Chemist urges Greek Gov’t to give factual answers to “Chemtrails” questions


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chemist urges Greek Gov’t to give factual answers to “Chemtrails” questions

Former president of Greek Chemists’ Association and research associate at “Democritos” National Research Center for Science, Nikos Katsaros, urged the Greek government to proceed to scientific research on the chemtrails issue and finally give official and persuasive answers to the pressing questions posed by hundreds of concerned citizens

Speaking to private radio Athens 9.84 FM, Nikos Katsaros urged the government to proceed to measurements in the atmosphere and give factual answers to the questions and the anguished testimonies of hundreds of concerned citizens in Greece.

Katsaros argued that there were hundreds of testimonies on chemtrails and that the Greek government should give official and factual answers on the issue.
Among others, Katsaros said:

“Hundreds of people in Greece and thousands of people around the world see the chemtrails in the skies, trails that are different from the contrails that dissolve quickly.

There are many scenarios around this issue, however the official Greek state has not given any factual answers so far.”

Katsaros revealed that the Environment Committee of the Parliament in Cyprus accepted a relevant proposal of Katsaros, that is

“to take measurements in the atmosphere and to determine scientifically what exactly are these trails and what do they consist of.”

Katsaros added that “the measurements results from Cyprus are expected in short time,” and urged the Greek government to do the same thing.

Nikos Katsaros interview is here but in Greek.

DEMOCRITOS is Greece’s National Research Center for Science that has institutes for Nuclear Physics, Radioisotopic products etc.

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Meanwhile … compares chemTrail believers to Greek Nazi Christos Pappas

AND YET THE 33% Believe – ‘Sprayed’ three in ten

Spraying in the country with chemical gases, as conspiratorial theory, a hit in discussions ‘summit and cafe’ in scientific panels, even in parliament.


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  1. IDK how much of the following is true. But I’m interested.

    Click to access A-100-030-Q-001%3DHISTORY+REVISITED+(1).pdf


    Little is officially known or recorded about a certain Jose Antonio Diaz de la
    Paz who became Papal Nuncio and was invited to be the new Pope in
    February 1922.

    He declined. He had more important things to do.

    He was
    chosen by the Royal Families to be the trustee for all the gold left by the Royal
    Families (they had entrusted him already with their eyes, and so they could as
    readily entrust him their gold) which was now lying secretly in the Vatican’s
    caverns in Benevento, Italy.

    Jose Antonio Diaz (formerly Jose P. Rizal) decided
    he would bring all the gold to the Philippines.

    Nobody would look for it there.

    It did not last long. There seemed to be a build-up for another war. The former
    owners of the gold got nervous, Pope Pius XI got old.

    All the while Hitler’s SS
    silently and secretly ransacked the far-away bonded warehouses of the British
    banks and brought the gold (more often than not in submarines) to Singapore
    where it was delivered and handed over in brief ceremonies to the Japanese
    Imperial Army under Hitler’s half-brother Tomiyuki Yamashita.

    The submarines
    headed back, so that nobody would discover the subterfuge.

    Jose Antonio Diaz
    shipped the 650,000 metric tonnes back to the Vatican, with the quip -. “If that
    is what you want !”

    Note : 10 years later Pope Pius XII asked him to bring it
    back to Manila (see Agana Decision)

    There were no telecommunications in the form we understand today but we
    can imagine that Jose Antonio Diaz (or Jose P. Rizal), Adolf Hitler, and
    Tomoyuki Yamashita knew what they were doing.

    They were the original axis powers established during the Berlin Olympics
    (where Japan’s Emperor Hirohito visited Hitler), formalised with Italy in the
    1940 Tripartite Pact.

    They did the planning and they plundered the gold, Hitler
    in the West, Japanese forces in the East.

    They came together and met in Singapore, which was then officially a British
    crown colony, and had the smelting of the gold done by the expert German
    company, DEGUSSA.

    From there, the gold was brought to the Philippines to
    be buried under supervision of Prince Chichibu, and to become known as the
    infamous “Yamashita treasure”.

    We are talking of a time prior to the start of WWII, generally accepted as being
    September 1, 1939 when Hitler ordered his generals to take Poland in one day.

    We could argue that the start of WWII was much earlier, perhaps in 1937 when
    the Imperial Japanese Army raided and took China, killing more than 300,000
    Chinese during one day in Nanking.

    That was 6 years after Japan had started
    the military invasion of China in order to capture the Manchuria Province in
    China’s North which had all the natural resources that Japan so importantly
    needed in order to support a war effort.

    It was also in 1931 that Japan started
    to invade, albeit silently, the Philippines.

    Mostly civil engineers in disguise, the
    Japanese started to build a wide array of tunnels and caves.

    Thus indicating
    that they prepared well ahead for the burial of the gold that would come from
    Europe and China.

    The gold that Hitler and his Japanese allies stole from the
    richest of the rich on both sides, from those who had
    money enough to buy gold, stash it away in secret bank
    vaults, so that they would not have to pay tax, was listed,
    immediately following the war, in the International Court of
    Justice (World Court) in The Hague, Holland.

    The total of
    the missing gold was 946,000 metric tonnes, and it is still missing.

    The World Court had ruled that all gold found from buried treasure in the
    Philippines would, legally, belong to the Original Claimants of WWII Loot.

    Until today there has not been a single claimant.

    The claims are listed per
    country (there are 13 countries claiming), no names of persons or families are

    The Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, The International
    Bank for Settlement, The International Monetary Fund, and
    the World Bank, are patently aware of the location of the
    gold, and to them it is the same as if the gold was stashed
    secretly in America.

    So, Jose Protacio Rizal / Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz de la Paz was an
    active participant in concealment and masking of the stolen treasures of World
    War II.

    Yes he was a patriot. Yes he was an accomplished and sophisticated

    Yes, he was a friend of royalty across a broad spectrum, and to the
    end he served the Philippines, as his Letter of Instruction which details what is
    to be done with the accumulated wealth, demands that its primary objective be
    specific projects for betterment of the Philippines.

    Whether subscribing to the accuracy of published history, or influenced by the
    revelations of this essay, it must be admitted that Jose Rizal was first and
    foremost a patriot, even if his modus operandi was unorthodox in the extreme.

    Perhaps we should silently hope that his vision is realised, along with that of
    President Marcos, his accomplice in the world’s most incredible seizure and
    conversion of stolen wealth.

    The Philippines cries out for administrative

    It has a poverty index equavalent to sub-
    Sahara Africa, and Land Reform, which
    should be a keystone in correcting that
    situation is totally ignored by all

    Hernando de Soto in his master-piece ”The
    Mystery of Capital” provided a profound study
    of the Land Laws of the Philippines, and
    demonstrated conclusively that Land Reform
    was the key element in the elimination of
    poverty and awakening of the entrepreneural spirit that is the backbone of
    every great nation.

    • Perhaps such reform is frustrated by considerations surrounding the
    Land Title OCT No. T 01-4, but the present representatives of the
    Tallano Clan are not ogres, and genuinely subscribe to the suggestion
    that Land Reform is critical, and they will cooperate in a meaningful way
    to assist such reform.

    • In terms of infrastructure, the beneficiary known by the Code TVM-LSM-
    666 is equally enthusiastic to share the vision of President Marcos and
    Rev. Fr. Diaz to assure that the Philippines becomes the most stable and
    progressive state in the Asian community.

    A-100-030-Q-001. Page 16

    • The individual entrepreneurmanship of the Philippine national is
    evidenced by an underground economy which has been suggested as
    larger than the published figures of gvernment.

    Ergo, the three critical elements for reform in all aspects of empowerment of
    the Philippines are present, in way, means and will.

    What then will be the
    catalyst which fuses those critical elements into a national upwelling of interest
    to generate a Philippines of promise ?

    If one were to provide a definition of government, we can suggest that such a
    definition would be :-
    ”To provide and maintain an environment in which its people may live
    peacefully and prosper”.

    If we can accept that definition, perhaps we are obliged to look to the
    administration as the catalyst which fuses the way, means and will.

    Let them
    lead, and the people will follow in devout appreciation of the opportunity to
    assume control of their own lives.

    Tax revenues will increase, harmony will
    reign within the population, and all will be well with the world.

    Where is the leader who will recognise the available tools, then grasp the
    initiative, and lead the Philippines toward the destiny so long planned,
    and so painfully delayed, by forces concerned more with their own
    welfare than welfare of the country they were elected to manage with
    perception and integrity ?

    Manila. 1 January, 2011.


  2. sterling seagrave murdoch

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  3. “The looted gold was pooled with recovered Nazi gold to create a covert global slush fund through a network of banks including CIA-owned banks set up by Paul Helliwell.”

    So what was Lansdale doing in Dealy Plaza that afternoon?

    Peter ~

    Lansdale was very close to HL Hunt and the Murchisons, is said to have received large sums from them for various covert ops, and was also very close to the top rung at the CIA under Dulles.

    Prouty had been working at G-2 in Manila in 1945 when Lansdale arrived from the USA to work in G-2.

    Their direct superior was Col. Joseph McMicking, during the absence in Tokyo of Gen. Willoughby (MacArthur’s “lovable fascist”).

    Willoughby, Whitney, and MacArthur were all tight with former President Hoover and Secretary of War Stimson, and were hoping MacArthur would succeed Truman as president, a campaign being funded in part by Hoover, Hunt and the Murchisons.

    It was Lansdale (working with Filipino-American agent Santa Romana) who persuaded General Yamashita’s chauffeur, Major Kojima, to reveal twelve sites where the Japanese had hidden gold bullion in northern Luzon — sites to which Kojima had driven General Yamashita on inspection tours.

    Ultimately, the looted gold recovered from those sites was pooled with recovered Nazi gold to create a covert global slush fund through a network of banks including CIA-owned banks set up by Paul Helliwell.

    Lansdale and Helliwell worked together for Dulles, and Lansdale was known to be moving around East Asia with a team of assassins from the Philippines, killing leftists and war-crimes investigators.

    The channel used to move the gold bullion was given the name The Umbrella, combining elements from CIA, MI5, the USTreasury, Opus Dei, yakuza, and the Sicilian Mafia; later expanded to include Cuban exiles, Meyer Lansky’s hit-men, and Central American death squads.

    It has been noted in a posting on another thread that the opening of an umbrella at Dealey Plaza is considered by some to have been “the signal”.

    The number of people who have been linked together in multiple threads herein makes it clear that there was much more involved in the JFK killing than merely the Military-Industrial Complex, or The Octopus, or any other single element or clique.

    I prefer the “aggregate” theory:

    That JFK unfortunately made it known he was preparing to make certain changes, sack certain people, and end certrain privileges, and that this produced a “frisson” throughout so many cliques that it all syncopated in a joint effort.

    Most of these cliques had interlocking directorships that pervaded the entire Establishment.

    Brings to mind the bromide that you must never let a troop of horse trot across a wooden bridge, because their hooves syncopate, and the bridge collapses.

    Sterling Seagrave

    Posted 22 February 2007 – 02:54 PM


  4. Sterling Seagrave
    Posted 06 February 2007 – 06:22 PM

    Ultimately, the motive of American politicians, financiers, industrialists, lobbyists, and their journalistic pawns, was to replace global European empires with an American empire – to profit in countless ways from WW2 as they had from WW1.

    They were quick to do so, so quick that OSS agents in Bangkok who thought they were still at war with fascism were astonished to be replaced overnight by CIA agents who were allied with fascism against communism – publicly.

    It soon became evident even to the slow-witted among them that power and leverage were attained and secured by money, so

    once the Nazi and Japanese war loot was in the pipeline,

    drugs and the laundering of drug money replaced gold as the universal standard backing the dollar.

    It is no exaggeration to say that the day after WW2 ended, Richard Nixon woke up in bed with Meyer Lansky.



    (4) Is it a coincidence that John McCloy was involved in both protecting Nazi and Japanese war criminals after the war?

    It is no coincidence.

    McCloy was, like the Dulles brothers, one of a large group of handmaidens of the oligarchs in America who were cultivated by the oligarchs of Europe – a struggle that began with Jefferson versus Hamilton.

    After a number of false starts, the European oligarchs were able to manipulate the US Civil War and to guide the wealthy men who emerged from it into creating the American versions of Japan’s zaibatsu conglomerates.

    These Robber Barons, who had interlocking direc-torships, were then shown how to create the Federal Reserve and fiat money (all un-der their private control).

    The same men (J.P. Morgan prominent among them as an agent of the Rothschilds) did the same thing in Japan following the Meiji Restoration, working initially through Jardines, then through Morgan, and the Quaker network in Japan’s imperial family.

    Rescuing and protecting their counterparts in Germany and Japan became a priority for Wall Street, and McCloy, Harriman, the Dulles Brothers, and many others were as busy after WW2 as they were after WW1, knitting back to-gether

    the network of vast wealth and power now identified with

    the Trilateral Com-mission,

    the World Bank,

    the IMF,

    the Bilderbergers,

    Bohemian Grove,


    the Al-pine Lodge,

    Knights of Malta,

    ad nauseum.

    Unlike the Robber Barons, McCloy was not born rich, but he did not have to take off his shoes and socks to count above ten.

    Hence his unusual role in global affairs.


  6. The Umbrella Organization is discussed in considerable detail in Gold Warriors, and I am familiar with its relevance to Dealey Plaza.

    Colonel Fletcher Prouty, primary liaison between DIA and CIA for decades, and who had known Lansdale personally since 1945 in Manila, identified Lansdale in photos of Dealey Plaza.

    Prouty was one of our major unidentified sources for The Marcos Dynasty and Gold Warriors.

    In sum, the Umbrella Organization is another term for the Octopus or The Enterprise, and combines

    the CIA with

    the Italian Mafia and

    Jewish Mafia (Meyer Lansky, etc.),

    Chinese “mafia” out of Taiwan and Hong Kong, and

    Japanese yakuza as famnously recruited by the CIA via Yoshio KODAMA, and is

    currently dominated by the Yamaguchi Gumi and its wholly-owned banks.

    A crude diagram of The Umbrella by Ferdinand Marcos shows these interlocking directorships.

    We reproduce this diagram on our 3 CDs of documentation.


  7. [Still digging, but seems to me #KarenHudes is at least partially correct in her assumption about the Jesuits (Vatican Bankers). As far as who controls the looted gold today? I’d say it’s not just the Vatican. Further, the secret government of the U.S. may be the biggest culprit of all.]

    [Just one of many Sterling Seagrave posts, whose account is similar to Karen’s.]

    Posted 22 February 2007 – 04:26 PM

    Pat ~

    We had not looked into the murder of Holohan by Icardi, but it follows:

    It was James Jesus Angleton who was in charge of CIA covert ops in Italy, which were largely carried out through the Sicilian Mafia following a deal made with

    Mafia families in America, and

    the Vatican’s Opus Dei and

    other militant orders, who shared the Mafia’s fear of a Communist takeover of Italy after WW2.

    In Manila, Santa Romana was a member of Opus Dei, working with Lansdale and the CIA in moving Japanese looted gold to the Vatican bank and other banks in Europe and South America with links to the Vatican.

    A lot of this bullion was physically moved and guarded in transit by the Mafia

    (as verified by a schematic diagram drawn by President Marcos, showing the basic networking of The Umbrella, reproduced on our CDs).

    While the Mafia carried out the rough stuff, including murdering anyone who voted for the Italian Communist Party,

    the Mafia and Opus Dei had what can only be described as an “uneasy relationship”

    — very accurately portrayed BTW in “Godfather-3” —

    and illustrated by the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, and related murders, including of a Pope.

    This arrangement preceded the CIA and was functioning during WW2, linking OSS-Vatican-Mafia long before the Allied landings in Sicily.

    The fact that Holohan was an Irish Catholic OSS agent moving bullion covertly to the Italian underground, which was largely communist ,

    while Icardi was a violently anti-communist Mafia hit-man who saw a chance to divert the bullion to Palermo,

    gives you all you need to value the Italian conviction.

    However, the deal made by Washington with the American Mafia families, meant that “made guys” like Icardi had to be protected (absolved).

    Williams was a flamboyant choice to pleade the case, but the key was the CIA agent Maheu who got an Italian “communist” patsy to take the fall — all part of blaming the PCI for everything including rancid olive oil.

    The same Maheu, I believe, who ended up wiping Howard Hughes’ backside, and appears to have been one of many involved in the JFK assassination.

    See our new Epilogue for Wild Bill Donovan’s history in all this.

    Angleton later was promoted to chief of counter-intelligence at the CIA, a job Angleton confided he got only when he swore he would never subject either Allen Dulles or John Foster Dulles to lie detector tests about their pre-war and wartime collaboration with Nazi bankers and secret agents.

    Sterling Seagrave




    Yes, we would be pleased if you uploaded our two new chapters to your exceptional audience, because knowing what has occurred since 1945 isn’t enough.

    You have to comprehend the context in which it occurred.

    To do that you need to go back to the 1913 creation of the Fed, realize that it is private, and only colludes with the Treasury because of interlocked directorships.

    In effect, the Treasury is not the master of the Fed but the servant of the Fed’s ultimate
    owners who are the eye at the top of the Pyramid.

    And to comprehend the Eye, at least in America, you have to go back before 1913 to the rise of the Robber Barons during the extremely corrupt US Civil War, and how they were guided and woven together in the 1880s and 1890s by agents of the Rothschilds, etc.

    And how (in America) this all goes back to Hamilton vs. Jefferson.

    In Europe, of course, this context is far more ancient. Yet the two are now joined.

    We would only request that you inform your aidience that a third CD of scanned evidence has been prepared by us and will be for sale at our website in about ten days.

    Recalling your remark about our giving Beijing a valuable lever to use on Washington:

    In the beginning we had no such intention, although we did want to give the Chinese people in general, and other Asians, and former colonial civilians and POWs, valuable leverage to use on Tokyo.

    However, as the USA shields Japan by blocking legal action for compensation, using such devious means as having lawsuits shifted from state courts to federal courts where the judge can be readily manipulated,

    it is regrettably true that
    you have to leverage Washington before you can leverage Tokyo.

    And as we continued our research over twenty-five years (given a lifetime of involvement in trying to comprehend East-West conflict and deceit), it became increasingly clear that the real villain was Washington and
    the oligarch families who have controlled Washington for many decades.

    Tokyo would never have gotten away with any of this, if America had not intervened in behalf of the Japanese oligarchs who backed and financed Japan’s
    aggression and extraordinary cruelty — and have kept them in power to this day.

    Before it became a dirty word, Henry Luce used to boast of being a fascist, as did most American oligarchs.

    So it was only natural for them to get in bed with
    their Japanese counterparts the moment the war ended.

    The bed was still warm from before the war.

    We concluded that you cannot clean out the cesspit, unless you start with the people who made it a cesspit. The evidence is overwhelming.

    And depressing. But we simply followed the string, which led us to this point.

    As you will note, the new epilog now concludes with a quote from Henry Ford, predicting a revolution if American citizens ever learn the truth.

    Our role
    was not to favor Beijing or any other capital, but to discover the truth.

    As Orwell wrote in 1984: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”



  9. 2013

    The U.S. central banks gold reserves totaled 8,133.5 tons, the first place in all countries


    Under the International Financial Statistics (IFS) according to the World Gold Council (WGC), as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the latest global official gold reserves Ranking in January 2013, a total of 8,133.5 tons of gold reserves of the central bank of the United States, of its total foreign exchange reserves76.3% of the first place in all countries. Its gold reserves in 1980 to 8,221.21 tons, while a slight decrease after nearly three decades, until reduced to 8133.46 tons in 2008.

    Germany currently holds a total of 3,391.3 tons of gold reserves, the world’s second largest gold reserves of the country. The data show that Germany’s gold reserves stored in four different places. Of these, 31% store in Frankfurt, the German Federal Bank, 45% is stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 13% of the storage of the Bank of England in London, 11% of the storage of the Bank of France in Paris. Germany most of the gold is stored in a foreign country, initially because of the Cold War, Federal Republic of Germany to guard against invasion take hedging measures.

    The world’s official gold reserves ranked according to the World Gold Council, total gold reserves of the central bank of the Netherlands was 612.50 tons, ranked 9th in the global gold reserves of the country. Only 10% of which is stored in the Netherlands, most of the remaining are stored in the United States, there are some store in Canada and the United Kingdom.

    The official gold reserves of up to 20 countries or regions

    Rank (tonnes) of gold reserves of the country or region is accounted for in the official foreign exchange reserves

    1 United States 8133.50 76.30%

    2 Germany 3391.30 73.50%

    3 IMF 2814.00

    4 Italy 2451.80 72.80%

    5 France 2435.40 71.20%

    6 Chinese 1054.10 1.70%

    7 Switzerland 1040.10 11.00%

    8 Russia 937.8 9.90%

    9 Japan 765.2 3.30%

    10 Netherlands 612.5 60.60%

    11 India 557.7 10.30%

    12 ECB 502.1 33.60%

    13 China Taiwan 423.6 5.90%

    14 Portugal 382.5 90.40%

    15 Venezuela 363.9 75.30%

    16 Saudi Arabia 322.9 2.70%

    17 Turkey 314 14.80%

    18 United Kingdom 310.3 16.20%

    19 Lebanon 286.8 30.30%

    20 Spain 281.6 30.50%


  10. Stan

    Now that testimony is underway this week, we have been asked in a number of emails ‘whether the Consistory had assets (air or other) in range of Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, which could have mattered in the assaults that happened?

    If yes, then why didn’t they help? Are the whistleblowers telling the truth on the Hill?

    Is the Consistory doing anything about this?’

    D has approved me to tell the truth outward while protecting certain security issues.

    The answer to the assets question is NO (they couldn’t have made it there) if we are speaking about the first attack, and YES they could have responded by the second attack.

    I cannot say where our air assets were on that evening.

    The reluctance to provide information about their offices under attack and associated offices are chalked up by us to personal animosity after she (HRC) had been been removed from a position in the Consistory, the position D was freely elected to.

    HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton

    D = Dr. Dan Crain / fmr Burisch (current MJ1)

    That position has been also freely associated to the CJCS via a liaison from SecState?

    (Old school rules – NOW CORRECTED. Truman had many military on the first 12, but he wanted #1 to be restricted to go through SecState before any mil-decision could be actionable.)

    So, on certain levels even elements within the DoD were kept from important information loops: Some of the SecDef’s portolio!

    YES, those whistleblowers our team heard on the Hill (this doesn’t include DM at this time) have been telling the truth.

    DM = BOTH Drs Dan and Marcia Crain

    Dan was a friend of Chris’ and has taken this loss personally.

    There are policy changes for the Consistory he made, after Chris’ death, which are still echoing in the sealed offices on the Hill which many find more than unpleasant.

    Some of those changes involve bringing anyone to justice who may be found complicit with the kind of unprofessional antics we saw on 09/11/12 which ended the lives of several true American patriots.

    Stan Goldstein, Psy.D., Sc.D.
    CCPsych EDO/MCNCLV/ GT Investigator

    Last Edit: May 8, 2013 at 6:25pm by Stan


  11. “Karen Hudes” Vatican and Jesuits


    KH: The problem is not with the American citizens, they are a wonderful group, their values are good.

    It’s just that they are not given the tools that they need to have a just society.

    They are not given the basic information about what is really going on and who is benefiting from the economies that they are being told… they are being told that they have no money, they have taken an entire city, Detroit, and declared it bankrupt.

    When what’s actually happening is their tax dollars are not even staying in the society, their tax dollars are going by treaty to the United Kingdom, and then they are being transferred to the Vatican, to the bank of the Vatican.

    This is not a society that is going to be sustainable on any basis, for any reason.

    Do you think China, for example, could steal its financial role from the US? Or are they also controlled by that same financial elite you’re mentioning?

    KH: Well, I can tell you that the Jesuits have a very strong stranglehold on China as well

    but I can also tell you that the transition of economic strengths from the western countries to the east is going to happen, but it’s going to happen in a smooth way.

    It’s not going to be a transition through a currency war like that terrible corrupt group is trying to manipulate everyone into.

    No, we’re going to have a peaceful power transition this time around; we’re not going to have the World War III.

    They try to pull it off in Syria, they are now thinking they can pull it off in Iran, it’s not happening.

    The citizens of the world see what they are doing and we’re not letting them get away with it this time.

    [Karen is convinced the Jesuits (Vatican bankers) are the major player in stealing, looting, hoarding, the World’s “Unofficial” Gold Holdings. IDK if she’s entirely correct. In fact, the major player may be US, the United States. Not overtly, the covert, secret, classified government in collusion with the “families” “bloodlines” you may have heard about. Some refer to these families as “Illuminati” or “Illumes”

    Now Majestic with her current leadership (Burisch Crain and McDowell Crain – MJ1 and MJ8) reassures us she’s working for the PEOPLE, the PUBLIC. But Majestic, too, is all about secrets and bloodlines, so I don’t trust Majestic or Maj, either.

    I’m convinced Karen is onto something. So how do we find out where’s the gold, who’s controlling it, can this gold truly enrich the lives of the poorest of the poor all over the world, all over the Americas?]


  12. McCanney Comet #ISON

    [I probably shouldn’t post this w/o listening first, as McCanney can offend at times. But he’s a scientist and I’m interested in his science, which may be correct and may be withheld from us.]

    October 24, 2013 … my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page …

    join me on my weekly commercial free radio program as i discuss an old but newly revived comet … VERY INTERESTING !!!

    this comet provides proof of Everything i have been discussing and of course the standard scientists are baffled trying to apply their fairy tale science with no meat or even bones …

    i will be telling you what really is going on …

    the main science topic will continue to be about the new upcoming release …

    jim mccanney


    COMET ISON misinformation is rampant …

    coming from both every nut case and loony tune on the planet AND from NASA (although they are “officially shut down”) and the gov (new world order) misinformation engines …

    please understand the following …

    comet ISON is NOT nibiru or planet X …

    it is NOT dragging in a mini solar system

    (we knew that MONTHS ago and made clear statements to correct the myth started on spaceweather web site) …

    my own page stated that clear caution was needed when we originally saw other data that suggested the same BUT it clearly was NOT the case and i stated that clearly on this web page …

    i repeat …

    comet ISON has NO COMPANIONS and certainly NOT a mini solar system

    (it is a very small comet and never warranted the “comet of the century” baloney propagated by NASA) …

    comet ISON caused the planet mars to go comet

    (mars briefly developed a faint comet coma during the passage of comet ISON as i had predicted)

    but it IS NOT causing major changes to the planets … it is not causing an earth pole shift …

    it does not have a debris field that is hitting earth or that will hit earth (a NASA propagated fairy tale) …

    earth will NOT pass through the tail of comet ISON

    but listen to my radio shows to understand what effects (action at a distance) that we may see BUT THESE WILL BE LIMITED MAINLY TO VISIBLE EFFECTS …

    we may experience some severe weather in the mid-january time frame and there is a remote possibility of earth connecting to the comet at that time but listen carefully to the effects i talk about ON THIS PAGE ONLY …

    there is a possibility of earth weather caused by solar storms responding to comet ISON and we already have seen some as reported on my october 10 radio show and we may see more but not all bad weather is caused by comet ison …

    each event has to be determined from information available at the time of the event …


    any postings showing me or quoting me on youtube are not authorized including any other pages with chat or blogs …

    comet ISON may (note the word MAY) exhibit effects as it interacts with the planet mercury around November 10 to 14th but again this is a visual effect relative to earth …

    at this point i expect ISON to interact electrically with the sun and earth could be affected

    although i have stated that what i expect more than anything is that a false flag solar flare power outage is in our near future as the press has been priming the pump for the public on this for over 2 years and the time is ripe for such an event for the new world order nut cases to attempt to take control

    (good luck we are all waiting and ready) …

    the US gov shutting down is just one symptom that the end of the old banking structure is near and they need to usher in a “new era” …

    a planned power outage is the ONLY way they can do this on a world wide scale although it may be coupled with other forms of nut case false flag events …

    they are desperate and desperate people do desperate things …

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="" /]


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