we have tried valiantly to try to modify the law in a positive way for patients, families and doctors. they own this completely.

    secondly, apparently in the deal that is being worked out by reid and mcconnell, senator reid has brought forward —

    remember how it was sacrosanct that you couldn’t change obama care? they’re going to delay the $63 per person tax for large businesses and for unions. that’s a sop to unions.

    so the law of the land that couldn’t be changed now is going to be changed apparently because it’s okay to provide that sop to unions.

    this doesn’t make any sense to the american people.

    the victory that’s going to be had by house republicans is there’s no doubt in the american people’s mind is that this disastrous law is clearly on the shoulders of the president and the democrats.

    let’s talk a little bit about the sketch of a deal that we have, sounds like there will be

    a reopening of the government and funding until january 15th, which coincides with a sequester date,

    a debt ceiling raise till the early days of february and

    some sort of budget conference that has a deadline of roughly the middle of december, to come up with some kind of an agreement on longer-term reforms that might obviate the need for a sequester and come to a longer-term framework in terms of cutting entitlements.

    if we get to mid december and the republicans and the democrats can’t agree on that longer-term framework, aren’t we right back here to where we are today looking at a closed government and a debt ceiling that we’re hard up against?

    you’re absolutely right. but the difference will be that there will in fact hopefully be a budget conference.

    that’s the normal process where we actually work through these challenges and find the common ground and see where the compromises are able to be held.

    the problem that we’ve had is that we have an administration and a president who refuse to lead.

    these kinds of things — these real challenges aren’t going to be solved until the president decides he’s going to lead.

    and not lead as the leader of the democratic party but as the leader of the free world.

    that’s what has to happen.


  4. Obama seeks to retain ‘extraordinary measures’ power to handle debt limit


    House Republican leaders unveiled a new proposal Tuesday that would bar the Treasury Department from using what they call accounting gimmicks.

    They argue the reform would increase the transparency of the federal budget process.

    To bolster their argument, Republicans cite economist Donald Marron’s view that the administration has become “embarrassingly casual” in its use of such measures.


  5. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/10/15/house-republicans-boehner/2986085/

    The House GOP aides said the House plan mirrors the Senate plan to extend federal spending through January and raise the debt ceiling through February.

    It also removes the Treasury secretary’s ability to use “extraordinary measures” to extend the debt ceiling deadline, restricting the executive branch’s flexibility to shift money around to pay bills.

    “We think that’s a good thing, because that puts Congress back in charge on the debt and on spending,” said Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La.

    “We don’t want to give Treasury any wiggle room.”

    Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., said he remained skeptical that the deadline to extend the debt limit is Thursday.

    “I don’t know what deadline is Thursday,” he said, saying the date was “artificially created by the administration.”

    He added: “This didn’t come down on tablets. It’s not statute. It’s not legislation.”


  6. Click to access CREC-2013-10-15-house.pdf


    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
    Chair recognizes the gentlewoman from
    North Carolina (Ms. FOXX) for 5 minutes.

    Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, the time for
    solutions is now. The American people
    expect their elected leaders to come to
    the table, work together, and put people above politics.

    Today is the 15th day the Federal
    Government has been shut down, the
    15th day national parks and memorials
    have been closed to the American people, the 15th day the NIH, WIC, and
    Head Start have not had the funding
    they were counting on.

    Today is also 2 days shy of the deadline when America might reach its
    $16.7 trillion debt limit. House Republicans, as we have for weeks, will continue to offer bipartisan common
    ground to reopen government and protect America’s credit rating.

    More than 70 Senators are on record
    as opposing ObamaCare’s medical device tax. Let’s put that tax on hold and
    reopen government.
    It is not very fair that Members of
    Congress receive special help to pay for
    ObamaCare that isn’t available to others. Let’s remove the special treatment
    and reopen government.

    It is not right that the American people are on the hook to provide health
    care subsidies to individuals whose incomes might not even qualify. Let’s demand accountability for taxpayer dollars and reopen government.

    Since the shutdown began, bipartisan
    majorities in the House of Representatives have voted to reopen government
    services and spare North Carolinians
    from Washington’s dysfunction. We
    voted to open our parks and memorials
    because their closures are punitive, and
    they should never be disrespected by a
    theater of barricades.

    We agree National Institutes of
    Health clinical trials should continue,
    so we voted to fund NIH. Similarly, we
    voted to ensure pay for all veterans
    and to restore FEMA, the FDA, Head
    Start, and the WIC program, among
    others; but most of our proposals to get
    government functioning again face
    Senate inaction and White House veto

    The our-way-or-the-highway mind-
    set must stop. The challenges we face
    as a Nation require bipartisan solutions. Both parties need to work together to reopen government and manage our debt.

    House Republicans remain committed to responsible, bipartisan solutions to end the shutdown and defend
    our credit rating. We hope our counterparts in the Senate are as well.


  7. http://blogs.rollcall.com/hawkings/long-national-nightmare-may-soon-be-over/

    The deal also set Friday, Dec. 13, as a deadline for negotiators to reach

    a seven-months-behind-schedule agreement on a budget resolution for this year, one that would presumably call for

    the future legislation Republicans want

    to limit the growth of Medicare, Social Security and other entitlements — and,

    if Democrats get their way, some additional deficit reduction from increased taxes.

    It’s unclear what sort of penalty, if any, would result from a failure of those negotiations, or

    whether any agreement might be guaranteed a vote either by the end of the year or before the twin deadlines that would be looming so early in 2014.

    A shutdown precipitated by the GOP drive to undercut Obamacare leaves this:

    The only related language in the Reid-McConnell deal would be

    an anodyne requirement that

    the administration promise it will start verifying the income of people who qualify for federal subsidies for their health insurance under the law.

    not likely to provoke dissent or offense; inoffensive, often deliberately so.

    [“unclear” — I don’t like the sound of that, but this did answer some questions for me.]


  8. #karenhudes #worldbank #federalreserve #gold #philippines



    Additional images are just the ones I had saved to my desktop, including images from one of my FB friends:



    “The Staff Association stated that what had happened to Karen had damaged staff morale and prevented others from reporting misconduct.”

    [Me: I haven’t the slightest doubt Karen is a truthteller. To a lesser degree I have been a victim of some of the same crimes to which Karen alludes elsewhere. I’ve learned to keep them to myself. Those who would silence her perpetrate these crimes (annoyances). These same “handlers” then accuse Karen of being a “nutter” when she dares suggest she’s being messed with. Of course they’re messing with her.]


  9. I totally agree re Reid not sending conferees, Reid Obama Pelosi planned this shutdown ahead of time. This must have been a real eye-opener for Gohmert and other republicans.

    Published on Oct 16, 2013

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Greta on Fox News about the vote in the House that will reopen the government. He shared his concerns about Obamacare and some of the language in this bill.


  10. Qatar and Saudi Arabia paid the insurgents a salary for fighting #Syria



    My name is Mimi Al Laham. I’m a Syrian activist and political analyst. This video has been used to advertise for new fighters.

    There’s a story carried by Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera, in June 2012, that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were going to pay the insurgents a salary for fighting.

    Now, they have been paid, since the beginning. They have been paid since 2011, a salary. Why would these media [outlets] pick up the story now?

    And that’s because they need new fighters, new terrorists.

    00:11:04 Please, come and see the real terrorists here. We have the right to defend our land.

    We have terrorists inside our country. We have our rights to defense. And to kill them and arrest them.

    If it happens in England, I know what the government in England would do. They will go buy planes and ‘boom, boom, boom’. Kill everyone in the streets.

    They don’t care about human rights.


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  12. AND YET THE 33% Believe – ‘Sprayed’ three in ten chemTrails geoEngineering

    Spraying in the country with chemical gases, as conspiratorial theory, a hit in discussions ‘summit and cafe’ in scientific panels, even in parliament.


    An avid believer in the Parliament president of Independent Greeks are sure … Our spray.

    It is as interest in the topic, the question: “Some believe that we are spraying. Agree or disagree with this view? “Came and political polling!

    Indeed in the last voting intentions of September 2013, the Metron Analysis, published by the ‘Nation Sunday, “the relevant question for

    33.3% of the respondents agree that throws made chemicals,

    58.4% disagree and

    9% … do not know / no response.

    Of the total (33.3%) of those who agree with the existence of «chemtrails»,

    10.9% say they vote today ND and SYRIZA 19.2%.

    The majority, however, that 28.4% of those taking the place of “invalid / white / no”,

    with particularly high numbers of positive opinion towards chemicals falling on our heads

    have ANEL with 6.1%, and the 15.3% of the voters of the Golden Dawn.

    The latter seems to be closer than all the theory of «chemtrails», as is known this type of skydiving internationally.

    Women, and particularly between the ages of 18-24 have this concern to a greater extent, while farmers with workers believe much in the paradox of “white tail”.

    Every time a jet plane crosses the sky leaving behind the characteristic smoke trail gazing between them with meaning some people, having one more sign that something strange is happening.

    And even created a task force against «chemtrails», he considers that by dropping them occurs genocide against humanity.

    The demonstrations and various actions forced them to intervene in Air Force General Staff (GEA), which published a Communication in May 2012, clarifying that “any flights spraying with chemicals is not running over Greek territory”.

    Email the leader GEA flooded by e-mail citizens complained that unidentified aircraft flying in Greek sky leaving behind “tails.”

    Succumbed to the temptation and MPs who do not hesitate to discuss’ UFOs in Parliament! ”

    Apart from the President of ANEL, which reaffirmed the bearings within the relevant reflection, formerly and currently incarcerated member of the Golden Dawn Christos Pappas had “sorrow” about it.

    On 01/28/2013 Chris Pappas, the MP of the Golden Dawn and parliamentary representative, who is currently incarcerated in Korydallos, asking to know what are these famous ‘Aerial spraying of unknown origin’ …

    Επιμέλεια: ΒΙΒΙΑΝ ΜΠΕΝΕΚΟΥ



  13. http://twitter.com/Psekasmoi

    Τρίτη, 15 Ιανουαρίου 2013

    Chemist urges Greek Gov’t to give factual answers to “Chemtrails” questions


    Former president of Greek Chemists’ Association and research associate at “Democritos” National Research Center for Science, Nikos Katsaros, urged the Greek government to proceed to scientific research on the chemtrails issue and finally give official and persuasive answers to the pressing questions posed by hundreds of concerned citizens

    Speaking to private radio Athens 9.84 FM, Nikos Katsaros urged the government to proceed to measurements in the atmosphere and give factual answers to the questions and the anguished testimonies of hundreds of concerned citizens in Greece.

    Katsaros argued that there were hundreds of testimonies on chemtrails and that the Greek government should give official and factual answers on the issue.
    Among others, Katsaros said:

    “Hundreds of people in Greece and thousands of people around the world see the chemtrails in the skies, trails that are different from the contrails that dissolve quickly.

    There are many scenarios around this issue, however the official Greek state has not given any factual answers so far.”

    Katsaros revealed that the Environment Committee of the Parliament in Cyprus accepted a relevant proposal of Katsaros, that is

    “to take measurements in the atmosphere and to determine scientifically what exactly are these trails and what do they consist of.”

    Katsaros added that “the measurements results from Cyprus are expected in short time,” and urged the Greek government to do the same thing.

    Nikos Katsaros interview is here but in Greek.


    DEMOCRITOS is Greece’s National Research Center for Science that has institutes for Nuclear Physics, Radioisotopic products etc.


    Αναρτήθηκε από Pera Vrexei στις 11:55 μ.μ.


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