Josefina Martin Fraile, acting as President of Terra SOS-able and Promoter Skyguards Platform Complaint against geoengineering Seprona Stop Spraying Clandestina

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Josefina Fraile Martín, en calidad de Presidenta de Terra SOS-tenible y Promotora de la Plataforma Skyguards

Denuncia Geoingenieria ante el Seprona

Stop Fumigación Clandestina


Josefina Martin Fraile, acting as President of Terra SOS-able and Promoter Skyguards Platform

Complaint against geoengineering Seprona

Stop Spraying Clandestina


The Nature Protection Service (SpanishServicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, SEPRONA) is a unit of the Spanish Civil Guard responsible for nature conservation and management of the hunting and fishing industry.



Jan 26 2014

Hall 1st world against geoengineering – Motion Claw Quintana Ayto


PRESS RELEASE January 24, 2013
City Council rejects Quintana Claw clandestine aerial spraying.

The Municipal Council of 15 October 2013 in the framework of its powers of Local Autonomy agreed to approve a motion to reject climate manipulation practices being carried out globally, to support the complaint filed on July 19 SEPRONA past on aerial spraying in the Guarenya clandestine, and sign the petition to Parliament by Terra SOS-able the May 13, 2013 for an independent investigation into the allegations is conducted.

This is very important. It means that geoengineering longer exclusively a matter of high political, military and industrial areas to sneak into municipalities, at street level, where the Royal Society, with which no one has told you, you have the floor and claimed their rights an issue of such gravity, says Josefina Fraile spokesman Terra SOS-able, claiming that this makes the City’s Claw Quintana in the first town hall of the world in which decisions are taken of this caliber against geoengineering, so clear and unambiguous.

The residents of this town, he adds, should be proud to have a representative who represents them and defends their interests with all the consequences. Since there is no more common than the health of people and their environment well. One example that should pave the way for all municipalities in the region but the country.

Furthermore Fuentesauco Agricultural Board has also expressed in the same terms, already with the local Agricultural Board Castrillo, the second to reject these practices and support the petition filed with the SEPRONA to investigate facts with obvious impact in climate, crops and health.

These agreements are the result of the information door to door campaign waged by the complainant Association. The next step is to present petitions to council by council, requesting research collaboration and dissemination of this topic.


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La Opinion de Zamora ” Counties

The Guarenya

Sustainable Terra asks mayors censen antennas measuring atmospheric

Josefina Fraile Seprona refers to more documentation on alleged spraying for investigation

30.01.2014 | 00:41

Josefina Fraile for an explanation of the aerial spraying.

Josefina Fraile for an explanation of the aerial spraying. Photo LOZ

JAG Sustainable Terra, whistleblower of possible aerial spraying on The Guarenya, with impact on the health of people and the ecosystem, and land use as a possible area of ​​experimentation in changing the atmosphere, asks the mayors of the municipalities conducting a census of the implanted site for purposes of measuring and meet climate issues and other atmospheric aspects.
Also requested to provide a venue for prune explain this phenomenon and its effects.
Moreover, makers of Sustainable Terra, as Josefina Fraile and rancher Argujillo Marcos Alonso, presented to the Service for the Protection of Nature an extension of the complaint data ‘on clandestine spraying carried out on the Guarenya last year. ”
Among the managed documentation is collected, under ‘probation, theoretical and practical documentation of experiments modifying the atmosphere in the Spanish Levante, with the help of American corporations. ” They highlight that “Atmospheric modification activities of military origin, 1978 to 1985 initially channeled through the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture pest (presumably with knowledge of the agricultural unions), justifying an agricultural interest that Spain did not belong to NATO, while parallel air out experimental studies carried at the military base of the Arenosillo (Huelva) NASA hands. They argue that, once Spain ascribed to NATO, “these experimental programs in our country raise the bar, including new technological advances and patents.” For Terra Sustainable “is presumably considering its illegality longer carried out through the Ministry of Agriculture easily parliamentary oversight budget, from the Ministry of Defense, where a rigorous and reliable control is virtually impossible under the canopy of National Security. And meteorological studies. ”
Also recorded a listing of patents related to these issues and an explanatory document that “these materials fall into the surface and are biodegradable, toxicity unclear.”
Josefina Fraile keeps interest ‘report hyperactivity in the experimental area Remedhus, especially in Villamor. ” Allude to the Seprona postponed visit to the area, scheduled for 9th January, in order to identify the antennas, and assume that the delay will serve to “buy

time to possibly altering or concealing evidence.”


La Opinion de Zamora ” Counties

Councils in the area receive a dossier on alleged spraying

TerraSOStenible documentation sent to 29 towns of Salamanca, Zamora and Valladolid

02.16.2014 | 00:41

IG A total of 29 municipalities of Zamora, Salamanca and Valladolid have received a dossier with information about the alleged clandestine aerial spraying that has been denouncing the organization Terra SOStenible and investigates a Court of Zamora.
The mayors of Alaejos, Argujillo, Toro Dome, Cañizal, Castrillo de la Guarenya, Castronuno, Cuelgamures, the Orbada Espino, El Cubo del Vino, The Maderal, El Pego, Piñero, Fuentelapeña, Fuentesauco, Fuentespreadas, Guarrate, Madridanos , Nava del Rey, save Rubiales, San Miguel del Ribera, Seven Churches of Trabancos, Topas, Toro, Vadillo of Guarenya, Valdefinjas, Venialbo, Goodland Bridge, and Villamor Villaescusa Squires already have in their possession the documentation provided by Terra SOStenible. “They now have the ball in your court and must respond to the requests that we present in that dossier” points the president of the organization, Josefina Fraile.
The Association last July 19 to denounce the Civil Guard Seprona activities “clandestine spraying” in Guarenya considered “vital to stop them, the population of the county is informed of what occurs on your sky and how it affects them and their cultures. ” They have therefore initiated an action of “door to door” to request a room where mayors to give a lecture. There are now three councils that have yes: The Wine Cube, and Fuentespreadas Cuelgamures.
Among the documents submitted motion model is attached to the mayors move to plenary ‘refusal to agree and support these activities to be carried out an investigation of the facts denounced by Terra SOStenible and farmers of the region. ”
The City’s Claw Quintana was the first to pass this motion to research calls only “the facts that affect us and it does not cost any money to the council.”

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TV Interview JOSEFINA FRAILE SkyGuards English Subt NEW

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55 thoughts on “Josefina Martin Fraile, acting as President of Terra SOS-able and Promoter Skyguards Platform Complaint against geoengineering Seprona Stop Spraying Clandestina

  1. #chemTrails #aerialspraying #GeoEngineering #JosefinaFraile

    “TV Interview JOSEFINA FRAILE #SkyGuards English Subt NEW” by #GuardaCielos

    Josefina Martin Fraile, acting as President of Terra SOS-able and Promoter Skyguards Platform Complaint against geoengineering Seprona Stop Spraying Clandestina

    [In Spain, activists appear to be petitioning mayors (city, county). Good idea?

    Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, SEPRONA – In Spain, they have SEPRONA, what do we have?]


  2. Curious, ella, why do you think some trails linger and some don’t — And I don’t mean contrails. I mean whoever is spraying us — the “Malevolent” Trails the ones which linger and form clouds — isn’t NATO doing this? Perhaps with ET/ED help? Shouldn’t we be petitioning governments to end this program or whatever it is? On one level yes no thing is real But here we are in this 3D world – Shouldn’t we stand against those who spray us? BTW Dr Stricker in San Fran been treating me anti biotic anti parasitic Still struggling, but not like I was.


  3. “This climate weapon has an incalculable impact on the nature and life of the people. Is an environmental attack not only against nature, but against humans because it poisons our entire chain of life (air, food, water).

    To us came to us NATO labor from year 85 with the socialist government.

    Most of these flights are military aircraft, although lately we have evidence of civilian flights involved in the spraying.

    Climate manipulation programs dating back more than 60 years.

    With this weapon you can generate rain, storms, clouds, lightning, shock, and to the contrary, rainy fronts undo, undo hail, snow fronts and generate droughts.

    This weapon climate control gives absolute power to its possessor. The United States have incorporated it as part of its foreign policy. Our governments deny.

    There is nothing that the public can not be changed.


  4. #syria #saudiarabia #iran #lavrov #kerry

    ‘US follows Oded Yinon policy in Syria’

    Sat Feb 22, 2014

    An interview with Ken O’Keefe, a former US marine

    Press TV: Ken O’Keefe, what do you think about this comment that was made by Sergey Lavrov? He actually said that in private conversations our US colleagues admit that it is terrorism and not Bashar al-Assad that is the main threat to Syria.

    O’Keefe: Well, if they have any kind of intelligence or integrity, they would have said it but of course they have to do that privately.

    Let us recall first off, the US policy for Syria to Oded Yinon’s strategy for Israel in the 1980’s and destabilizing all of the surrounding countries around Israel, balkanizing them is part of that plan,

    so they have achieved that goal largely in Syria right now, not completely;

    because Bashar al-Assad’s government has not fallen

    but the other agenda for Syria was to use it as a stepping stone towards war with Iran, they failed on that one miserably.

    So what we see right now is a fallback to the original plan and they want to destabilize this country for as long as possible.

    So that is going to continue, there is still a huge motivation to keep Syria destabilized, despite the fact that Kerry and others will say we want stability.

    That is a lie; it is an absolute lie that they have to say publically.


    United States officials admit in private conversations that terrorism is the main threat to Syria, but in formal statements they underscore that terrorism in this country cannot be beaten as long as President Bashar al-Assad stays in power, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

    “Our US partners are saying that terrorism there can’t be beaten as long as Assad is in power,” he told a press conference in Baghdad.

    “In private conversations, when no one is eavesdropping, our US colleagues admit that it is terrorism, and not Bashar al-Assad’s regime, that is the main threat to Syria,” the Russian minister added.


  5. #syria #saudiarabia #iran #lavrov #kerry

    ‘US follows Oded Yinon policy in Syria’ Sat Feb 22, 2014

    Let us recall first off, the US policy for Syria to Oded Yinon’s strategy for Israel in the 1980’s and destabilizing all of the surrounding countries around Israel, balkanizing them is part of that plan,

    so they have achieved that goal largely in Syria right now, not completely;

    because Bashar al-Assad’s government has not fallen

    but the other agenda for Syria was to use it as a stepping stone towards war with Iran, they failed on that one miserably.


  6. Don’t stumble on chemtrails unawares

    [Not trying to alarm — I know the following is controversial. Let me tell you why I believe at least part is true. Look around you. Wouldn’t you agree that if the intent was to keep us napping, then it has worked? Most have already been caught unawares.]



    without being aware of a situation.

    “it will be flagged so that people don’t stumble on it unawares”

    by surprise, unexpectedly, without warning, suddenly, abruptly, unprepared, off-guard, with one’s pants down, napping

    “brigands caught them unawares”

    THE GREAT DYING — Real Reason Behind Chemtrails

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 16-Sep-2000 02:47:40

    Two emails were sent to Surfing the Apocalypse. The writing style and use of words is very similar to my ex-husband, Gunther Russbacher.

    Gunther told me that he and the men he worked with were all taught to write the same way, talk the same way, dress the same way … etc.

    This was done so they could step in and out of each other’s aliases.

    The information contained in these two emails is startling similar to information that Gunther and his boss gave me.

    Many of you have read my articles, Operation Raindance and The Great Dying.

    You will see that both these names were used in the second email. Whoever wrote it even used the word “culling”.

    This was a word that was often used by Gunther’s boss, a four star Admiral in ONI — the super secret section he laughingly called “The Nebraska Navy”.

    I am putting a link to the first email which is on Surfing the Apocalypse.

    I am inserting the second one here because I need to post the three articles I wrote under it.

    From the information I have been given by men in ONI and the CIA, these two emails seem as real as their information.

    They also appear to be written by someone who was or still is close to what is being done.

    If I were you, I would pay very careful attention to these two emails and the three articles I post.

    This is the URL to the first email:

    The second email is inserted below — the title and subtitle were added by RMNews


    The Real Reason Behind Chemtrails
    Re: CT Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:21:44

    PDT Chemtrails: the saga continues

    Watching the debates over (and phone taps to my line here)

    since sending you my email of yesterday, it occurred to me that I should get this last email out to you regarding and expanding upon the reasons for CTs, as well as dealing with issues sure to be discounted by the agents of the ONI

    (Office of Naval Intelligence, the agency in charge of the Chemtrails Ops.)

    Taking each issue in turn might help shed some light upon this problem.

    The overall scope and agenda behind Chemtrails

    (Operation Clover Leaf, Operation Red Sky, Operation Rain Dance, the code names for these ops, BTW)

    intertwines several overall objectives deemed imperative by the real power in DC, which is the NSA.

    It should be noted that most of the intel groups that are involved in domestic control are, in varying degrees, “in the loop” on this business and are actively working with the ONI and NSA in seeing this program succeed.

    Listing all the agencies would be moot and pointless. What would anyone do with the knowledge anyway?

    The reason I say this has to due with STO vs. STS.

    Here’s what we mean:

    By conservative estimates, there are over 300,000 people in the USA alone that are chemtrails aware.

    Of those, only about 125 people have undertaken an active campaign to educate and inform the masses about this “final solution.”

    Do the math.

    How many of you know what the word apathy means?

    The agencies are counting upon this apathy and in fact, helped create that state of consciousness to begin with way back in the late 1950s

    (Fluoridation, Aspartame, street narcotics.)

    If such a small percentage were actually doing anything about the phenomena, then wouldn’t these same agencies be correct in their analysis that “they don’t have anything to worry about?”

    The facts speak for themselves.

    They will in fact succeed, because they are at the 80% completion point in these CT operations.

    They will be finished by March of 2001.

    Main and ancillary operational objectives of Chemtrails as outlined in Operation Red Sky,

    Phase One:

    Main objective:

    Creative cleavages in spatial perceptions.

    Creating a blockage in the brain of the interaction of various amino
    acids that relate to higher consciousness and the increase of dopamine in the brain producing a listless, euphoric state of lower, reactive mind.

    This, though most cannot (won’t?) process this perception, is their main objective.

    It has many layers to it, and the salts found in these CTS are the prime indicators of just why they use such a vector to create this state in the human brain, the physical repository of and connecting point between the real and the unreal.

    To understand this goal necessitates an understanding of the human soul, the spiritual Self

    (Christ or God within, if you like)

    and the connection between the two as related to the endocrine system functioning within each human host.

    Pay close attention to these last words, as “host” indicates that there is a parasitic relationship to be established.

    Many UFO abductions are part of this op.

    To begin with, we must understand that our intelligence agencies are operating at a very high level of OCCULT SKILL AND AWARENESS, as taught to them by their progenitors, the Nazis of old who were brought here in1947 through 1953 via various operations, the most common known being operation Paper-Clip.

    In short, any Intel agent of a G20 rating is a practicing black magician entirely “sold out,” soul-wise,

    (via rites, rituals, and esoteric training in Long Island, Florida, and California)

    are-speaking plainly-functioning black Adepts with a complete and unquestioned license to kill.

    These are the top-level agency personnel. Make no mistake.

    These are the very same men and women who run

    the Mind Control Ops (CIA),

    the abduction of children (FBI) on a staggering global level,

    are involved in and are the contactees between the Ets (USAF, ONI, NSA, etc) and our government,

    ad nauseam.

    In short, to understand Chemtrails we must understand the personnel who have the power to do what they want, whenever they want, and we must also understand their needs.

    They need the following:

    1. The overall “frequency” of each of their charges (human beings in each country) to function at a specific rate below the threshold of awareness.

    The study of brain-wave, Remote Viewing techniques, and other related research holds the key to this.

    As we know, a physical brain functioning at 12 to 14 cycles per second is agitated and cannot, therefore, become perceptive of any cycle not within the same frequency, especially if that BRAIN IS ARTIFICIALLY stabilized to that frequency.

    How can one perceive love, when the brain can only register impatience, anger, etc?

    (Remember, their goal has to do with our souls in dimensions humanity has never, ever, considered.)

    It is because of the occult nature of our covert agencies (and the real powers running them) that most cannot even begin to research in the right direction to begin with.

    2. The immune system of the host must be depleted.

    This relates to control, simply put.

    If the slightest breeze makes you dizzy, what kind of defense can you be expected to put up if you can’t lift your arms above your head without getting a headache?

    The many outnumber the few.

    This is the main reason for much of the desiccated red blood cells found in chemtrails: biowarfare.

    This also allows the parasite to latch onto the human host with little resistance from the organism so attached.

    3. They need agreement.

    This last statement is by far the MOST CRUCIAL STAGE of all.

    It isn’t enough to make us slaves, we MUST WANT TO BECOME SLAVES.

    Food scarcity, low wages, false idealism as propagated via network commercials, all create a state of low-level dependency to a state system, but it is not enough.

    To win (want to know what winning is to the CIA?) these ruling covert agencies need our permission to do what they will to us

    (Universal Law, no getting around that one and they’ve known this since 1847.)

    The system of this biosphere has one final gate that only each of us can open or close and it is, in fact, free will.

    Free will. such a concept. That alone would take another ten pages, but there’s no time.

    Once we understand their needs, their objectives become easily understandable and quite discernable.

    The real questions never-NEVER-asked in any chemtrails discussions is

    What do they want?

    How must they achieve it?

    Ancillary objective:

    create and maintain a lowered immune system, for use by phase three, which is the execution of their binary weapons systems, to be triggered by microwaves.

    Know what a GWEN tower is? Better find out and soon, as you can see them everywhere from your homes and offices.

    Ever wonder why we have so very many cell phones practically given away for free right now? Know what a burst transmitter is?

    Does anyone have even the remotest idea of what a low-watt microwave transmission does to the cerebellum when the human brain is within three feet of such a device?

    If you lack this knowledge, then it is to your detriment. The information is out there. Get hip.

    The great side benefit that even the NSA didn’t predict (their estimate was a little over 3%) is the 12% reduction in population chemtrails are giving our “masters.” That’s right-12%.

    In the distant future, the 1990s and beyond will become known as “the great dying.”

    In August of 2000, the sky overlays Angeles was actually blood red for two days.

    (They over-sprayed, due to fxxked up orders at Edwards AFB.)

    The morgues were packed solid for a week and over-flowing.

    There are still hundreds of thousands reeling from that two-day period. Many hospitals and clinics ran out of antibiotics overnight.

    Binary weapons need to be triggered and they will use FM, AM, and Microwave GWEN towers to do it.

    It’s all setup, op completed in 1998.

    Why do this? Wake up! Can’t control 6+ billion people-too many. Got to thin them out to keep them in line.

    I can see the squeemers now as they read this.

    How and when will they go to stage two on this op? Can you say fake alien invasion, with millions dying and getting sick overnight?

    The test for this will be a planned

    (already complete staged op, in fact, WNV)

    biowarfare incident on a major US or European or Australia

    (last most likely, as they are already completely disarmed down under.)

    This will give them the final test data they need to go to stage two, which is the invasion occasionally, hinted at once and a while on the Internet.

    Now I must be crazy, right? At least, when I die, I will know who and why. That’s more than I can say for most. Tough love.

    It seems the only way to reach you people.

    Culling of the Biosphere:

    Many folks will rightly say that “the culling of the elderly, et al” is flat-out nonsense because CTS affect the sprayers as well as the civilian population.

    That assertion is essentially correct, but the following should be noted:

    1. A virus can only affect you if you are not immunized from it.

    Think these folks are up to date with their “private cache” of vaccines? Sure.

    You don’t send out a binary weapon until you are damn certain it won’t kill you, the killer.

    This reaction of “the sprayers breathe it in, too!” is grasping at straws that don’t even exist in any reality. Simply put: it is denial.

    2. They simply don’t care who they kill, even their own pawns and puppets in the military. “Fuck ‘em.” That’s the CIA way.

    Get used to it. Too hard for you? Don’t like the words?

    They use them a hundred times a day, just ask anyone who has ever been debriefed by these agencies; they have the foulest mouths on the planet.

    Red Grid/Blue Grid


    In the end, the how, the who, the when of chemtrails is just so much smoke and mirrors.

    Just because you’ve identified the UH1H helicopter, the KC-135 tanker, and the use of Boeing 737s in Chemtrails is really, again in the end, meaningless.

    We all know who were the shooters in Dallas, but so what? That knowledge doesn’t change anything.

    Find out who is giving the orders and why and then you’ve got something.





    2014 League Annual Conference

    Sheraton Downtown Hotel, Phoenix
    August 19-22, 2014

    2014 League Annual Conference: We Need Your Input!
    As we start to gear up for the 2014 League Annual Conference, we are seeking your input for conference session topics, speakers and events. If you have ideas or suggestions, please forward them to Matt Lore at by February 28 so they can be included in the planning meeting discussion.

    League Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
    The League of Arizona Cities and Towns offers four levels of sponsorship through its annual conference. For more information on the sponsorship levels and benefits, please point your browser here.

    For additional questions, please view the Sponsor Information Kit.

    Conference registration and hotel reservation information will be sent out to all cities and towns (and available online) in May.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact League staff at or 602-258-5786.


  8. #chemTrails #geoEngineering #climateChange #globalWarming

    La música es la medicina – Part 2

    Stuff I’ve been working on lately coupled with Music which “has charms to soothe a savage breast”



    “Analysts believe that the sharp increase in the intensity and frequency of disasters, as well as their appearance in atypical regions, to be the evidence of such systems”

    Caso este projeto seja aprovado, permitirá a produção e comercialização de sementes transgênicas suicidas, ou seja, sementes conhecidas como TERMINATOR, que após a colheita não voltam a germinar, obrigando os agricultores a comprar sementes a cada safra. Essas sementes ainda possuem alto risco de tornar também estéreis as que estejam sendo cultivadas em propriedades próximas.

    If this project is approved, will allow the production and marketing of suicide transgenic seeds, ie seeds known as TERMINATOR, that after harvest did not return to germinate, forcing farmers to buy seed each season. These seeds also have high risk of also make sterile those that are being grown on nearby properties.


  10. February 23, 2014 posting … the “deaths” of dozens of world investment bankers is heralding the beginning of a major change in the world you see today … being thrown off buildings or disappearing … or dying in other bizarre ways … a LOT is going on behind the scenes … i will concentrate on promoting everyone to become water independent … and on my science work that is unique … as we head into these more than uncertain times … jim mccanney

    February 21, 2014 posting … sorry i missed my weekly radio show last night … i just got back from an extended research mission and it turned up some amazing surprises that i will be sharing with you regarding cancel treatment and prevention … the station WWCR replayed my show of last week which you may wish to listen to a second time and if you missed it IT IS A MUST LISTEN … where i discuss the necessity of my Universal Chem/Radiation/Oil Pre-Filter (only available on this page) … with the spring melt coming that will literally push snow melt waters into every corner of the country’s water supply containing Fukushima radiation IT IS IMPERATIVE that everyone get a low pressure gravity feed water filter if you do not already have one and start using the Pre-Filter that will fit ANY standard past of present gravity feed water filter on the market today … remember that radiation is cumulative so you have to continually filter it BEFORE it goes into your radiation free water filter … see details below and click on the link to the secure web ordering page to order … this would also be a good time to stock up on water filter elements (you can purchase in pairs OR the ordering page has bulk pricing on packages of 10 … once again these will fit any water filter past or present on the market) … we are seeing a possible shortage coming in water filter supplies with the growing awareness and demand for these items … jim mccanney

    !!!!!!!! EMERGENCY NOTICE … Fukushima radiation report … the radiation pool in the pacific ocean has been feeding the rain streams that fuel the winter storm systems falling over the central – southern and eastern USA and is entering the fresh water systems of the continental USA from Alaska to California to New York to Florida and all of Canada … my unique product the Universal Chem/Radiation/Oil Pre-Filter is a MUST product for anyone that has a gravity feed water filter … designed to remove chemicals AND RADIATION DUST and oil before the water goes into your clean gravity water filter … radiation will contaminate your water filter so it has to be removed BEFORE the water enters your gravity water filter !!!!! we are stocked and ready for high volume sales of the Universal Chem/Radiation/Oil Pre-Filter … fits ALL gravity feed water filters on the market today …

    [audio src="" /]


  11. #chemTrails #geoEngineering #Phoenix #Arizona #AZ #MaricopaCounty


    OK Folks we have a new guy & his wife that don’t do FB so they have set up a Meetup page for us. Next event is this Saturday (March 1st) at a Farmers Market in the area. Here’s the link for the new Meetup Group page. Please sign up! TY

    Date: Saturday 1 March 2014

    Location: TBD

    Phoenix Metro Area Geoengineering & Aerosol Awareness

    Phoenix, AZ
    43 Members

    This is an action oriented group formed for the purpose of making Arizona the first state to outlaw geoengineering and the onslaught of the aerosol spraying programs taking pl…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    I think Lexie also posts events here:


  12. TREX Trex Company, Inc. PULS Pulse Electronics Corporation
    NPD China Nepstar Chain Drugstore SMP Standard Motor Products, Inc.
    SR Standard Register Company HUM Humana Inc. LEAF Springleaf Holdings, Inc. MW Men’s Wearhouse, Inc. BBX BBX Capital Corporation STNG Scorpio Tankers Inc.


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