The people woke up, But Miha Mazzini didn’t – Slovenia formally joined NATO in March 2004


[As with many “chemTrails” news articles, more truth is to be found in the Comments Section than in the original article. Still interesting.]

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poglejse84 . biz • 5 dni nazaj

poglejse84 . biz • 5 days ago
To da se obračamo vstran z čudnimi idejami se pa ne strinjam, Ta tema je prisotna dalj časa samo sedaj je postala aktualna in vedno več ljudi se zanima.

This is the turning away the strange idea but I do not agree , This theme is present only for a long time now it has become topical and more and more people are interested .

Tudi v Sloveniji žal pa ravno sedaj, kar pa nikoli ni prepozno. In to ni zraslo v slovenski glavi in da so drugi krivi.

Also in Slovenia, but unfortunately right now , but never too late. And it is not grown in Slovenian head and that others are guilty .

Enkrat se mora odpreti ta tema in bodo morali tudi politiki razjasniti, ker tudi oni vsaj nekateri vedo.

One must open this topic and will have a policy to clarify , because even they know at least some .

In prav je da se govori o tem, ker se gre za zdravje ljudi. Kot sem napisal da tudi ARSo ve tem samo manipulirajo.

And it is to talk about it because it is a human health . As I wrote to the Environmental Agency knows this only manipulate .

Na njihovi strani celo piše o geoinženiring.

On their side even writes about geo-engineering .

Mislim da filozofijo geoinženiring ne razumejo ljudje, ker je treba poglobiti.

I think the philosophy of geo-engineering people do not understand because it is necessary to deepen .

Tudi jaz na začetku sem bil skeptičen in s časoma sem ugotovil zakaj se gre. Ker cilj je da se zmanjša globalno segrevanje.

I, too, at first I was skeptical and eventually I found out what this is about . Since the objective is to reduce the global warming .

Vendar potem so to preimenovali podnebne spremembe kar je isto kot globalno seg.. Vendar to je krinka da oni to počnejo geoinženiring.

But then it was renamed climate change, which is the same as the global seg .. But this is a cover that they are doing geo-engineering .

Kajti globalno segrevanje sploh ni ker se je Zemlja skozi zgodovino vedno spreminjala.

Because global warming is not at all because the Earth is always changing throughout history .

Problem je tudi da šricajo tudi druge težke kovine poleg nanoaluminij.

The problem is also that šricajo other heavy metals in addition to nanoaluminij .

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FRIDAY 03.07.2014, 00:01

The people woke up

We are talking today about the silent majority – about people who do not qualify as “left” and “right” and refuse to engage with the wider environment, but only with their own lives.

The term itself is surprisingly new, still in the XIX century. century marked the dead, now flies one that just in the media (and demonstrations) did not seem to express an opinion on either the web, but also on social networks dealing only with its ordinariness, which excludes the broader themes.

How big is such a group?

I once read about 70 percent of the population in computing Pareto principle is about 80 percent, on the internet talking about the “principle 90-9-1”, ie, the 90 percent silent observers, etc.. 

However, this is actually true for most.

Fear of politicians

I suppose that is one of the biggest fears of politicians to be silent majority turned against him – of course they dream that they would have been on his side, but in fact quite sufficient, if not excite and put in motion.

Imagine a Gaussian curve, which on the one hand sway political leftists and the other right-handed, but in between the silent majority hunts balance.

If it returns to the left or right, big changes occur. Is the irresistible force that takes rulers, breaking the country and changed systems.

Probably the silent majority in the Slovenian noticeably activated at the last referendum on independence.

I do not know what would be the result if Milosevic would not be calling for war, but because it is a silent majority found that Yugoslavia should come because it will certainly occur slaughterhouse.

Friends on Facebook

Of course I was interested purely anthropological question of how the crisis and the decline of the Slovenian state affect the silent majority – but how to do it?

Then I realized that I had enough on Facebook “friends” that are more than a representative sample.

Occasionally I go about checking posts which in turn interesting and it seems to me that the school division is really just “left”, “right”, and the majority, which publishes only photographs themselves, their families, food, animals, and real estate.

They are not affected by current events, except for the weather – when the snow falls, for example, can be seen clips of real estate with snow hat. admit, for quick insights I picked 20 people who do not know them personally, and each time more exciting event check whether the touched their world.


At large, such as last year’s demonstrations, but I’m going to inspect more thoroughly. If you are interested in a demonstration, the silent majority are not touched.

The crisis apparently not. then … … the Slovenian nation woke up!


I checked the twenty selected, and stared: I have come to the right place? People totally immersed and surrounded by his world suddenly discuss a global issue.

I began a wider review and that, Slovenian silent majority has awakened! She found a topic that is drama.

woke up to sleet: first as a weather phenomenon began to post photos engraved trees and plants from the garden, and then they asked what could be the reason. answer came immediately and mass.

They began to feed you news about the release of chemical spraying (chemtrails) and that then attack them with Slovenia.

Could it be that the first really big topic after independence became a chemical traces aircraft?

And if I may comment after his experience with Facebook, which has spread from Maribor direction.

Google knows all

Of course, I reviewed a sample, which is actually picked me, that is not necessarily representative.

Maybe the name pasted only the followers of conspiracy theories. So check what is just possible and available.

time to ask Google, which has a special page where you can view how high quoted a certain search terms.

Here, the word “chemtrails”:

Slovenia leads! Globally!

When we were therefore interested in chemical emissions are greatest.

At the same time I asked the original expression, but what about all those who are looking for the Slovenian in approximate terms?

search term “chemical discharges” (without the quotes) in the pages of the Slovenian domain name locates more than 45 thousand hits,

including a formal proposal country called proposes the introduction of a tax on chemical emissions from aircraft .

Chemical traces returned almost 70 thousand hits only Slovenian domain, and so on.

‘s no wonder that the State Environment Agency air chemicals issued a special message .


After years of crisis, the collapse of all kinds, from moral to economic, it is therefore the people finally woke, looked and found the reason: things are getting worse, because then we attack with traces of air.

Whereby the fact that he was similarly devastating sleet in these places in 1900, no one turned away from the theory. Why?

I think it is a long-standing crisis actually ate the foundations of the silent majority, especially the nagrizla brezperspektivnost.

In humans began to accumulate a desire for change, the unconscious is thought began to grow that it does not work, it will be necessary to change something.

Any natural reason can be found, against all can do something.

Bad policy? Vote others! Bad managers? End the negative selection! Etc..

A all require activation, leaving the safe bubble.

Consequently, we looked up, saw the traces of planes, found that attack us then – and you say fuck against this, but we can not fight.

And we can safely beer.

Or continue to take the picture selfieje to fewer and fewer coated table.


Such a response also best suited to our high level of narcissism.

Not only that we can not do anything alone then, that the most powerful force the world has put on us.

Maybe we are not second Switzerland, a beacon of Europe, but we also appreciated fighters and heroes that we must address with the latest technology and unimagined resources.


One of the important ways of survival of a small nation’s invisibility.

Already Trstenjak wrote how good servants and catering staff are still all done as it should be: seamlessly.

Which is much more openly told Jože Javoršek:

“Lord we never disturb not to steal, not to mention the looting: Mr.’s You can always do exactly what he desires. ”

reflex that he woke up chemical traces the Tax.

Robbing our country, and we look up into the sky. touching something in this. 

In those tense faces that are up to 20 century, staring up at the sky and try to guess the will of God, which was replaced by Tito and now chemicals. 

while people staring up strongly, but, gentlemen, if I use Javorškov term, it carries the past and collecting everything you can. 

And when the grandchildren over the decades old women and old men wondered, how is it possible that they did not notice anything,

they will make indignantly objected to showing clips of air followed by numbered days and hours, and boasted that their country and the future really leaked, but the sky is not overlooked nor cloud.

Deleted and Pollen

In the spring of 1992 the Slovenian state is wiped out 25,671 people.

From the writers’ cause I went brother newspapers of that time and then the state should give an official explanation on pollen.

Apparently it was a lot, sidewalks were yellow, the people are spread panic about the chemical attack, etc..

Legislators and resellers arms we watched the fingers, because we had too much work by observing the trees.

‘s why I put it in a novel Removed one of the heroes pronounce sentence:

“Great nations must look forward, however small it away.”

Turn on the lights, we’ll see better

Another spring awakening people to remember.

In 1998, they introduced a law under which we started to drive with headlights.

There’s been a massive activation of peoples, visible readers’ letters, because these were the times before social networks.

Newspapers have given the impression that the entire population calculates how much electricity and fuel that will spend more cars.

Online debate and calculating duration of today.

But when I was just a Google search indulge myself in news only for that year.

And behold, when the nation is counting on a calculator with you and milliliters,

Slovenia has taken a huge package of motorway construction, which, as we know today, were too expensive for how slightly,

the second set of the most striking news is talking about the fact that the loans at NLB now cheaper and cheaper.

How true!

Showing the broad facts

In principle, the watch away general human strategy that helps us survive.

This topic has been abroad made ​​numerous attempts, for example, Piliavin (1969), when the measured period of time before people are helped omedlelemu in the underground

or among students of theology who rushed to the lectures on good Samaritanu, the corridor are

They framed the man who would whimper and call for help – 60 percent by ignoring (from Coleman, 1998).

There is evidence that the accident may expect less aid, more when the people around you – because they happen to be in the crowd each relies on the other.

A according to the centuries-old dressage

humility and passivity and direction of development of Slovenia’s independence and

the duration of the “crisis” is undoubtedly that with us watch away above the average persistent and entrenched strategy.

Moral of the story

Country we were therefore stolen while we watched the trees, lights and counting flights followed.
Mr. Fran Milčinski go back, I miss you!

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  1. #kerry #lavrov #ukraine #crimea #russia #obama #putin #NATO

    Malcolm Fraser, Australia’s 22nd prime minister between 1975 and 1983

    To protect assets in Crimea will always be a Russian objective.

    Western leaders and western media mostly paint the whole dispute as totally one-sided: it is all Russia’s fault, and Putin is preventing a true democracy emerging.

    The steps taken in the early days after the fall of the Soviet Union, the breach of what Gorbachev (I accept almost certainly mistakenly) believed to be a firm agreement that Nato would not move east, was bound to create difficulties for the future.

    There will be no way out of this, unless the history and the west’s past mistakes are understood by those who are trying to grapple with the present intractable, difficult and extraordinarily dangerous problem.


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