Igor Strelkov Press-Conference, July 28, 2014: The Latest Ukrainian Offensive Mostly Repulsed


Video: Igor Strelkov Press Conference, July 28, 2014

Note: English subtitles prepared by The Vineyard of the Saker team.
Spanish subtitles prepared by Carlos Ramirez: Link to the Video with Spanish Subtitles

Transcript: Igor Strelkov Press-Conference, July 28, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor & @Gbabeuf
Original video: Icorpus.ruYouTube Video Channel

Igor Strelkov: Seven don’t wait for one…

So, here’s how it’s going to be… [sighs deeply]

I didn’t know that my humble persona is so popular…

So, in brief. In brief. I’ll be speaking briefly, and well, whoever wants to hear it or whoever doesn’t—it doesn’t make a difference to me anymore.

Heavy fighting on multiple fronts

IS: So—today, the Militia was engaged in heavy fighting in the area of the cities of Shakhtersk, Torez, Snezhnoye; in the area of Saur-Mogila; in the area of the strategic…

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10 thoughts on “Igor Strelkov Press-Conference, July 28, 2014: The Latest Ukrainian Offensive Mostly Repulsed

  1. August 01, 2014 posting …

    I discuss a new energy system that can be scaled to everywhere from small home systems to large megasystems that will have capacity to replace nuclear reactors and coal plants …

    this is NOT tesla technology … it is proven and is my contribution for the future of our planet …

    the system will be an open architecture with no patents …

    i also discuss the recent airliner shoot down in russia and the fact that the USA has not submitted a shred of evidence that this was done by russia or separatists in the ukraine …

    i discuss the bizarre NASA blanket (all over all news agencies worldwide) that

    they allege earth was almost wiped back to the cave ages by a solar CME … GET THIS … OF 2 YEARS AGO !!! WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT AND WHY ???

    i also discuss the Ebola issue and the lack of response of WHO the world health organization …

    and lastly the holes in the tundra of siberia …

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_July_31_2014.mp3" /]


  2. #SaveDonbassPeople “Understand one simple truth: our civilians killed Ukrainian Rockets”


    As Ukrainian punishers shot buses with children and their mothers. Judging by the actions of the military, in the Ukrainian army now recruit people without mind, honor and dignity. Without family and tribe.

    For those who have no conscience and soul – separate bonus. Else to explain their actions is simply impossible. Tell me how to take up arms for the child? How can you shoot buses, in which only mothers with young children?

    July 29 of Gorlovki left two minibuses and a few private cars – were taken from the shell the town women and children. In one minibus 10 people, in the second – the same.

    Basically – women and children, men – only for maintenance. Passed completely empty checkpoint in the village of loose, close to Torrez.

    People say riding at low speeds – especially to see if someone is on duty, saw that buses and cars children, not “militants” and “terrorists.” But for the soldiers of the Ukrainian army no difference who to shoot .

    They opened fire from an ambush. Unarmed women and kids. Many were injured.

    Died 3-year-old boy. “A bullet to the right side. And behind, on the back – a huge hole “- eyewitnesses.

    His mother seriously injured. She still did not say that the child is not.

    Later Ukrainian media said that this militia shot a column of refugees … Call it delusions – to say nothing, because in the column were the wives, children, relatives militias.


    Today MPs on behalf of its Speaker Oleg Tsarev visited the hospital a woman with two small children.

    They brought the most necessary things, food, toys, sweets and fruit for children, a stroller for the little Maxim, and rendered material aid. 24-year-old Galina two sons – 5-year-old and eighteen-month-Vlad Maxim went to one of the buses.

    Was injured, and an ambulance took her to the hospital. A children taken in by his father from the local church. With the older boy’s all right, and the little – a brain contusion.

    Therefore, children were brought to her mother in the hospital. Now they are in the same room.

    “My husband protects us, he in the militia. I wanted to go to save the children. And that’s what happened. I pulled out a fragment of the spine straight, – says Galina. – The doctors said that the shirt was born. And given shard memory. I’m not hoping that we get out of there alive. Machine – a sieve around the wounded cries, crying … We wanted to get away from this horror. I’m ready to live in the woods though, if only we were all close – my husband and I and our children. And that there was no war. ”

    Artem was riding in a bus with Galina – accompanied by women and children.

    Wounded by shrapnel in the back.

    “I was sitting on the right side. As we drove through the checkpoint, I saw the flash. Fell to the floor. It all happened in seconds. I knew the kids here, here they are, side by side. And he pressed to his kids, trying to close them. I wish that all the children were alive – said through tears guy. – Someone carried out of the salon, I could not walk, crawl got. I did not see in front of you – just mangled body. Someone gushing blood, someone turned toes. Crying 5-year-old girl with a torn forearm … I sat down and gave it to me in his arms. Keep her calm, but he could not calm down. It was very scary. ”

    5-year-old Helen, who rescued and soothed Artyom, Donetsk arrived in hospital with the seriously wounded brother and parents. Hand torn fragments in three places.

    “I have done some shooting hand to meat,” – says the child.

    Her older brother received multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

    This girl and many others wounded, who were traveling from Gorlovki July 29, met at the hospital and arranged MPs. 56-year-old Oleg, also accompanied the bus, was wounded in both legs. One bullet to another – shrapnel.

    He expertly told that the first car came stretching there was an explosion, and then the Ukrainian military began to pour all of the machines. Valentine deputies showed his duffel bag, which saved her life. Bag shot in two places.

    “A bullet entangled in things – she said. – One in the shoe, and the second – in a sweater. ”

    Valentine showed “material evidence” – and riddled sweater, and two bullets, which released Ukrainian soldiers to kill a defenseless woman.

    “We urge the people of Ukraine, people of all nations to understand one simple truth: our civilians killed Ukrainian Rockets. Our civilians killed Ukrainian rocket.

    This is something that can not be doubted and questioned even by Ukrainian junta media.

    After this truth talk about any wine citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics seems to me the height of cynicism and abominations.

    Understand, we are killing Ukrainian Ukrainian armed forces and the National Guard.

    You can see it in ezhednevnyhreportazhah.

    Children are dying.

    Dying woman.

    Please understand that finally, ”

    – said Vice-Speaker Alexander Kofman Novorossia.

    DNR Press Center © http://dnr.today

    Source: http://vk.com/strelkov_info?w=wall-57424472_10090


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