Mind Control in the 21st Century – Science Fiction & Beyond (PART II)

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Mind Control in the 21st Century – Science Fiction & Beyond (PART II)

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Mind Control in the 21stCentury – Science Fiction & Beyond (PART II)

(Part I available HERE)


Part I of this series suggests that a hidden science and technology of “mind control,” far surpassing that available in the public domain, may well exist.

Part II begins an exploration of some of the most advanced public research in mind control, and also looks at statements of scientists who have spent time working and conducting research within the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex.

Electromagnetic Mind Control

Because mind control technology is in large part classified, statements and official documents from “higher authority” as to the state of the art are lacking. However, despite this limitation, one can still perhaps arrive at a reasonable understanding or approximation of covert capabilities by examining the most sophisticated public research, such as that of Michael Persinger, cognitive neuroscience researcher and professor at Laurentian University in Ontario.

Significant aspects of Persinger’s work relate directly to the feasibility of “electromagnetic” mind control directed at targeted individuals or populations, and are thus a continuation of research that went dark in the 1970s, research suggesting that remote electromagnetic energy fields could be used to “influence” the brain.

Electric “High”

According to Persinger, the brain can be influenced with very weak magnetic fields, “… the electromagnetic fields associated with consciousness, which are very, very weak.”

These electromagnetic fields can even “mimic” the effects associated with taking various drugs.

This is possible because the brain works by electromagnetic patterns-brainwaves- not just chemistry, and for every drug there is “an appropriate temporal pattern” of electromagnetic radiation “equivalent to the molecular structure” of the drug.

Thus, by introducing the electromagnetic equivalent of a drug into the brain, the individual should experience “the drug,” as if it had actually been ingested – In other words, “…you don’t have to have a chemical.

This is especially significant when one considers that many compounds, both legal and “illicit,” alter consciousness, modifying, sometimes significantly, one’s experience of the world.

Imagine, for example, “electromagnetic LSD,” or “electromagnetic valium” delivered via satellite to a targeted individual or population.

Hallucination Creation

Electromagnetic patterns may also be capable of creating artificial “sensory” experiences.

This is because sense experience is not a perception of a thing “in itself,” but an interpretation by the brain of electrical patterns produced by a given stimulus.

For example, the perception of a rose is the brain experiencing a particular electromagnetic resonance pattern produced by the interaction of the rose with the senses, not an experience of the rose “itself.”

By introducing the electromagnetic resonance pattern normally produced by a given stimulus directly into the brain, the need for the actual stimulus (for example, a real rose), “…can be circumvented….”

The idea, in other words, is that vivid hallucinations can be created via the introduction of precisely patterned electromagnetic radiation into the brain.

Synthetic Reality

Such possibilities do not appear to be merely “theoretical.” In a 2000 article in US News & World Report, John Norseen, neural weapons designer for Lockheed Martin, is quoted as saying that electromagnetic pulses could be used to create what he termed “synthetic reality.”

Norseen elaborated in a series of emails with artist Duncan Laurie, posted at Laurie’s web-site (Norseen died in 2007).

In one such discussion Norseen referenced a technology for creating hallucinations.

The topic arose when Laurie mentioned a news story reporting a Mexican police officer’s encounter with a “flying witch.”

According to the officer’s account, the witch fell from a tree and floated above the ground before flying at the officer and “trying to grab him with her hands right through the car’s windshield.”

While the officer perceived the witch as an actual being, Norseen suggested that the witch was not a living entity, but was instead a technologically induced hallucination that “ripped into (the officer’s) perceptual apparatus from inside his thought structures….”

In other words, Norseen’s suspicion was that the officer did not have a real sensory experience, but instead experienced a virtual reality sequence, a vividly realistic, complex “sensory” experience produced entirely in his brain.

Accordingly, for Norseen the “real story” was “whether this type of … hallucination is now available in the psyop inventory…eh eh.”

Norseen explains that the witch could have been the product of an “orbiting satellite that mistakenly beamed … (the) Mexican village with a powerful entraining downlink….”

Information Injection

The “witch” is an example of what Norseen calls a “semiotic.”

For current purposes, suffice it to say that “neural information” encoded in “carrier waves,” and then decoded by an individual’s brain, is a semiotic.

Norseen was particularly interested in semiotics, like the “witch,” that could “reflexively control” an individual.

Norseen discusses an experiment with rats in which a rat would press a button and an electromagnetic field would stimulate a part of the rat’s brain, inducing (apparent) feelings of ecstasy in the rat. The rat would continue to press the button, discharging the “pleasure semiotic” (Laurie’s term) until it died.

Per Laurie, “Norseen’s point was that if you could trigger that part of the brain remotely, via a transmission of some kind, the receiver would be all but powerless” to stop his brain from responding in a determined, stimulus-response manner to the semiotic.

Norseen suggested to Laurie that one way to transmit a semiotic would be to encrypt commands, which could be “…buried within unrelated visual and auditory information, to be broadcast to the general public.”

In other words, a semiotic message encoded within, for example, a television or internet broadcast, could be transmitted directly to the unconscious mind of a person, in essence programming the person for some future action – “Norseen strongly suggested these techniques were connected to the Columbine murders….”

Moreover, as Norseen suggests in his discussion of a satellite downlink producing the witch hallucination, semiotics do not even need to be encoded within a sensory medium, such as a television program or internet broadcast, but can instead be transmitted directly into the brain via electromagnetic radiation or ultrasound.

As Norseen put it, the human brain has an “extremely keen sensitivity to both internal and external signals, from sight, sound, smell, touch, memory, ultrasound, EMF (electromagnetic frequency), etc.” (emphasis added), which can make “…the human brain … in essence, a sex, violence, religious pump”:


“My database of Semiotics, Signs and Symbols, when presented by various media to the human brain cause tremendously strong circuits to fire in the Nucleus Accumbens                                        (Sex), Amygdala (Violence), and Anterior Cingulate/right temporal axis (Religion) … So even if a person wouldn’t do something based on his personality, the key is to reset or disengage the person’s personality (free will), and then repeatedly train either consciously or non-cognitively the person’s brain to fire relentlessly … to the point where you insert a new personality that acts upon the impulses emanating from the sex/ violence/ religious circuits (emphasis added). You end up with a sex offender, a serial killer, a religious zealot wherein suicide is an option…or any combination (of) the three.” … [S]omewhere, somehow, the result of culture at large, or highly refined and focused cultural inputs, is turning out just such PERSONALITIES…The question is, is this just the natural results of five billion people on earth interacting with modern information and EM (electromagnetic) signals…or                            maybe, just maybe…somewhere, SOME PEOPLE ARE USING TECHNICAL MEANS FOR PSYOP????”


“Semiotics” can be transmitted from an external source directly into a human brain, “training” the brain through constant repetition, into new beliefs, new motivations, even, perhaps, a new personality. Further, this conditioning process can occur below the level of conscious awareness, presumably further enhancing its value as a tool for plausibly deniable covert action.

Thought Control

Norseen describes a technology that can literally control one’s thoughts. As he explains in the US News & World Report article, one could possibly even “…begin to manipulate what someone is thinking … before they know it.”

Robert Duncan, a scientist who worked on projects for the Department of Defense and the CIA, likens this “thought filtering and suppression” capacity to the automated spell check in Microsoft Word, which corrects spelling errors as one types.

According to Duncan, “…even new thoughts can be suppressed”; moreover, memories can be faded or erased.

Brain Prints

The most invasive form of mind control may require analysis of the unique characteristics of an individual’s electromagnetic output, what Norseen called “brain prints”: “Think of your hand touching a mirror,” explains Norseen. “It leaves a fingerprint.” … “Just like you can find one person in a million through fingerprints,” he says, “you can find one thought in a million.”

A person’s “brain prints” leak into the environment in unique “energy dispersion pattern(s),” which if “monitored by mixed electromagnetic sensors…,” could potentially be used to identify and track the person.

Moreover, brain prints could even be transmitted “…back into the brain…” (“intact or rearranged-to the individual or someone else….”) with the brain acting upon the information “as if it were a real signal from the environment.”

[An aside: Much of what Norseen told Duncan Laurie may have actually already been “old hat.” Norseen had security clearances and had signed “70+” year non-disclosure agreements. He explained that while he could not discuss more recent developments, “at least” he could “edify” regarding the years 1995-2002.]

EEG Cloning

Copying one person’s brainwaves onto the brain of another person is a technology sometimes referred to as “EEG cloning.”

Researcher Tim Rifat explains that emotions and states such as anger and aggressiveness, apathy, lust, psychopathy, suicidal depression, mania, paranoia and psychosis have distinctive frequencies which can be entrained into the brain “remotely by use of extremely low frequency broadcast carried by pulse modulated microwave beams (ELF pulse modulated microwave remote mind control technology).”

As physicist Richard Alan Miller put it:



“By using … computer-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain’s …”emotion signature clusters,” synthesize them and store them on another computer. In other words, by studying the subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it.”



These stored “emotion signature clusters” can then be entrained into human beings to trigger the emotion.


More than mere emotions, even another “personality” can be “cloned” onto an individual. This “cerebral cortex cloning” has been likened to “having an enemy within one’s own mind.”


Of note, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, alleged Boston bomber (most likely a patsy), was subject to what he called “majestic mind control,” and told his mother that it felt as though another person was inside him, telling him things to do.

Making “Connections”

John Norseen suggested that the brain, which has been described as a “biological computer,” could be connected wirelessly (without a brain-computer interface) to a technological computer, explaining that a person could possibly be “ping[ed]” with a “light sequence or with an [extremely low frequency] … radiation sequence” causing “…something to be fired off in the brain….” Of course, one computer “pings” another to test connectivity between the two “devices.”

Moreover, if multiple brains were connected to the same “system,” the same brain signals could be routed to (“cloned” onto) multiple brains. “Broadcast messages” could even be sent, inducing similar thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and even beliefs in all people on the network.

One could thus imagine hive mind cells or even a large hive in which “participants” would share neural information (brainwaves). In such a scenario, complex group behaviors could perhaps be coordinated from an external “control center,” a situation reminiscent of some accounts of individuals claiming to have been “gang stalked.”

Mind Hacking

“Mind hacking” is Robert Duncan’s term for the process by which a brain is remotely mapped, and through which some degree of operational control over the brain becomes possible. A mind hack establishes the full capability of wireless interaction between a brain and a computer.

To “hack” a brain, the brain prints or overall “brain signature” of the person must be deciphered, a mechanical, deterministic process requiring only “time” and the target’s “coordinates” to be effectual. In other words, given “time and coordinates” anyone’s brain can be hacked:

“Precise timing of pulses is how the trick is done … The timing of the pulses must exactly coincide with the end of a neuron’s depolarization,” which is “specific to each individual and their microcircuits … This bit stream acts like an encrypted message that only a single unique human brain with the exact physical patterns can interpret … In order to create any significant amplification, thousands of neurons if not more need                                  to be exactly pulsed without a single one off alignment before the electromagnetic signal can gain enough influence in the brain for entrainment. In other circuits or brains it merely adds noise that is filtered out … Radar pulses using the bit stream key (are) sent to the target brain, and if it hits just right along with the others, a few microseconds later an evoked potential should be detected. This indicates that the brain key is being accepted … These bit stream keys are categorized and sub-categorized. Each one represents a “brain-resonance” or a state that was achieved. They are templates that can be replayed into the target mind. As the brain mapping [process proceeds] other bit streams fall into place into the whole cognitive model faster and faster [as when one gets] closer to completing a jigsaw puzzle.”


A signal “tailored” to a person’s unique brain signature will not affect other brains exposed to the signal. Thus, people standing even in close proximity to a targeted person would not notice anything unusual, other than perhaps the target’s behavior.

According to Duncan, that someone could be remotely besieged by “invisible waves,” while others, even in close proximity, remain unaffected and unaware of the intrusion, tends to “baffle[] the common citizen who has yet to experience the electromagnetic virtual reality.”

However, the concept becomes more intuitive when one considers that the targeted individual’s nervous system has been “tuned into like a cellular phone.” And, of course, only a “phone” whose number has been dialed is going to “ring.”

Mind hacking enables feats of grotesque invasiveness, making it possible to actually “listen through the subject’s ears, and see through the subject’s eyes.”

An unanswered question is how much time is required to hack into a brain – Minutes? Days? Weeks? In any case, however long the process does take, one might suppose that mind hacking has become more efficient with time.

Scanning For Brains – MASINT

According to John Norseen, the brains of individuals in a given population can be surveyed and unusual brain signatures (“brain prints”) identified from afar. This would appear to be an aspect of MASINT-measurement and signature intelligence-the “newest, most encompassing, and technically complex” of the intelligence gathering methods.

Norseen writes that “multiple sensors can detect and measure what you think…” and that “hyper spectral analysis across the electromagnetic spectrum, within which brain function occurs” can be used “to correlate and pinpoint with more accurate detail the specific … regions of the brain engaged in mental processing of the target activity.”

Further, these mind reading capabilities are “much more robust” than traditional diagnostic technologies such as EEG or FMRI, and “involve … more remote sensor analysis using interferometer techniques…,” such that “information about underlying neural activity can be collected … (and) displays … (can be) generated of ongoing and anticipated future mental behavioral patterns, normal, pathologic, or trained”:


“Neural circuits that reflect normal, pathological or trained brain patterns can be discerned. Therefore, … a complex system of internetted, hyperspectral brain analysis sensors, exchanging database information packages of representative mathematical                              equations and biophysical state spaces, would be able to survey a particular area and determine the brain activities of the constituent elements of the surveillance area. A person with normal brain patterns would have characteristic brain prints that would be different than another person suffering from some pathological or trained pattern of behavior.”


It might also be added that non-conforming brains, for example, brains with non-deferential attitudes towards authority or unsanctioned beliefs, could also presumably be identified and singled out for additional “investigation” or “targeting.”


We are faced with a world in which dystopian science fiction is fast becoming reality. Indeed, for some, the dystopia may have already arrived.

World-wide, thousands of “targeted individuals” claim to have had experiences consistent with what Robert Duncan calls “mind hacking.”

Moreover, as these are only self-identified targets, the actual number of targeted individuals could be significantly greater.

Meanwhile “whistleblower” Edward Snowden goes about “revealing” NSA surveillance abuses, abuses largely disclosed by others in prior years, but without the consternation and media fanfare.

While Snowden’s “revelations” are certainly not trivial, it is apparent that the American and world populations now exist in a bubble of “unreality,” entirely unaware of the “science fiction” technologies arrayed against them.

Consider then the possibility that the true extent of “surveillance operations” remains very much “undisclosed.”

Steven DiBasio



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    Published on Mar 27, 2014
    Airplanes were pouring toxic agents



  14. Hi Michael! IDK I get the Violet Sphere whether sun is in shot or not. I used to think maybe an object, but I noticed the Violet Sphere often in same shots with “Fairies” so may be a connection there.

    Something BIG is happening. These “chemTrail” phenomena about more than weather modification or depopulation IMO

    And no one dares mention it! Maybe we are experiencing End Times, if that is part of your belief system.


  15. Trails in the sky of Rio Claro can hide chemical threat

    Subject unknown by much of the population, the discussion about the possible existence of “chemical trails” in heaven starts in Brazilian cities is already being discussed by groups concerned about the matter.

    On Tuesday (26), a plane was spotted in the airspace of Rio Claro releasing smoke into the sky typical of the central region.

    Seeing photos captured in Rio Claro, Santa Catarina Odebron de Mello, one of the leading scholars of the subject in Brazil, strongly affirms:

    “Surely they are chemtrails” (chemical trails in english).

    To Odebron, these tracks are actually part of a secret plan of governments around the world.

    “These aircraft at high attitudes pulverizariam biological agents, for unknown reasons,” he says.

    The most accepted theory by those involved in the subject, is an attempt by governments to modify the climate.

    Difference between chemical trails and trails of condensation

    The theorists reveal clear differences between the chemical trails and tracks of condensing (these would be common and formed by the heat of the turbines in the icy atmosphere).

    Some articles warn that more modern aircraft already have systems in their engines that would prevent the formation of the resulting vapor condensation.

    Besides the trails, our team recorded another aircraft, which appeared to be close to the first plane.

    In a statement, the Press FAB stated:

    “due to excellent visibility and contrast the meteorological condition of the time provided, there is an impression of closeness line of sight, which is not true in fact, due to the lag in altitude, the accordance with the rules laid down air traffic. ”

    The note also says that just as a road, optical illusions can occur when observed airways. scholar Have to Santa Catarina, the presence of other aircraft in the images is not surprising.

    “They always attack in packs, because a track can only seem little, but many trails together form artificial clouds that dump toxic agents,” he argues.

    Aeronautical Engineer Lawrence Fields, formed by UNITAU says that the formation of condensation trails (those which are not toxic) still exists.

    “This is still true in modern aircraft because it is a physical process”.

    However, Campos could not guarantee that the smoke is recorded in photographs formed by condensation trails.

    “Me the strange fact that, apparently, not the smoke be coming out of the turbines,” he stressed.

    With all the controversy created by the theories on the tracks until the Air Force stood.

    “This theory is a hoax that has been investigated and refuted by many accredited universities, scientific organizations and media publications,” the U.S. government agency.

    Oberon Have to Santa Catarina, this would only be the beginning of a series of events in order overall.

    “Study geoengineering since 2011, when the attacks began in Brazil, and I can say that there is a lot behind this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

    He warns. Hover and check out photos of the tracks spotted in Rio Claro:

    Hiking were seen above the central region of Rio Claro

    (Photo: Samuel Pancher)

    See more in the video:


  16. #ukraine #crimea #russia #Донецк #Харьков #Donetsk #Kharkiv

    All the residents of our country – A big state stands behind them

    31 March 2014
    Russian banks need to be expanded to include Crimea – Russian PM Medvedev

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has set the task of launching the national banking system on the Crimean peninsula in a proper manner.

    “Naturally, the task consists of fully launching the Russian monetary credit system in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol,” he said at a meeting with Crimean head of government Sergei Aksyonov, adding that this will require a number of decisions.

    In the very near future, “all this will be done to make all the residents of our country who live here feel comfortable and realize that a big state stands behind them, and that their deposits, their money, are secured by the property of the Russian Federation, secured by the rules valid across our country,” Medvedev said.

    All Crimeans have already been paid their salaries and pensions in rubles, and as far as that is concerned, all the Russian government’s instructions were fulfilled, Aksyonov said, for his part.

    It is a very important day today, Medvedev said.

    “It is a special day for me and for all my colleagues in the government – our first visit, our first business trip to the Republic of Crimea, to Sevastopol,” he said, adding that it will be here that the government will hold an off-site session that will focus on more important aspects.



  17. #ukraine #crimea #russia #Донецк #Харьков #Donetsk #Kharkiv #NATO #IMF

    What exactly can the EU offer by way of defense cooperation?

    Yes, this is the same central banker stooge, who the Wall Street Journal describes as Washington’s Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin.

    Without the United States, the EU is a paper tiger. NATO is not an alliance, but a branch of outposts to deploy American troops.

    How does this phony agreement between the EU and Ukraine help the economic interests of either party?

    Such a display of destitution only makes the illegitimate installed Ukraine government look like the vassal state that it has become.

    Bob Livingston over at Personal Liberty Digest has it correct,

    “The Ukraine situation is a bankster-orchestrated crisis with the short game more money printing and the end game global governance.”

    The EU governance aspect is the eventual goal, but the immediate economic dislocation that even the talk of sanctions against Russia has, with the trading partners within the EU, surely will experience real pain.

    These conditions create the perfect storm for the IMF banksters to apply their vile craft.



  18. Ancient Disasters

    First hour guest, maverick physicist James McCanney made an in-studio appearance, sharing his analysis of ancient disasters and civilizations. The great flood of Noah was a global event, reported by cultures around the world. It lasted for around 40 days, when the Earth passed through the tail of a comet, he detailed. There was torrential rain, the sun was blotted out, and ocean levels rose some 600 ft., he continued. He also suggested that Atlantis was in the South China Sea, and Lemuria was near the Hawaiian Islands, both on land masses that became submerged.

    Date: 05-31-12



  19. #PlanetX

    @ 26:30

    #Biden #Sedna orbits are not stable

    Something out there

    ten times the size of Earth

    is influencing their orbits

    Planet X

    March 28, 2014 posting …

    my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page … join me as i talk about …

    1) a new asteroid was just announced that has “rings” like the saturn rings … this gives a great chance to re-prove my work published in a peer reviewed space science journal on small moons forming rings around celestial objects …

    2) a new small planet was just discovered far beyond pluto but the find also came with the realization that the orbits are being affected by a large object (over 10 times the size of earth) “somewhere out there” … after my show of last week where i negated a recent NASA “study” saying there were no planet X types of objects here we have other astronomers confirming that they know nothing about the regions of space beyond pluto and secondly that all the data points to a large object out there of which they know nothing (or at least are not saying anything) … and

    3) the northeast US is being whipped by a north atlantic hurricane four times the size of the mega storm Sandy that did so much damage last year … although this storm is farther out to sea luckily for the northeast … but my question is why do meteorologists call this a “Nor’Easter” … why don’t they call it what it is … A HURRICANE … but if they did it would immediately raise the question of why a hurricane (supposedly that forms in warm tropical waters) is raging in the north atlantic … and

    4) i will be discussing computer hacking using my newly released eBook Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit …

    join me on my weekly commercial free radio show for these and more topics including

    a planet X update …

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_March_27_2014.mp3" /]




  20. Jeremy Rifkin: “The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet Of Things, The Collaborative Commons, And The Eclipse Of Capitalism”

    Monday, March 31, 2014

    Capitalism has been the dominant economic system in the U.S. for centuries.

    But economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin says a battle is under way between capitalism and a new economic paradigm. It will be drawn out and hard fought.

    But he predicts that capitalism will inevitably lose, existing only at the edges of economic life.

    In its place will be a hybrid system based on the sharing of goods and services.

    Rifkin argues this is being brought about by advances in technology and communications that are dramatically lowering the cost of those goods and services.

    A discussion about how the Internet is radically transforming our economy and way of life.


    Jeremy Rifkin president, Foundation on Economic Trends; adviser, European Union; author of “The Third Industrial Revolution,” “The Empathic Civilization,” “The Age of Access” and “The End of Work.”



    Scribd http://www.scribd.com/embeds/214846633/content?start_page=1


  21. #ukraine #crimea #russia #Донецк #Харьков #Donetsk #Kharkiv #Georgia #NATO

    A worried Matthew Bryza, a former Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs known for his friendly ties with Saakashvili, warned Georgia’s Public Television on March 23 that chasing after the ex-president could harm Georgia’s MAP chances.


    April 1, 2014
    North Atlantic blackmail
    Exchanged whether Georgia Saakashvili NATO?

    A few days ago the U.S. State Department issued a statement calling on the Georgian authorities to abandon the prosecution of ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili caused by March 27 for questioning on a number of high-profile cases, including the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania . March 22 agenda was presented to his mother.

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Matthew Bryza and does actually Tbilisi presented an ultimatum:

    either Saakashvili left alone or not, Georgia will receive a Membership Action Plan (MAP) to NATO at the September summit in Wales.



    A lawmaker from the GD parliamentary majority group, Tina Khidasheli, said on March 28 that she expects NATO to give a clear response to Russia’s moves in Ukraine at the September summit.

    “One of the options to give this response to Russia is to grant MAP to Georgia,” she said, adding that another option might be reiterating that Georgia will join NATO but without making reference to the need of going through MAP phase.

    After meeting with Georgian PM Garibashvili in Washington on February 26 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated U.S. support to NATO Bucharest summit decision and said: “The United States will work to make sure that Georgia’s progress is acknowledged by all members at this year’s NATO summit.”


    [Blackmail? I don’t doubt it. Georgia will join NATO? Putin – “We’re living in a world of limits that have been imposed on us. We are always being cornered.”]


  22. #ukraine #crimea #russia #Донецк #Харьков #Donetsk #Kharkiv #Georgia #NATO

    A worried Matthew Bryza, a former Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs known for his friendly ties with Saakashvili, warned Georgia’s Public Television on March 23 that chasing after the ex-president could harm Georgia’s MAP chances.


    April 1, 2014
    North Atlantic blackmail
    Exchanged whether Georgia Saakashvili NATO?

    A few days ago the U.S. State Department issued a statement calling on the Georgian authorities to abandon the prosecution of ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili.

    [Blackmail? I don’t doubt it. Georgia will join NATO? Putin – “We’re living in a world of limits that have been imposed on us. We are always being cornered.”]



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