Presentation by Dominik Storr on “chemtrails” and “geo-engineering” on 08.11.2013 in Appiano / South Tyrol



While the politicians in Germany still largely a blind eye to our subject and want to have because of the power of public opinion rather nothing to do with our topic, invite dedicated local politician from South Tyrol our speaker tomorrow to lecture a. It is expected that several hundred spectators. The press will be there.

Date: Friday, 8 November 2013 at 20:00 clock

Venue: Hall of Culture, Kapuzinerstraße 21 – St. Michael, I-39057 Appiano

The Organiser: Municipality of Appiano

At the invitation of Mayor Wilfried Trettl

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Event in Lagundo – also in South Tyrol, the call for a clean sky is louder!

Interview with Dominik Storr in the New South Tyrolean newspaper


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Regional Groups tool now available for Austria and Switzerland

While our regional groups tool for Germany is already gone on 31.10.2013 at the start , and have entered there in a short time several hundred participants, the tool is now gone for Austria and Switzerland online.

Here ] you can also enter for a regional group in Switzerland or Austria now.


Press inquiries

Press inquiries should please be sent to the lawyer Mr. Dominik Storr. You can reach Mr. Storr , Tel: 09393 / 993203rd


25 thoughts on “Presentation by Dominik Storr on “chemtrails” and “geo-engineering” on 08.11.2013 in Appiano / South Tyrol

  1. #supertyphoon #Yolanda #Haiyan

    Napocor barge aground in Iloilo causes oil spill

    Updated November 12, 2013

    MANILA, Philippines –

    A barge belonging to the National Power Corp. (NAPOCOR) ran aground in Estancia, Iloilo at the height of the onslaught of supertyphoon “Yolanda” carrying over 1.5 million liters of oil, a radio report said.

    About 500,000 liters has reached two kilometers of water off Barangay Paon and Tanza

    The Philippine Coast Guard’s environmental experts, meanwhile, have launched an operation to contain the spill.

    Coast Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Commander Armand Balilo said that the NAPOCOR barge was swept to a rocky area off Estancia owing to waves generated by due to intense waves.

    – Camille Diola


  2. #chemTrails #geoEngineering

    Did a Microwave Pulse Cause Typhoon Haiyan? Over 10,000 Feared Dead in Philippines (VIDEOS)

    November 11, 2013

    Microwave pulse allegations

    As Typhoon Haiyan aka Yolanda leaves the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) and heads for Vietnam, reports have emerged that the Category 5 storm, one of the strongest typhoons in the world, was caused by a microwave pulse.

    A microwave anomaly has been observed in the West Pacific, causing a heavy rotation to develop and eventually creating a large storm.

    Tropical storms caused by microwave anomalies or beams were previously discussed by Dr Michio Kaku, the Weather Channel and CNN.

    The 13-minute video, which is slowly going viral on Facebook, explains the findings and the possible origin of the microwave pulse.

    It was alleged in reports that a U.S. Airforce base is located near the microwave anomaly. The U.S. base is reportedly a satellite communications hub.

    The microwave “beam” anomaly allegedly came from the Western islands and ends in the West Pacific Ocean, just north of Papua New Guinea.

    After the microwave beams, satellite images showed a “heavy rotation” begin to develop, eventually becoming a large tropical storm.

    The report said that the rotation developed within 1 day of the microwave anomaly.

    Reports also said that weather modifications have been done using a microwave pulse.


  3. Drumroll please? A Camel rumors an early 2016 endorsement? M knows it but wouldn’t repeat it to me. I asked and she said nothing. What got you the ok? ? ?

    This has all blown up because of Filforn, Quvaire, and Canopy! They are guessing and so it’s a ‘If he won’t stay faithful to a political party then why anything esle then..?’ game. They plan a Lottery. With the charges I am thinking of, it’s the only time they can replace him without his political apparatus having a month to prepare: a Supreme Council

    You broke me way from writing. He has a “political appartus”?

    Are you serious? OKOk, Playing along.

    Dr. Marci (Finance, global money router), he rewrote Charter, split the Floor (backhouse voting blocks visible), Camel (Caucus Coordinator), Corvus (CSS), Squirrel (took away from Pentagon’s discrimination and has all surveillace), Springy (SAA, can’t get in the door without his friend from 7th grade saying it’s ok ), his horn a plenty of stacked Seated Numbers, Caspa (Dr. Marci’s ADC, took care of that Silicon Valley thing for her and Mongrel),

    Spoiler (ECSC, in charge of the Q Consis, BUILT WHY?, happens she’s Dr. Marci’s sister), forget trying to number the placed contacts in hundred), friend to the SOA’s and his wife can block the Ecehlons, has his daily chat and you hear everything with the future daddy of Belgium’s first Queen, a Rubik’s cube,

    The Sisterhood (Priory), me (WCSC, who would melt in a kiln instead of Dr. Marci very getting hurt. Owe D.), YOU CONNY!

    I don’t know? 20 years at New Orchard road between gaining friends all over the world, AND don’t forgot


    Gas to be planned by them.

    It’s not that there’s a conspiracy it’s what it’s about? Must finish the earlier post so I need the switch please? Gas?

    Jazz. Gas. SESQ

    Public and Private Forum:

    Dan reported to me that he wasn’t feeling well.

    (This happens frequently due to his heart disease. M is with him and he checked out with the PAC and RN. his ECG was taken and he’s ok. It’s his left venticle. He’ll be right at rain in hours or after a night’s sleep. M will make the call.)


    Earlier, in a f2f/+textbased tc, D “strongly and frankly” reinfomed the necessary members of the USG about

    Majestic’s intention to become “more involved in the resolution of problems” within the ACA website,

    if those already responsible for such resolutions have not sufficiently relieved the issues on the timescale recenlty promised by the American public by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Sec. DHHS).

    We will become involved to assist them. We have bveen informed that a meeting should be arranged near the end of November, where we are told we will be assured by plans and evidence that no expansion of Majestic’s involvement is necessary.

    D told those liaisons that MJ’s2, 4 and 8, the CIS, Pro&Opp Legal Counsels, the West and East CSC’s, and Pro&Opp Representatives of both Echelon and SOA Podiums should be present and that he would direct ADC1 (myself) and request that MJ’s 4&8 to begin scheduling through their ADC’s to the Clerk of the Consistory.

    The liaison to the DHHS protested that the presence of anyone under the “Seated” level was “unnecessary” for the proposed meeting with the Chief Liaison to the DHHS, as the Sec. DHHS would likely be present?

    D stated, “Why? We have the time.”

    D advised that

    “ the true interest of humanity, in the interests of an ultimate future where personal freedom alone would be the reigning monarch,..”

    he intends to invite the list of individuals and

    “..wouldn’t think of imposing barriers to what would be only a modicum of transparency, near an Administration which once almost promised transcendence to unity itself!

    As holder of the First Seat, I am looking to support that promise and further it along toward a future for everyone! Look at this as an opportunity!

    You may feel free to make secure invitations of your own. The bottom line is to serve the public’s interests, right?

    DHHS liaison said she would speak with her superiors and recontact us within 24 hours.

    During the latter portion of the conference, the assistant to the DHHS liaison remarked that D’s control within Majestic would likely play out with him adding to the difficulties already being faced by the Administration, as it is well known that D is a member of the Republican Party?

    How rude! She added that she felt D was

    “..probably just waiting for Chris Christie to be the Rupublican’s nominee!”

    D engaged her in a short discussiom asking her what she thought was the political horizon, who would be nominated? She replied, “Christie and Clinton.”

    D then said, “I am aware of both, their records, politics, and even pivate aspirations. If confronting such a choice, I would vote for Hillary Clinton.”

    The lady, sounding like she was in shock with a shaking voice said,

    “What Republican versus Hillary would make you most rethink and how would you choose? if it was going on today”

    D replied,

    “Dr. Benjamin S. Carson would offer a serious choice for serious thinkers.

    But, given the entirety of the political and economic climates, sitting here at this moment, I would endorse Hillary Clinton, as the person of the two who would be able to effectuate the most good during a single term timeframe.””

    [Hillary Clinton, as the person of the two who would … ]

    fill in the blank

    “The generous use of US tax dollars, endorsed by the likes of rock-star Bono and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a former legal council for Monsanto, is actually another taxpayer funded subsidy for Monsanto’s pesticide and … ”



  4. #chemTrails #geoEngineering #climatechange #globalwarming “Weather Modification 101″ = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News

    “Capable of generating the plasma torroids”

    [I know it’s hard to fathom — that some of our fellow humans really are this evil.]

    November 12, 2013


    Here is the very long post (2 very long pages) , that should take a few months to go over… regarding weather modification:

    I’ve produced a 1.5 hour long MAGNUM OPUS video response , to the Philippines National News CBN , and Dr. Mahar Lagmay (Executive Director of the Philippines NOAH , their version of NOAA).

    Titled “Weather Modification 101″, it is a point by point response to each question raised, also I address their ad-hominem attacks,

    while using their attempted ‘smears’ to bring forth the data from .gov and .edu sites, showing military releases, along with LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS,

    current Main Stream Media coverage, and then finishing with the current Typhoon examples prior to Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda

    (as the doctor asked for in their attempted/failed debunk news piece).

    I had to request, and receive permissions of use from main stream media outlets, thus the delay on this video.

    Links will be provided for each, as well as permissions.

    This is more or less a documentary on the subject now, my original video had ALL the same information below it (in the video description field), literally every link provided PREVIOUSLY.

    However, it appears some people , or most people it seems, do not check anything, or read anything provided.

    I wouldn’t have to make this video if the Doctor or the Philippines news had followed even one single links to verify.

    Instead, met with total denial, labeled as a quote ‘conspiracy theorist’, and they even went so far as to make the FALSE claim that I am “anonymous” , saying no one knows who I am etc.. which is totally false.

    EVERYONE knows my name, its on my website , beneath my most popular post, my “who is”.

    They also could have checked my facebook, or just searched even the TROLL pages to find out who I am. LOL @ searching troll sites to find someone, but even then they would have found my name at least.

    Seriously, news media doing ZERO investigation before spouting off.. need someones name, he has a facebook page.. lol.. why not check it??!!

    Video forthcoming when it finishes processing, and uploaded to youtube, hope you all find useful information.

    This video should really open up doors , and prove to the science community that (for a long while now) this information has been obfuscated / hidden .

    Hidden for good reason!

    Due to the power of the devices, their cheap construction, their EASY operation, and the ‘new’ physics doors opened up by generating zero-point / zero-vector energy at a distance.

    It throws certain aspects of the inverse square / thermodymanics laws into an “x – factor” , in essence, moving the goal posts on what is “possible” through the use of “radio waves”.

    Radio frequency (RF) , is now proved to be capable of generating energy at the distance from the transmitter (energy means heating or plasma).

    The plasma is generated via a literal “stripping” of electrons from the earths magnetosphere / ionosphere / or atmosphere.

    This is called “electron precipitation”. The electron precip accumulates rapidly into what we would call a “precursor” to plasma.

    The same thing that happens before a lightning bolt developing, electrons building up to the point of a ‘static discharge’ , however, with a targeted beam of RF, electrons precipitate in a controlled area, and quickly forms into VISIBLE plasma.

    The plasma , once it is formed, has been experimented with.

    They have found that using ANOTHER targeted beam of High Frequency(HF) Radio Frequency, that this 2nd beam can “control” the area of plasma generated.

    Using the 2nd beam, the plasma area can be MOVED, it can be INCREASED in size / power, through a process called a “frequency pump” or “pumping”.

    Quite literally, using devices like RADAR, HF or VHF, to target the plasma generated, and “pump it” to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.

    There are other experiments done, where the reverse is performed, and what is called a “cold plasma” can be “pumped down” , to make a cooler area

    (relative cooler compared to surrounding areas in the upper atmosphere into ionosphere where temps are measured in Kelvin rather than Fahrenheit or Celcius).

    The heated or cooled “pumped” plasma can be “moved”, as demonstrated (and talked about by the director of HAARP in Alaska) through Project Shiva.

    Shiva was the use of what are called plasma Torroids , which could really just be called “fast moving balls of controlled plasma”.

    Like ball lightning, but not electric, plasma. These “torroids” can be moved at speeds nearing the speed of light (speed of magnetism).

    Bragged about by the US Military as a missile defense weapon that has already been tested , and is ready/capable along with HAARP.

    Furthermore , the director of HAARP claimed HAARP itself would now function as the “new” Shiva.

    Capable of generating the plasma torroids. Then, using other RADAR / RF facilities to move said torroids across the Atmosphere / Space.

    The other use for this heated, or cooled plasma, is weather modification.

    The US Aiforce, US Navy, NASA ..

    just to name a few agencies, the list actually numbers in the MULTIPLE dozens of groups involved…..

    all these agencies have done fully documented experiments, and now, deployments of these practices ..

    specifically for the purpose of weather modification.

    Full documents, going back to the late 1990′s, showing the intended use for such RF producing facilities to

    aid in the battlefield,

    generate cloud banks,

    instantly move fog onto airfields,

    shoot down incoming missiles,

    look into the earth,

    search out submarines in the ocean,

    search for tunnels under ground,

    search for oil / natural gas, and even to

    take down aircraft / generate large EMP (electromagnetic pulse blasts).

    Capable of generating actual lightning, plasma (heated or cooled), and capable of generating VLF in addition to all other aforementioned capabilities.

    You might ask, how can a HF facility generate LOW frequency. There is a natural process, known as “efficiency scaling”.

    Experiments have been done by Stanford along with HAARP, and the US Navy, which proved that when a High Frequency pulse is emitted from a facility

    (such as HAARP for instance, but could be any facility on earth),

    when that HF pulse goes out into the upper atmosphere / ionosphere .. this HF pulse NATURALLY cross modulates into VLF.

    Simply put, the HF turns into VLF when it reaches a high point in its “arch” of transmission.

    I say “arch of transmission”, because the signal, when sent out —

    travels out to a point (determined by the power of the antenna transmitting the signal), once it reaches its zenith, the HF pulse (along with its electromagnetic potential) travels to a “conjugate point” on the south pole.

    A conjugate point , they have found via experiments at HAARP, is a corresponding point, magnetic point, on the opposite pole from the transmission source.

    Again, simply put, if you send out a signal from the north pole, it goes up into space, and then goes back down to a point on the south pole.

    HOWEVER, they have found that when the signal reaches the South pole, that planet earth actually REPELS the charged signal back to the North pole !

    This happens before the signal actually reaches the planets surface.

    This all happens at the speed of light / magnetism, and the signal ‘bounces’ on this magnetic ‘string’ back and forth for several days.

    Assuming that no more “pumping” is done into the “string”, the “resonance” happening on this string eventually settles out to electromagnetic ground, which in essence is the core of the Earth.

    The VLF and HF waves have different effects.

    HF for plasma, heating, missile defense, weather modification. VLF, for earth penetrating tomography, long range communications, even as far as inducing earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, and even the potential for influencing objects in space.

    Summed up, weather modification is a large aspect of the potential uses for RF devices.

    A high frequency , or microwave pulse can surely be counted in as a culprit for inducing tropical storms / typhoons / tornadoes / flooding storms / Hail and Damaging winds.

    Also generation of physical lightning, aurora borealis, animal disruptions, and negative health effects on the human body.

    Everything I’ve said is an indisputable fact.

    Hope this description of the series of discoveries helps you understand my thinking going into making videos on this touchy subject, weather modification via frequency.

    I want everyone involved to know, I’ve put a couple years, and all my spare time into researching this, I don’t take any of this lightly, it is NOT a popular topic to discuss

    (people literally laugh and shun the discussion of the aforementioned topics).

    I’ve literally put all I am into finding out all I can on this. I hope my words are not falling upon empty ears (eyes in this case lol)

    Cheers to all,

    Michael Janitch


    The above is read out loud to you here:

    See also:


  5. #ISON #comet #asteroid #Mercury

    per James McCanney


    it is time to wake up early everyone …

    what i have been talking about for a year NOW IS THE TIME !!!

    in the early morning sky we have FOUR comets with TWO (comet ISON and comet 2P/Encke) about to encounter the little planet Mercury …

    at the same time from behind …

    these are comets visible with small binoculars BUT what you should be looking at also is the planet Mercury … will it go comet ???

    oddly enough a small asteroid just went comet …

    the pics are below from the Hubble space telescope …

    astronomers cannot explain it but you all know it is my Plasma Discharge Comet Model in action …

    astronomers admit that the asteroid is too hot to have water on the nucleus

    (so why do they also not admit that the hot dry rocks of comet nuclei cannot have water either ??? )

    and anyway no water was observed …

    the brightened 6 tails could not have been not due to their standard “an asteroid hit it” because it has 6 tails and what is the chance that 6 asteroids hit it all at the same time ??? zipppoooo …

    clearly the asteroid went comet and the dust seen is coming INTO the comet (asteroid) …

    here are the pics


  6. Comet #ISON develops 2nd tail TURNS BLUE due to a more intense electrical discharge

    per James McCanney

    November 12, 2013 …

    comet ISON develops a second tail AND TURNS BLUE per my prediction (listen to last thursday’s show for that exact statement) …

    the pic of amateur astronomer michael jagar did not show a copyright notice on the spaceweather web site so is posted here …

    too bad we have to depend on amateur pics when NASA has all the good equipment (over 60 instruments) focused on ISON but nary a trace of pics or data from those tight fisted clowns …

    note how comet ISON resembles the asteroid that went comet (pic in the next posting below) …

    of course spaceweather gives their fairy tale science version of what is causing a double tail (actually a common feature of comets)

    BUT listen to my show this week for a complete comet ISON update and explanation for why comets can exhibit 2 tails …

    but what about turning blue ?!?!? is it holding its breath too long ???

    or is it due to a more intense electrical discharge as i stated on last week’s show when i made the prediction … changing from green to blue …

    once again surely NASA has the spectral analysis that would prove that this light is not reflected solar light but is intense luminosity of gases in the comet as its sunward electron current intensifies as it approaches the sun and as ISON begins to interact electrically with the planet mercury …

    they would also hold the data proving that the light is red shifted as explained in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model

    (see my eBook COMETS for details where i show comet spectrum with the predicted red shift) …

    jim mccanney


  7. there is an information war going on all fronts today …

    little Obama just declared himself emperor exaltus maximus by signing a self ordained order establishing himself in charge of all “due to imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction” …

    but remember obama is just the middle manager running the USA operation of the european bankers …

    on another front NASA and their mouthpiece organizations continue to ignore reality and promote fairy tale science regarding the universe & the solar system and especially COMETS …

    big energy controls your future and sucks the life out of every living creature while the boob tube continues to do its job at keeping the people sidetracked and diverted into an “economy” that keeps them enslaved and never finding the real reason they are on this earth …

    in the centers of learning professors hide their heads in the sand as the majority of what they are teaching from their text books is so incorrect …

    it is really criminal that they are extracting so much money from unsuspecting students (and their parents) …

    my work centers on many diverse fronts …

    space science and cosmology …

    weather and its true causes …

    electro-magnetic propulsion systems for free space travel …

    high efficiency energy systems to eliminate coal – nuclear – oil …

    water purification systems …

    the rights of water ownership and management to eliminate the takeover of world water rights …

    among other topics is my work on prime numbers which solved the oldest math problem giving order and understanding to the prime numbers …

    in the information war i am winning … thus the ever growing attacks on me and my work … if one area of academia falls then the rest are likely to be next …

    so they have build up walls of resistance … on all fronts …

    that is why my weekly radio show has the biggest classroom in the world …

    much bigger than the professors who are hiding behind their ivory tower with their heads in the sand just hoping they can get to retirement before anyone notices …

    jim mccanney



    The House Republicans’ version of this bill would trash the administration’s excessive mandates for a year, allowing plans that were made illegal by the law to continue.

    It also makes the old plans available to everyone, not just those who were previously enrolled in them.

    The Landrieu/Feinstein bill limits “keep your plan” to newly-grandfathered, current and previous policy holders — but it actually goes further in another sense.

    It proactively forces insurers to allow those people back onto their previous plans if they so choose (as opposed to giving insurers the option to reintroduce the cancelled plans).

    Again I ask, would any of this be logistically feasible at this late stage? And what happens to the revenue streams upon which Obamacare’s fiscal health relies?

    Remember, relatively healthy and young people are being compelled to overpay for mandate-laden coverage by design.

    Those new revenues are essential to offset the steep costs associated with taking on millions of older and sicker Americans, many with pre-existing conditions.



    Iran and world powers failed to agree a deal on Tehran’s disputed nuclear programme at talks in Geneva at the weekend but are planning to meet again on November 20 for further negotiations.

    Western diplomatic sources say the two sides were close to a deal, but that Iran backed away because it was unhappy with some of the wording in the text presented by the six powers.

    The P5+1 is made up of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — plus Germany.



    “Putin highlighted the efforts Russia is making along with its partners to prepare the Geneva-2 international conference and welcomed Assad’s willingness to send a Syrian governmental delegation to this event.

    The hope was expressed that the principal groups of the opposition forces will take a constructive approach and attend the conference,” it said.


  11. EU should be worried HAARP uses extremely low frequency waves (ELF) to tap into the energy field of the ionosphere Utilizes concentrated energy there Heat is being produced from over 100 antennae lined up in a row The perfect environment for weather changes


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