The Widespread Use of Microwave Radiation With Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower – Wifi, Microwaves by Project Avalon’s ‘turiya’

  1. Barrie TrowerA Look Into The Widespread Use of Microwave Radiation With Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower – Wifi, Microwaves & the Consequences to our Health



    John B Wells:It isn’t everyday that one gets to speak with a microwave weapons expert. In fact, I had no idea that such a thing existed, although I should’ve thought so. But in any case, I happened upon Mr. Barrie Trower as I was trawling on the internet about WIFI and the effects on human health. And after an hour, or so, I came upon a video that had Mr Trower on it.

    He is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert & former Cold War Captured Spy De-briefer for the U.K. Intelligence Services. Mr. Trower is a conscionable whistleblower who lectures around the world on the hidden dangers from microwave weapons & everyday microwave technology, such as mobile phones & wi-fi. He also has repeatedly assisted the U.K. Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from TETRA Air-Band Radio Communications Systems that are harmful to health.

    And so, we welcome onto the Bridge & welcome to Caravan to Midnight Mr. Barrie Trower, delighted to have you with us, sir. Thank you very much for joining us.

    Barrie Trower: Its my pleasure, sir, thank you.

    John B Wells: How does one become a microwave weapons expert? Did you just join the navy & thought “Ah, I’ll do this!”?

    Barrie Trower: It was 1959, and jobs were very, very few & far between. And I always had an interest in anything to do with electronics. And, I went on to the World Navy recruiting office, and said, “I want a really good job. What can I do?” And we had a discussion. And he said, “If you study for your entrance examination into the new microwave radar systems, and all other aspects of microwave warfare,” he said, “and you pass, that will be a very interesting job.” And, that’s how it started.

    John B Wells: So, just for a couple fellows sitting around talking—what’s it like to be in the venerable Royal Navy? That must be quite a thrill just to be a part of an organization like that.

    Barrie Trower: The Royal Navy is incredibly exciting, sir. And, we went a lot for the American Navy. I mean, I studied microwaves & I was involved in microwave warfare, but I was also an underwater diver, and I also qualified for the medical branch.

    So, with the armed forces, whether it’s the United States or the United Kingdom, the ability to learn is never held back from you. If there is a course you wish to go on, and it interests you, they will pay you to go on it. The teaching is excellent. And it’s a very, very exciting & fulfilling life, sir. And I still look back on it today with fondness.

    John B Wells: I bet you do. I remember hearing a story about how you had brought a mine up to the surface. And one of your fellows said, “Put that back!” And, if I remember the story correctly, it was that, “Look, they can set the thing off remotely, and they can even put a microwave signal into your head & cause you to make a mistake.” So…

    Barrie Trower: Absolutely, yes sir. I was giving evidence in a United States court. It was one of the questions I was asked by your lawyer. And I was very new to bomb disposal. And I was sort of in the sea with this rather complicated looking mine. And I thought it would be much easier to sort out on the surface. And I took it to the surface & the officer looked down in horror as I sort of broke the water with this mine. And he uttered a few choice words that you can’t mention on the radio, and said, “Get back down there!” He said, “If they’re beaming microwaves at the bomb, as soon as you take the metal plate off, the microwaves can go inside & trigger an electromagnetic cell that would blow us up. Or, they could aim the microwaves at your head & cause you to make a mistake.

    And, that really interested me from that moment, as to why microwaves could make you make a mistake. But you are absolutely correct, sir, it’s a very, very true story.

    John B Wells: Well then, there’s probably a lot that you cannot tell us. But, apart from radar, what is microwave weaponry? And, how is it used? I take it, that its been used for a long time & we’re just now, sort of, getting wise to its existence.

    Barrie Trower: Well actually, the story—and you’ll have to edit this down—the story actually goes back to the year 64 B.C., where a very well known scientist by the name of Ptolemy, and his work is still used today. He found out that—and it started off as a party game—if he took a wooden flat wheel & drill holes through it, and he held the wheel up to the Sun & then spun the wheel at different speeds, the flushing going into people’s eyes could cause fits, that we now know as epileptic fits, or they could make you drowsy, or they could cause other behavior, or symptoms. And then he wondered whether any other body that caused the emission of radiation would go through the holes & cause the same effect. So, he would heat up different objects, different materials, and as a scientific experiment, spin the wheel at different speeds, different size holes. And he recorded quite a few of the pulse frequencies which would cause behavioral disturbance—neurological behavioral symptoms.


    Moving on 2-1/2 thousand years, when microwave radar came out during the 2nd world war & pulses were added to the radar, it was discovered that these pulses, (and we now had the table of what pulses could be used), pulses could be used to cause cancer, they could be used to disrupt heart’s rhythmic movement. Basically, the cyclotronic & the circadian resonant frequencies of the body — which means, really, 4-1/2 thousand things in the body can be disrupted by different pulse frequencies. And during the cold war, of which I was involved, spies worked out that microwaves were, as they are today, undetectable. So, you could beam microwaves at people to cause miscarriages, breast cancers, brain tumors, behavior problems—all sorts of behavioral problems. And then, it was a new weapon which was totally undetectable, and you could never be blamed for it. It started off with the Russians beaming the American Embassy across the Red Square in Moscow. And, they found they could cause the American embassy staff to have tumors & behavioral problems. And, it quickly grew from there.

    When I was debriefing captured spies, I drew up a list, I think of about 60 pulse frequencies & relevant symptoms that you could develop, both neurological & physiological. The list today exceeds 600. So, it is very widely used & very known method of cold war stealth warfare to make people ill that you don’t like.

    John B Wells: And I suppose that it can be narrowly focused, or beamed broadly across an entire city if they wish?

    Barrie Trower: Oh, absolutely correct, sir. You can beam a single part of a single person, or you can, with these huge microwave transmitter – 48 microwave transmitting stations. You can bounce microwaves off of the ionosphere down & you could cover a street, a town, a city, you could even cover virtually a whole country, if you wish.

    John B Wells: Mr Trower, when you speak behavioral problems, are we talking about abject insanity, or mild irritability, or anything within that spectrum?

    Barrie Trower: If I may… I will just rattle off a few chemicals in the brain & explain what they are. For instance, if you effect Anandamide, Enkephalin, Orexin, the balance between the Ventral Pallidum & the Frontal Cortex, the Frontal Cortex & the Amygdala. Now, there’s just five.

    Now, that would induce the same symptoms as morphine, marijuana, hunger—and I’m not talking ‘Oh, I feel like a sandwich’ hungry, we’re talking ‘I am going to steal for something to eat’.

    John B Wells: Ah…

    Barrie Trower:
    … total hopelessness, where, really, the only solution you are looking for is suicide, and severe neuropathical aggression. Now, those to be… and I lectured on this just a few weeks ago at the Institute of Nueroscience in Germany… those only require an electric current of 2milliamps to be induced into the brain. It is possible with an ordinary cell phone, under ordinary household conditions, if you reflective surfaces & mirrors, or if you’re vehicle or train or a bus, it is possible to generate, without much effort, 34milliamps of current—17 times the amount known to produce these chemicals.

    Now, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get 17 times the amount, because the body couldn’t do that. But it does mean that it is possible to produce one or a few of them – and those are just five of the neurological symptoms that can & are known to be produced & published – published by your government… published effects which can be caused by – if I can use the word ‘ignorance’, of the communications industry & everyone that produces all of these little boxes & what you call ‘apps’ without checking the pulsory princes(sp?) that they are sending out.

    John B Wells: Isn’t that something. You know, as a child—well, not a complete child, but 13-14 years old, I would occasionally run into persons who had worked in a police station or fire station, but particularly a police station. And, if they were in the radio room, actually their job was to dispatch police cars, and they were 20-25 year veterans. Many of them developed, in fact, virtually all the ones that I knew in those days developed this thing called lateral sclerosis. And their complexions were quite bad after continual exposure to just radio, transmitting & so forth. The whites of their eyes would take on this sort of this T-dyed color & were very glazed. And I just sensed that there was some correlation between their job & the state of their health.

    Barrie Trower: There always has been, sir. And its been documented. And I think one of the saddest effects of this is that Special Forces, and I’ve been involved with your Special Force & ours, and I know in Canada & in other countries, Special Forces who use different frequencies.

    It is not unknown for people who use communication instruments continually on some exercise, to come back & have severe aggressive violence. Whereby its not unknown for them to go home & murder their spouse or one of their children, or cause some similar effect. And, its not unknown. And I know more than one service person, now, who is in jail for life, for coming back & doing this.

    Whereas, its probably not their fault, but the military won’t acknowledge this, and they won’t accept evidence in court that they themselves wrote. And I know in three countries, now, we have gentleman serving life sentences for uncharacteristic behavior, whereas within an hour you could probably prove their innocence.

    John B Wells: You know, it makes me wonder, now. This is beginning to make a lot more sense. I have noticed that people, just in the general public, are not as patient as they once were. And one could say, “Well, its all this various stimuli, signs & lights & traffic & increased congestion & such, and all that. But there seems to be a propensity for much more of a violent reaction than any given situation really would call for. And I wonder if the behavior of our society, here in the States, this civilization, or what’s left of it, as I like to say… this attitude might be caused by all this microwave in the air. And I think I’m beginning to get the answer to it.

    Barrie Trower: You’re absolutely correct, sir. And if you look at the military documents that I have released under the Freedom of Information from the 50s. If you look at the military documents, one of the first symptoms, it’s the second major symptom, the first is suicidal tendencies. The major symptoms from my own microwave exposure is aggression—aggressive behavior.

    And its been published in our British Medical Journal, here, that a school child using an ordinary cell phone for 2 minutes—just two minutes—their brains are entrained for up to 2 hours afterwards. Which means their behavior is not going to be normal for 2 hours. Now that’s just for two minutes!

    And, it doesn’t go away there… Because you have what’s known as ‘Long-Term Potentiation’. So, if you make a call, then another call, and maybe a 5 or 10 minute call, the effects accumulate, but they get much longer. And Long-Term Potentiation has been known to last up to 6 weeks. So, any child who uses a cell phone, their behavior cannot possibly be normal for minutes and hours afterwards.

    And this can show in aggression. And it depends, now, on what particular pulse frequencies are being used by that manufacturer. And they can use several of them. For instance, it is published & known that 6.6 pulses per second, which is not an uncommon one, can produce sexual aggression. And I don’t mean—no sexual aggression is pleasant. I am talking ‘severe’ sexual aggression.

    So, there’s a whole array of different frequencies that come under the ‘bad behavior’ spectrum. And this is my argument is that the manufacturers do not consult people like me when they say “Can we use this? Is it safe?” They just go ahead & use it on the presumption that all microwaves are safe. And, in fact, they are not safe. And there is no safety level of microwave irradiation for a child anywhere in the world that is published. And that is known.

    John B Wells: You know, I have stopped using my cell phone as much as I use to. Of course, it was a great toy for a while. And my assistant & I use to… when the ‘big one’ that looked like… that was 12 inches by 6, & 3 inches thick, with a hand-set that rested on it, we’d set on the middle of the seat. And whenever I would hit the ‘send’ button, we would… by way of a little bit of humor… we’d both lean away from it, sort of like. I said, “You know, I understand that the burst transmission is more severe than once the call is connected. So, I’d like to stay away from that antennae”. So, we would make a joke of it, and we’d lean away from the thing for whenever I would hit ‘send’. Turns out to be that that’s true, you probably should lean away from it, especially those crude devices. But as time when on the giant Motorola, the first ones, was just this great big thing – looks like a military walky-talky almost. It’s huge. I was on that thing all the time.

    Well, about 20 years later, I happened have to have a CT scan, following a little incident involving a motorcycle & my departure from the seat, going tumbling down the freeway, and they observed that one of the lobes on the left side of my head was just a little bit larger than the other one. And I thought “That’s probably some swelling caused by the use of the mobile phone over all these years.”

    Would you say that’s a possibility? That’s my guess.

    Barrie Trower: Oh absolutely, sir. To my knowledge now, there are twenty-eight legal judgments around the world, eight of them: high court showing that microwaves can affect cells to the point where they can induce… I mean, I can go through the whole cellular process, but its very lengthy. But, I mean, even now, the microwaves the children are using its categorized worldwide that it’s a class 2B carcinogen, anyway. Even the industry, and I’ve published in my paper, even the industry have said, in The Reflex Study —a huge ten year study. They said that the microwaves being used by children & everybody else can induce the cancer initiators & cancer promoters in the body to cause cancer.

    And, even the military documents I have, which I just said were released under Freedom of Information, say that one of the symptoms from microwave irradiation is cancer. I mean, its never been denied. And its always been known. The problem we have is that too many people are making too much money, and each of them has too much power. So, the ordinary person like me cannot get anywhere near the people I need to get to, in order to warn the countries about this.

    John B Wells: Well, I guess there are programs like this, and others that you’ve been on. I suppose this is only way to get the word out.

    It seems that the old Biblical statement that the love of money is the root of all evil. We cover that frequently on this program & it appears to be true. I mean all the way back to the Nokia, I mean, they were the only ones that ever saw, or knew of, who included in their instruction manual, the directive to: do not keep this device against your body, maintain a minimum of 1 inch when you are carrying it.

    You know, I don’t understand, Mr Trower, let’s go back to Entrainment just for a moment. Does entrainment, I suppose that means induced behavior patterns’ doesn’t it?

    Barrie Trower: Absolutely correct, sir. Its easy to explain: Your body has its own resonant frequencies. As I said, both cyclotronic & circadian resonant frequencies. Everything in your body is vibrating. You can’t see it & you can’t feel it, but it is vibrating. And, if you put microwaves into your body, what happens is… and its easier described, I suppose, imagine that you are a child & you’re bouncing on a trampoline. In fact, anybody who gets on a trampoline, and you say to them ‘bounce’, they will actually bounce at a frequency that their body feels comfortable with. Now if, let’s say a 50-stone man, jumps on the same trampoline & starts bouncing at his frequency. You will have no choice but to bounce at his frequency. Because you don’t have the energy to fight it. So, your energy will tie in with his energy & you will bounce at his frequency. That is entrainment.

    That is what goes on in the body every time microwaves go in & every time pulse frequencies go in. And you have around 4-1/2 thousand (4,500) different frequencies in the body. And anyone can be entrained. The brain in particular, because the brain communicates with itself, with its Alpha-Beta-Delta-Theta & other brainwaves. So, they are entrained by the microwaves.

    Now, when the man jumps off of his trampoline, you will carryon bouncing at his rate – that is Long-Term Potentiation. And it will take you a while to get back into bouncing at your rate – that can last up to 6 weeks in an ordinary human being. But the problem is, if you are exposed to microwaves at varying intervals through the day, or through the night, then, in fact, you can never ever be normal, in terms of your pulse frequencies. Because you are continually being entrained. And this is the situation we are having now. And they are accumulative. You are getting more & more danger from the microwave irradiation to doing something permanent. Hence, they could effect Islets of Langerhans which could induce diabetes, they could effect the heart—and the heart is a very known organ to be effected by microwaves, because it uses a lot of its own frequencies.

    The brain, without a shadow of a doubt, is effected. In fact, any cell can be effected. So, we have these problems, as I say, with all these pulse frequencies going on in the body.

    John B Wells: It makes me wonder. Of course, one has to resist seeing a conspiracy behind absolutely everything… Lol — Every building, every car, every blade of grass, every tree, there’s a conspiracy there somewhere. But it makes me wonder if money really is the ultimate goal, here. I am wondering if… is it too much of a stretch… to suggest that the reason that these things continue, and more & more is deployed all the time — the wifi, the cell phones, the microwave internet transmissions — where you don’t have to use a cable or a fiber optic cable. You can just beam it all over the place, the banks have done it for years, 20 years, easily, sending their information by microwave.

    I am wondering if this is causing a predictable behavioral shift in the population in the furtherance of a greater agenda. Is that too much of a stretch? Are there mad scientists that think about these things?

    Barrie Trower: No, sir! If fact you’ve hit the nail right on the head. And that is, if I may say, sir, a most brilliant question. If I’m not showing-off, and I wish I were the person who were clever enough to think this up – what I am going to tell you… But, in fact, I wasn’t.

    I have been the guest of royalty, and leaders of governments, leaders of peoples around the world, over the last 18 years. And, it was a particular king, I was having lunch with a king & the royal family. And he had a law degree from Cambridge University – an international law degree. And, he leaned forward on the table there, and he said, “I can tell you one thing, Barrie,” he said, “In around 50-60 years, I am going to lose the viability of my country.” And he said, “I’ll tell you how this is happening.” He said, “The microwave transmitters have moved in. I have lost my ants. I know ants may not be important to you, but here they climb all over our bushes. And they keep other insects landing on the bushes. They don’t eat the fruit of the bushes. They just lick the sap off of the leaves. But, we rely on these bushes for our vitamin C. Being in Africa, we cannot afford to import foods. So, all of a sudden, I’m losing my vitamin C, where I could run the risk of scurvy.” He said, “I am losing my bees, if you put transmitters in a field where there are bees, you lose your bees.” And, I’ve lectured on that in Glastonbury, and we know that. “I’m losing my birds, because the navigation systems are effected by microwaves. My crops are failing.”

    All cellular structures, in fact, with no disrespect for your listeners, any tree can read our DNA sequence. Because the cells in a tree & the cells in us, when you get down to the atomic level, they are actually the same. A few organelles are different within the cells, but the DNA is basically the same. And any DNA can read any DNA. So, if you are going to effect humans, you’re going to effect crops, animals, people. And he said, “The problem which I can foresee now,” and he was an incredibly intelligent king, he said, “ I’m losing the viability of my country,” he said, “I’ve gotten to the point where I need aid. But the surprising thing is, Barrie,” he said, “the very countries who are putting up the transmitters, and we’re getting lots & lots of them, are the same countries that come in & they now offer the aid, but there is a price to pay for the aid. It’s a very generous aid package that I’m getting, but they want land. They want military bases put up in the country. They want immigration for their population into my country. So, all of sudden, I am losing the stability of my country through immigration, and everything else. But it is a slow process.” He said, “Its going to take 50 years, or so, but I am going to lose the viability of my country. And I’m paying the people who are coming in, offering me the aid, and are slowly taking over my country.”

    So, you are absolutely correct there, sir. And I’ve visited several countries that are now experiencing the sickness of their cattle, the destruction of their crops, the loss of their bees, the sickness of their people. Now, whether this is deliberate, or by shear chance, I’m not clever enough to decide, I don’t understand the politics. But if you said to me, “Could it be deliberate?” I would say, “Well, if I wanted to take over another country, with the knowledge I have, I wouldn’t bother sending bombers & troops, I would just go in and set up microwave transmitters. And sit back & wait.”

    You are absolutely correct there, sir. Whether it is intentional—biological warfare, or whether its by shear chance, I’m not clever enough to determine. But it is causing the downfall of countries. And it is certainly going to cause the downfall of the United States & other countries by another means, as well. May I go into that, sir?

    John B Wells: Absolutely.

    Barrie Trower: I wrote to your Homeland Security about this. And, I’m not selecting a certain population in preference over another, because I believe that most populations are good people. And, whatever country I’ve been to in the world, they all feel the same when it comes to miscarriages, stillbirth, death, genetically damaged children. The mothers still feel the guilt, they still carry the pain, they still cry the same tears. But what I said in each country, and I wrote to Homeland Security about this, on behalf of your women is that it is published & I published it in my latest paper. It is published by your government that if a pregnant girl is exposed to microwaves, she can expect a 60 percent chance of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or a genetically damaged child.

    And as I said to the Institute of Neuroscience in Germany just a few weeks ago, and I’ve been invited to the Institute of Neuroscience in America, just to repeat this later, I’ve said, “If we turn the tables around, here. If you say to your lady listeners, all of them that are carrying ovarian eggs, and have the potential to give birth, if you use a cell phone or wifi, or any other device, what you are actually saying to your future children is, “I’m sorry, but I’m only offering a 60 percent chance of life. If you do have life, I can only offer you the same chance of not having a genetically disabling disease or illness.”

    Now, the ramifications of that are really quite serious, not only for the mother who hasn’t been told this, because its been kept secret. But what it actually means for the population of the United States, hence my letter to your Homeland Security, it means in just 60 years, three(3) generations, you’re going to be down to 1/8 of your healthy children’s population. Whatever race you have there, and you have many races in the United States, they’re all going to be effected the same, all religions, all races. You are going to be down to 1/8 of your healthy child’s population. The mathematics is relatively simple.

    Now, the thing that concerns me, sir, is that in various countries this is known only by the people who advise presidents, royalty & governments. And they are not advising. In the United States, there’s probably only 3 or 4 people that know this. And, what bothers me, sir, from the world that I come from, from the cold war spy era, and anybody, for whatever reason— be it greed, money, sexual preferences, whatever, political reasons—anybody who deliberately & knowingly causes the future destruction of their country, in my book is called a traitor.

    And I wrote to your Homeland Security, sadly they didn’t reply, and I presented the proof, I have the proof, I have the documents that prove it. I said that there is somebody in the United States who has so much power that they will not answer to Congress. They have so much power, they will not answer to your Senate. They must be in a position to advise the White House. And, that person must be a traitor. Because, if I know it, they must know it. And they know it, they are not telling the president, because I cannot believe that the president would knowingly, whichever party they are in, nobody running a country would willingly jeopardize the security & the safety of their country. Because if you’re down to 1/8 of your children’s population, you are not going to have the armed forces, you are not going to have the taxes being paid, to run the country. You are going to be in the situation we were in at the end of the second World War, where we had nobody to run the buses, the trains, we had nothing & the only thing we could do is to import people from all over the world to come & work, to earn money, to pay the government, so we could actually run ourselves. And we owe our lives to the immigrants. And this is the situation you are going to be in.

    And, if we take this back to your earlier question, sir—“Could it be deliberate?”
    I don’t know, I’m not clever enough to understand the politics of how this works, but if it was deliberate, then it is a very successful scheme, because your are going to lose the viability, as the king said to me, of your country. And, unless, somebody like me, can be in touch who can physically speak to the President, or somebody important, then this message is not going to come across. Because, the person who is succeeding, very successfully in this—very successfully—is going to succeed much more. And for each day, you are going to lose the viability of the United States.

    John B Wells: I wonder if anyone even makes… you know, the Chinese make 100 year plans, they make 50 year plans… they… I wonder if anyone… in the West, even makes a 60 year plan…

    Barrie Trower: I have been around the world. I have met many important people. And, I have lunch with royalty. In this country, it has taken me, unsuccessfully, 4 years to try to get a 15 minute interview with our English Prime Minister. And none of my letters can get through. All of his letters are censored. There is somebody there who is stopping people like me getting through. I am banned. I have been banned for 4 years from meeting my member of Parliament.

    I have tried writing to the Queen. No joy there. I’ve tried writing to your Homeland Security. The letter has obviously gone somewhere, but has not been acknowledged. We have people in a position of authority where people like me are being stopped. Had your Homeland Security written back and said, “I’m sorry, sir, I think you should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, I would accept that & say, “Thank you very much for your opinion,” but nothing – you know, there is no acknowledgement.

    The only thing that I can think of is that a gentleman such as yourself, with your radio program—maybe, this will go to an investigative reporter, or reporters, who are like the Washington Post—all the Presidents Men, who were relentless in the Watergate affair. Or, if someone is listening to this who has direct access—who can talk to the president, or somebody who can talk to the president. Maybe that will work.

    But people like me are being blocked, and I can only think that whoever is causing this… and maybe intentional, it may be intentional from a foreign power to deliberately bring down the United States. I don’t know who these advisors are. But there are only 2 or 3 of them in the United States. And I really believe that they should be checked out. I really do.

    John B Wells: Well, the road… what dangers would you lead me into. lol

    Barrie Trower: Well, I mean, I’m not going to name them over the air… but I have been successful… not just me… because, they listen to me, and then they send for document, then they check & talk to other scientists. But, I have started the ball rolling, or helped the ball rolling, in 9 countries. It doesn’t sound much out of the 273 large countries there are. But 9 countries are now—they have reviewed the situation. They have found what I’ve said is correct & they have now made moves to secure their population, to secure the industry, to make that the level is going to be such that it does not effect their livestock, their crops. So, 9 countries have taken this seriously & are acting on it. I’m not going to mention them over the air, because I don’t have their permission to mention them. And I keep everything I say to these countries confidential, unless it is published.

    I will mention one that had published their result & it came from the Supreme Courts, where I have presented evidence, along with other people, in Israel. And they have actually came out with a law which needs to be ratified. Nevertheless, it’s come out, now, as a law & its been published that school children will not have WI-FI in their classrooms. And they have varied it to absolutely no exposure to the little ones up to a minimum exposure to what I call the big children – the college students. But the Supreme Court has said that & they have made it public to protect their populations. And the Israeli Supreme Court on no falls.

    John B Wells: Well, this is the danger that I would lead you into… well, figuratively speaking. I wonder… now, you know, some people embrace it, then some people reject it…. But sometimes I wonder, if these things… when you see this… what appears to be a mass psychosis among the leaders of the world, with a few exceptions, who seem to be the odd fellows & ladies out… It makes me wonder if it isn’t some sort of off-planet influence. As in the little ones that buzz around in various craft. Is that just absolutely too insane? I suppose I am still reeling from an interview with [Sgt.] Jim Penniston, who was out there at RAF Bentwaters (See the Berwyn Mountain UFO incident). And that thing landed there, and Colonel Halt (Deputy Base Commander Colonel Charles Halt) saw it, the base commander out there, and it changed his world (also see the Halt Memo), and I’m beginning to wonder… Well, I wonder if there is an external influence that’s making everyone stupid. And, turning us into the Eloi of the Time Machine—Well’s Time Machine.

    Barrie Trower: If you’re saying to me: Is it possible to effect the brains of politicians? The answer is an unresounding ‘yes’. Because, I’ve been involved in one government, whereby the Prime Minister & politicians were actually being microwaved. I was called in because the person who discovered this, sadly committed suicide, which is disputed by the family—he committed suicide the day before his honeymoon. And the day after he discovered this, and I was contacted because they said could you understand the field that he was in? And you tell us what’s going on?

    So, if you saying, can politicians be targeted to think differently? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, because it has happened & can happen. Anybody can be targeted. And again, I think its something that is being kept back from the politicians. And the reason is, I think that if it is known to the general public how dangerous microwaves can be, for instance, they can be used against Olympic themes, and against Olympic athletes, they can be used politicians, they can be used against business executives.

    So, there is an awful lot of powerful decisions, and lots of business monies that can be made by targeting certain people with who make various decisions, with certain amounts of knowledge that has gone on, it can go on, and is certainly going on. I’ll leave the extent of this, I don’t know, because they’re not telling me what they’re doing. But if you’re saying, “Can politicians be targeted?” The answer is ‘Yes’. And I know at least one royal who has died where microwaves were deliberately put near this royal’s bed chamber to feed into the bed chamber.

    John B Wells: Wouldn’t it amazing… but maybe I’ve watched too much Torchwood, and programs like that… All the way back to Patrick McGoohan Prisoner series, which cause a huge uproar back in the late 60s. But, sometimes I wonder if these things have been deployed specifically altering the general consciousness of now, first, individual population, and now, the global population. So, I’m leading up to this question, which is: In your opinion, I know you’re not a sociologist, but its obvious you’re a thinking man, and an experienced one, what do you imagine… what percentage of a population would be required to change the direction of the whole population?

    Barrie Trower: Again, a brilliant question, sir. And, I am a thinking man, and just in case your listeners are wondering, my first degree is nuclear & atomic physics. I studied the absorption of microwaves. My second degree was an honest degree. I wrote my dissertation on thinking processes. And I have a diploma in human physiology. So yes, I agree with you that I’m a thinking man… What percentage of the population… there is an imbalance, sir, and this is why I am desperately trying to, maybe… and if anyone tells me I’m mad… that is fine by me. What I am trying to do is prevent an invasion of one country, one superpower, by another, or one country by another. Because, if you have my knowledge, globe-trotting for 18 years, and I’ve spoken to many ministers in many countries, there is an even balance which is coming about. There are many countries now, who have either changed their minds, and I’ve told you there were 9, but there are other countries, that with foreknowledge, are not entering into this. They are stopping children using cell phones, or being exposed, they are protecting their crops & protecting their cattle.

    And then, you have another, probably 2/3 of the world, who are taking absolutely no precautions, absolutely none. And the worst of these is the United States. I’ve read a report where the average teenager in the United States now sends around 3,000 texts a month. And that is a huge amount of irradiation to be absorbing.

    So, you have about 2/3 of the heavy populated parts of the world just taking no precautions & about 1/3 who are not. Now, this is causing an imbalance. And, this cannot be denied because it is happening already. So, you have two-thirds of the world who are becoming sick, and you have a third of the world becoming stronger. It isn’t going to take very long before there is quite an imbalance. In the world, where many more countries are going to, as the king said, need aid. And if you think… and I can tell you now, and this has been published, and this is a minimum, your health bill in the United States is going to increase by 40 percent.

    Now, when you start getting the illnesses & the sicknesses from microwave sickness, which has been diagnosed & published since 1932, you have vast waves of the world becoming sick, and vast waves of the world becoming much stronger, there is going to be an imbalance.

    And it can only be a matter of time before somebody says, “Look how weak this country has become. Look how strong we have become”, and human nature is going to step in. As it is in some countries now saying, “Look at their resources, look what they have. We could do with all of that land. We could do with their water resources. We could do with their oil. We could do with their trees. We could do with that fertile land. Let’s move in.”

    And, you can see that happening.

    Now, to me, my concern is the individual. I’m not taking sides with one person or another, because as I said, I believe pain is universal. And I would like to stop all pain in every country. But I can see the greedy people of the planet saying, “It is time we move in there.” And it can be done by stealth. But there is going to be an imbalance. And that is what I think is going to happen, sir. And that is a brilliant question.

    John B Wells: Mr Trower, would you mind if we just pause for a few minutes, get a glass of water, stretch our legs, and then resume? How about five & we’ll resume, yeah…


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    Default Re: C-2-M Downloads

    PART2John B Wells: Mr Trower, what an extraordinary pleasure it is to speak with you. Of course, it is written & repeated over & over again that there is nothing new under the Sun. But what if… I mean, I see this whole… at first microwave was employed in the most basic applications—the preparation of food, then communications, and then entertainment & information gathering, and all the while the hierarchy—the very upper levels of humanity’s authority had put into place all of the necessary technology to affect global governance. Through the use of these conveniences, they eliminated the segment of the population that could actually present any resistance to their agenda. And the ones who had be deprived of these so-called ‘technological advances’ became strong enough to become a slave-class to carry out the will of the very, very highest-up. That’s really not too much of a stretch—this unquenchable thirst for power & control among governments.Out of one side of their mouths they say, “Ah, the Earth is in peril because of the population.” And, out of the other side of their mouths comes the, “We must feed all the hungry children in the world.” So, where is sanity in all this? Or, is it just a random—‘let’s just throw it all against the wall & see what sticks, we’ll just find out at the end what we’ve accomplished, because we have no idea where we’re going.Is that humanity’s program?Barrie Trower: I don’t think I’m clever enough to answer that, sir. I have a very simple reason for doing what I’m doing. If I may explain? If your listeners wish to laugh at what I say, that is absolutely fine by me.I come down to what I think is a simple religious level. The way I see this, and why I keep going, and what I’m trying to stop… I can’t get into who’s taking over who’s country—that’s too complicated for me. I see this as… when your child is born, and your child grows, the first time you take your child over the road, you hold that child’s hand and you take it across the road safely. I see this—I have a very simple mind, sir—I see lots of little children lined up in heaven—just little angels lined up in heaven. And I see, whichever God you believe in, I see your God taking a child by the hand, bringing them across the threshold into a pregnant woman & saying, “There you are, enjoy your life.” That is how I see this.

    Then, I see God saying to the child, as God brings the child across, I see God saying, “Due to the stupidity at the moment of the people on the planet, I can only give you a 40 percent chance of life, but I am putting you into the womb anyway.” That is how I see it. Or, if your taking your child by the hand across the road, you can say, “Well, I’m going to take you across the road, but in fact, you have a 60 percent chance of being killed, but we’re going anyway.” And, to me, this is the main important thing. I just see, in my mind I see all these little spirits lined up waiting to have a good & healthful & fulfilling life with fun & Christmases & tooth fairies & birthdays. But then I can see God saying, “Well, actually only 40 percent of you are going to make this.”

    This is where I am coming from, and this is why I keep going. It may be incredibly stupid to anyone listening, but that is how I think, sir.

    John B Wells: I don’t think that it would sound stupid to anyone. I really don’t, particularly, the viewers & the listeners to this program. They are really an extraordinary bunch of people, they really are. And this forum is for you to say whatever you want said, and anything you feel compelled to say. This is the place to say it. There are no political boundaries, there are no boundaries whatsoever, really. In fact, I even cross the line of civility every once & a while. In the end, I mean, I’ve said it many times, if it isn’t a battle between good & evil, then none of it makes any sense at all. It just doesn’t, its just a random mess.

    It’s the same as it ever was—those who want to control & those who are to be controlled. And there are many methods of doing this.

    Barrie Trower: There are ways out this. And its through gentlemen such as yourself, there are ways out of this. If I can appear on a radio or a television program, as has happened in countries, somebody—and it only takes one person. One person says, “I know how I can get him to talk to this person.” And that can work. And the next thing, because I work for free, I never ever charge, and then I find myself in that country, I’m talking to somebody, and then the ball starts rolling. But it can work, we can get there, and we can save people, but we need somebody listening to be able to take the next step.

    John B Wells: Are you inclined to tell us which parts of the world are becoming the strongest among us?

    Barrie Trower: I could do, sir, but I prefer not to because there are countries that are deliberately not exposing children to any form of microwave irradiation. There are countries that ban it. But what I don’t want to do is alert anybody in the industry, or anybody with selfish motives into that country to start driving people. They’re actually succeeding quietly on their own, and I really don’t want to draw attention to them.

    John B Wells: Excellent. I’m completely on board with you on that. Let me ask you this then: What is the safest method, if one exists? Or, wireless communication… in other words, many people have decided they don’t want internet, they don’t want wifi, they don’t want cable TV, they don’t want mobile phones. They want none of it. And their lives go on, and they’re pretty much productive as they ever were. I am not sure that all these conveniences have made us… I mean, I was speaking with someone on the phone the other day, and said, “I email you the number.” And I said, “No, the internet has spoiled me to the point that I’m going to just get you to tell it to me now & I’ll write it down. I do not want to open my browser, open my email program, read the email, and then record the number. Just give it to me now!”

    So, I got the number, lol, and got about five minutes out of that process. So I mean, is there a safe method of instantaneous communication, or is it all risky?

    Barrie Trower: Yes, there is, sir. And there are safe methods that have been patented, but they won’t use them at the moment because it means less profit. And now, for instance, if you were to fit a form of telephone or fiber optic cable—high speed, broadband, whatever—in your schools, so they weren’t exposed to WIFI, and we’re talking teachers, as well as students, here—if you use fiber optic cable in the houses & not WIFI. There is a place for WIFI, but it is for emergencies, just emergencies.

    There are certain levels of microwave irradiation which, although, are not safe, would probably cause much harm provided the transmitters were strategically placed. They are also developing… there is a microwave form of radiation whereby it does not offend the rhythmic vibrations of the body. And there is a Dr Hare from Imperial College that has certainly said that there are microwave waves which are quite compatible with the body. The problem is the industry would lose quite a lot of money installing these & making sure all these are being used.

    But the other problem is, why people will not now admit, for instance, that WiFi can cause cancer, is that when, in this country, and its probably the same around the world, if you are a principal of a college, or a school, when you agree to have WiFi through every classroom, you also take on the legal liability for the exposure for children.

    Now, the moment they say “Whoops! I’m sorry. I know I’ve exposed you for the last five years. And that could have given you this, this & this, but we’re going to change now,” you are now open for litigation.

    Everybody who has ever been ill is going to sue you. Everyone that has ever had cancer is going to sue you. So now, there is this fear of litigation. And, what they tend to do is fall back on what is known as the ICNIRPAgreementInternational Council for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection. They fall back on that and say ‘we are within those limits’, which is in fact a lie. But they fall back on that & they tend to succeed in that, because the general population has not read the particular document I’ve mentioned, and do not know that the small print at the back of it.

    So, there are many reasons, now, why people are afraid to admit that they have been exposing their children, and pregnant women or anybody to these cancerous waves. You know, they do not want the lawsuits. And there are quite a few of them… and if you look at the New York Stock Exchange, by law they have to list class actions against any industry. And if you look at the class actions against the communication industry, by tens of thousands of people, now, who have brain tumors & other tumors who are taking class actions against the industry. It runs into pages upon pages. And you are not told that as a principal when you sign to take responsibility.

    And this is how it is working. This is why it’s a question of all these individuals who are now afraid to admit that they’ve made a mistake.

    John B Wells: Would you mind going into Smart Meters, where everyone was very upset about Smart Meters when they began to be deployed all over the country. And, I remember hearing a story that you told, it was about a doctor you knew & about a “cot death”, apparently two of them that had occurred some five years apart within the proximity of a Smart Meter.

    Barrie Trower: Oh yes, sir. It was an ordinary microwave transmitter. A Smart Meter is really like a base station & a WiFi transmitter rolled into one. And, if you are in a block of flats, or condominium, where you have lots of apartments, where you have a few Smart Meters or several of them together, they are immensely dangerous. And I cannot, for-the-life-of-me, understand why they are being put on the walls of houses & buildings where you have children & pregnant women. I cannot believe that.

    And the story, it was my own GP, my own General Practitioner. Because I was a lecturer, I lectured advanced physics, mathematics & physiology. And like all lecturers, towards the end of a very busy wintery term, I would suffer from laryngitis. And I went to my doctor, and croaked, “Can you do something with my voice to get me to the end of term?” And as I was leaving, he said, “Hang on Barrie,” he said, “you’re a physicist?” And I said, “Yes.” And he said, “You’re into nuclear & atomic?” And I said, “Yes.” And he said the strange thing, “I’ve had a cot death. Five years ago, I had a cot death. The baby was only a few weeks old. And there was much distress & the family moved out. And then another family moved in. And five years later, in exactly the same position where the cot was, I had another cot death almost at the same age.”

    He said, “The only thing I can link these two is the transmitter on the other side of the brick wall. Could a transmitter cause a cot death in an infant?”

    I said, “Well, can you let me look into it? And, he said, “Of course.” And it was many, many, many years later, I studied this, because it intrigued me, I studied this & actually wrote a paper on it. And I went back to the doctor years later & put the paper on his desk, and said, “There is your answer.” And, yes – transmitters, similar to Smart Meters, they can cause cot death, one by heating, because children don’t sweat, they don’t have our sweat glands, and they tend to be wrapped up. And all radiation—all radiation, actually, when it goes into the body causes heat.

    And I calculated—a very crude calculation—I showed that within 16.8 weeks of a child being irradiated there would be a temperature rise enough—because when a child’s temperature gets to around 41-1/2 degrees, the hypothalamus shuts down, and it goes into a coma, because it simply overheats—certainly by 42 degrees it will overheat. And I showed that within 16.8 weeks, with the radiation, it was possible for a child to overheat Then the child goes into a coma & the child dies. Then the mother comes up to check the baby, the baby is dead, there are no symptoms. A postmortem would not show this. And it would be classed as a sudden infant death. But that could occur within, certainly, within a few months, if the baby were kept in the same place & was not allowed to cool off.

    There is another mathematical paper that I presented to 16 university mathematicians, where I showed that the Vagus nerve, particularly in a child can be affected, and that can control the diaphragm & the breathing mechanism & that can be affected, and of course, the brain can be affected. And so the answer is: Can Smart Meters cause cot death? Without a shadow of a doubt. And, it is also published in military documents, that this can happen, as well.

    But, yes, you are absolutely correct, sir. And, for the life of me, I will never understand why… and, again, the word, to me, ‘traitor’ comes back to my ‘cold war’ brain—that only somebody who is deliberately trying to bring down the destruction of a country would insist on Smart Meters going on the walls of every house.

    John B Wells: Particularly, you get dozens in one group.

    Barrie Trower: Oh, absolutely. And, I will guarantee, absolutely guarantee, as I did with TETRA [TErrestrial Trunked RAdio] – the airwave, which is used by the English police, that we have sold as ‘safe’ to about 130 countries, and we know it isn’t.

    I can guarantee, and you can go to any block of flats, any building, where you have got Smart Meters on the wall, within 18 months I will guarantee you will have more cancers, sicknesses, childhood illnesses, cot deaths—I guarantee you will find them. As I guaranteed, if any of your police use the TETRA Airwave Police Communication System [pdf], which is not very different than this. I’ve said this as a challenge in every country I’ve been to—go to any police station, or fire brigade station that has got hundred people there, I guarantee that after a few years, you will have more police violence against their population. You will have more police cancers, particularly breast cancers & throat cancers of women, you will have more police sickness, and more police crashing their cars.

    And, I’ve guaranteed it. And I’ve said in all of my lectures, in all of the countries, go to any police station & you prove me wrong. And to date, since it came out fourteen years ago in every country, I have shown to be correct. And the system, which is – it is a study—the actual TETRA Airwave System is epidemiological study, to study a particular 17.6 pulse frequency upon the brain to study its effect. And, the experiment is not due to close till 2018.

    So, to sell it to the world, and we [U.K.] sold it to you [United States], as safe by the English government. I think the English government should be taken to court over this for lying to the rest of the world & causing these deaths.

    John B Wells: Unbelievable. Just amazing. Let me ask you something before we get too far away from it. This is kind of jumping around a little bit. When people can be targeted by a… and we’ll get back to the general exposure of persons to microwave radiation… But when a person is targeted to have their behavior altered, or maybe to have their health damaged deliberately, how is this done? Do they just lock in on their mobile phone, and say, “Ah, he’s over there, go ahead & beam it that way.”

    Barrie Trower: Oh no, sir. And, in fact, and I know I keep quoting this, but its free of charge on the internet, my latest paper. In my latest paper, which I was asked to produce by the world famous Irish Doctors Association. They specifically asked me to write it. I listed, I think about a dozen categories of people who are known to be targeted by governments. And, I’ve listed as many titles of secret programs by governments… And we’re not talking a few people, we’re talking sort of half a million for each program worldwide, over a 30-50 year program.

    So, these are no small ‘let’s pick on a few people’. And, of the people that are deliberately targeted are service personnel—and that really sickens me—people who volunteered to give their life for their countries. Because their ages, their medical conditions are known & studied, their hours of work are studied—they are made into targets. Service personnel, pregnant women, children over the age of four, the poor, people in asylums, anybody is game, anybody. And they are chosen in the tens of thousands for particular reasons. And it could be, and I know this to be true because not only I have witnessed this – I haven’t done it myself, but I have witnessed it going on – but, countries have been taken to court over this & have lost. And the people have won.

    And of the countries being taken to court, sadly to say, are the United States, Canada & England, we have all done this. We have been taken to court & lost. And the programs tend to be run by psychologists or psychiatrists. They pick on totally unsuspecting individuals. They can be microwaved by singly through the wall of their house, there are instruments now, where, not only by computer, can a beam of microwaves go to a particular organ, or the whole body. They can actually measure the response to the brain, they can measure the response to you hormones. They have to be within 150 feet for this specific test, but with infrared’s guidance, they can follow you onto the toilet, they can follow you into the bedroom, they can watch you in the bath, from parked vehicle outside.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean if you’re being targeted in the United States that its somebody in the United States doing it. It is perfectly possible for a country to go from their country to another country to see this population responds to this form of targeting. It can be done by your own country. In England, and I witnessed this, our government experimented on 20,000 service personnel by giving them injections of all sorts of viral chemicals to see how long it took them to die. I mean its just horrendous. And the bottom line for this, is we have in this country government scientists, and I dare say other countries, although I can’t prove it, we have government scientists who work above & outside the law. They have total anonymity & total protection from the law.

    And the way they go about this, and this is used by the English, the CIA, and the Canadians, and I know its been used, because seven cases have come up in my lifetime. They activate as soon as you latch onto this, and you decide to take them to court. They have what’s known, and its still running today, as an Active Denial Program. And the Active Denial Program really speaks for itself. And they delay, and delay, and delay. And if lawyers are good at one thing, it is making you wait.

    The Active Denial Program will last for fifty years. And in my lifetime, I have known seven such denial programs come to court. There is one pending now in the United Kingdom being settled, where fifty years ago we experimented on the genitals of natives in Africa, for no other reason than we knew they couldn’t take us to court.

    So, they is a fifty year Active now program which has been used by the CIA, the Canadians & us [Brits]. And after fifty years, the first reason they give for not attending court is everybody involved is dead. If that doesn’t wash, the next thing they say memories are impaired – what’s the point of having a court trial because its fifty years on. If that doesn’t wash & it actually gets to court, they come down & say, “This comes under the Official Secrets Act or State Security, we will not be in court. And to date, that is final – settle this out of court with whatever money you have. But we will not appear. It comes under the State Secrets Act.”

    In all of my life, not a single government scientist has ever stood in the dock—not one.

    John B Wells: And just to put a fine point on it, over how many years of this sort of activity – as no one appeared in the dock?

    Barrie Trower: To my knowledge, its been going on for 50 years. To my knowledge there have been many, many programs. And, I’ve listed them in my latest WiFi paper. I listed them, there’s probably at least a dozen I’ve listed, and some of them are a half million people.

    And not just that, some of them are communities where religions—Catholics, have been targeted, because they all live in [same] streets. Muslims have been targeted because they pray together three times a day. So, they are easy to target.

    John B Wells: Ah…

    Barrie Trower: It seems nobody is exempt… Children are targeted, pregnant women. Nobody seems free of this. And it is run by universities, it is sponsored by government funding, it is covered under Official Secrets, it is usually run by psychiatrists & psychologists. And a success is if you can get an ordinary person to visit a psychiatrist & be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, locked into a straitjacket & thrown into the padded cells. That is a success.

    Death is immaterial. Life is immaterial. And this is the way it goes. And they do this because they know they are immune. And, to my knowledge, there are between 40 & 60 countries who have this technology. And, if your next question is: Can somebody be brainwashed to kill?

    The answer is: very, very easily. I could do it very, very easily. I could have… and I have never done this… and, if I may say, when I was questioning spies—I never used pain, I never used humiliation, I never used drugs. It was over many, many years over a cup of tea. And the only thing they could possibly complain about would be if the tea wasn’t to their liking. I treated every lady & gentleman of this profession with all of the courtesy & all of the manners I would treat you if we were sitting opposite having dinner.

    But, an ordinary average person could be broken-down, ready to be brainwashed, in 30 hours.

    John B Wells: Thirty hours

    Barrie Trower: Without pain, without drugs—thirty hours. I won’t say how, over the airways, because if anyone listening, and they think, “Hang-on, now I can get even with my mother-in-law. Thirty hours—a trained person can have ready to be brainwashed in 30 hours. And it is incredibly simple, to put voices into people’s heads, stimulate drugs into people’s brains—I mean, real voices into people’s heads. Where they really believe, you know, that somebody is talking to them—which could be a god, or a dead relative, or somebody else asking them to do something. It is incredibly simple. It must be simple because I could do it.

    And I don’t have these psychology & psychiatry degrees. I don’t have the chemistry degrees, the biochemistry degrees that some of these people have from Harvard or M.I.T. Now, if I can do it, imagine someone from M.I.T.—the world’s leading universities. Imagine someone that is paid there for ten years to study this—what they can think up.

    John B Wells: Yeah, they have nothing to do all day.

    Barrie Trower: People can be programmed to kill. And, it is traceable, but it has to be… you can trace it… but it has to be done incredibly quickly afterwards. Other than that, all traces disappear & they [the victims] are locked away for life. And that is a success.

    John B Wells: Let me ask you something: speaking of putting voices into peoples heads. Normally, when one’s ears ring, it’s a steady tone, seems to me somewhere around, I don’t know, maybe 10,000 cycles, I’m guessing.

    Barrie Trower: It’s 20-20,000 that the human ear can pick up.

    John B Wells: Ah… alright. Now, when one hears… when their ears are ringing, its generally a steady tone. If you find yourself hearing sort of a pulsing ringing in your ears, its unlike any ringing that you’re accustomed to. Instead of a steady, it sort of a—well, it’s a pulsing—steady pulsing. Does that suggest there is something wrong with your ears? Or, can one make a presumption that we’re being acted upon by variations in the microwaves that are hitting us?

    Barrie Trower: Again, sir, that is a brilliant question. And its one I get asked occasionally. Now, it could be accidental. And, its known as synthetic telepathy. Microwaves will go into the ears. And, one of the first symptoms of synthetic telepathy, or some people call it tinnitus, it causes a vibration in the Cochlea in the ears, which send the electrical signals into the brain.


    All radiation going into the body will generate electric currents. And it saves the mechanical vibration of sound waves, changing into electrical signals in the cochlea, and here, the electrical signals go straight in, and may effect cochlea directly.

    That can cause buzzing, humming, and it is usually accompanied by a metallic taste, or a funny taste in the mouth, at the same time. That will go on in the brain, that can be deliberate, or it could be accidental. But it is not difficult. And, there is a patent out there, if fact, you’ve had legal case in the United States. And, I think this is rather naughty, myself.

    It is now possible, and it is done, because a shop has been taken to court. For a shop to transmit sounds into your ears through microwaves. Now, let’s say you are walking into a shop, and it’s a busy shop. They can target your head only. They can put a microwave pulse to your ear. A computer will track you automatically. They can put a voice into your ear which triggers the Cochlea to respond to what would be ‘normal voices’. So, you could actually hear a voice in your ear saying, “Oh, my wife would really love this. I really must buy it for her.” And that not only can be done, it is done. It was patented as a device to prevent shoplifters.

    So, if a shoplifter went into a shop, and started to steal some jewelry, or something, they could have a beam toward their ears that would say, “Your being watched, put that back, or we’ll come and arrest straight away.” And that worked, and they put it back. And, shoplifting stopped almost overnight in the stores that had this.

    But then, it didn’t take more than somebody with two brain cells connected together, saying, “Hang-on, if we’re stopping somebody stealing something, if we change the voice, we can actually say ‘buy it.’” And so, people were encouraged to buy things. Its also used in fast-food places to hear voices that say, “My goodness, I would really love this double-triple-decker cheese, ham, beef, whatever, bacon burger, because I’m starving.” So, that can & does happen. And a leading department store was taken to court, because it was considered illegal to put messages, subliminally, into peoples’ brains.

    But in fact, they won their case, because the government refused to come out & say microwaves can be dangerous. And, what they are transmitting is below what we consider to be a safe level. And so, the shop got away with it, and its spreading across shops now. It is not uncommon.

    So, apart from the buzzing that you can hear, it’s now not uncommon to hear voices. And, they’ve taken that one stage further to threatening people, brainwashing people, it can be used for all sorts.

    So, yes, it can be done, it is being done. And I’ve published the actually court documents that was used, where the shop was found ‘not guilty’. So, it can be done, it is being done, and it is now spreading through fast-food outlets, department stores, and anywhere where they want people to listen to things.

    John B Wells: Oh, this is not good at all, not at all. I think this is horrible. It’s a nightmare, really. It really goes back to McGooan’s village, where… that’s what it was… it was a village for retired spies & he would never tell them why he resigned… Ah, that made them really nuts… and it was all about mind-control & putting thoughts into peoples heads & all of that. And that was 1968.

    Barrie Trower: Yes, sir. It was used way before then. But, your right. I mean, I was involved with spies in the 60s

    John B Wells: Where may we see your information? Are there some links we may have?

    Barrie Trower: I have a paper. I’m afraid I only have a fountain pen & a bottle of ink. I’ve never progressed to a computer or anything electronic. But, I was doing a similar radio program to this, an international radio program which is in Ireland. And so many people rang up, they transmitted to about 95 countries. And so many people said, “Where can we get hold his paper,” he said, “Look to stop you phoning, I’ll put it on my website.” So, it’s on his website. And what I can do, I can give you his website, you can download it, and put it on your website.

    John B Wells: Very good.

    Barrie Trower: Now, its on, its Open Your Mind Radio dot com
    And, now the title of the paper is: WiFi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

    CLICK for PDF

    John B Wells: WiFi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

    Barrie Trower: Who Cares? Because WiFi in schools – its going to be another Thalidomide in terms of damaged children. And, without insulting your intelligence, sir, I wrote the paper to be read by the average 11 year-old, because I wanted school girls to be able to read it. Its not long, its only about 10 sides with about 9 sides of references. But its there, and if you put it on your websites, then other people can come to it.

    And, it was published, sir. I was asked to write it by the Irish Doctors Association, because they’re worried about this. I presented it for its reading with one of your American professor of Washington University, Professor Martin Paul, because he wrote a similar paper. It was published in an international medical journal called Nexus, November edition, its on page 19. I presented it to the Institute of Neuroscience in Germany for Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, and he runs the American Institute of Neuroscience in Seattle, and has invited me to read it there, in Seattle. So, that’s quite a history, this paper, and its only been out a couple months.

    John B Wells: Excellent. Now, I know you time is limited, but believe me, I would keep you, if I could, for the next several hours.

    Barrie Trower: Can I make one suggestion, sir, but if you have lots & lots of people saying, “Why didn’t ask him this, why didn’t you ask him that,” I’ve always worked totally for free. I do not accept gifts. The Irish radio station, they had this problem & they asked me back to answer listeners questions, which took another two hours. And, if I may, before we finish, sir, if anyone is saying there, “How can we win? How can we get the better of all of these professors, so-called ‘experts’, so-called ‘people that blind us with science’? And, I put this in my paper, but if I may mention it on air—if anyone says, a principal, an expert, a professor, or anybody—if anyone says, “This is safe, or, this is within our safe limit”, ask them one question & one only. Don’t get involved with science, because you’ll probably lose. Ask one question: What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the first 100 days in the development of the human embryo? In other words, the baby in a pregnant mother? What is the safe level of microwaves coming in for the first 100 days of its development.

    They will then come back with, “Well, our committee has studied this.” Or, “we have a committee that says that.” All you want is a number. They will go around the houses, they will try to block. You stick to your question, and say, “Give me a safe level, as a number.” They won’t do it, the will refuse.

    If they do give you a number, and I’ve put this in my paper as a suggestion, if they give you the number, say “Thank you very much. I am now going to send this to world’s foremost leading scientific journal that is incorruptible; it is American, it is incorruptible, and I’m going to have this number peer reviewed & with “is this safe for a pregnant woman in the first 100 days. I’m going to send that to them.” The magazine is ‘Nature, Nature Publications’. I’ve put the address in my paper.

    Send it to Nature, they will come back & say, “There is no safe level for any child, let alone the first 100 days of the development of the embryo.” And why are the embryo is more vulnerable is because it does not have what is known as ‘Protein-53’, or the nuclear core complex in the cells. You have those & they will protect you to some extent against radiation. It won’t protect everybody, but it protects some people. In the embryo, they do not have this. They are absolutely protection-less against microwaves.

    This is why we have, what is forecast by your top government experts, a 67 percent miscarriage or stillbirth for genetically damaged child rate. That is expected in two generations. And this is why I’m trying to stop it now, and get it taken out of schools.

    But the question is there. Just ask them. And send it to Nature. And you will find that they are wrong. I could guarantee my life on it.

    John B Wells: We will do. Let me ask you this before you hang up on us, because we have time, but I’m not sure that you do. The second-hand effect of cell phones, in I-Pads & tablets & all of this, its actually heightened in buildings, and I presume in automobiles, also? And does it make any difference if you take the battery out, or any of that?

    Barrie Trower: No, sir. In many machines, now, and deliberately. And, in fact, I was horrified… I was invited to speak at a big financial center where they made world financial decisions. And this is relevant to American business professions. They were horrified when I said, “There are many cell phones, WiFi, any electrical equipment, now, that even if you take the battery out, they can still transmit. They have systems in them that will still transmit. And they can transmit back to the supplier of the particular industry for two reasons: 1. They sell the information they get to whoever will buy it.
    2. It can be used for espionage.So, even if you take the battery out, it is possible with the microwaves going in from external sources for it to be still programming for you. And, in fact not only that, but your cell phone can act as a relay for somebody else’s cell phone, as well. And now, in the big financial institutions, they take everybody’s cell phone off of them, whether the batteries are in or not, and they lock them in a safe. And they make sure that nobody… because if you can hear in a lawyers’ firm, or an industry, or a medical center, or a research center, if you can hear what people are saying, you know, after many years of research into their study, not only does it save you trillions of dollars during the research, but you got all the information straight-away free of charge. And these are deliberately built in for this one reason.

    John B Wells: So, with this… You know, once upon a time, I heard a fellow who was involved in some very, very advanced research in the aeronautical industry. And he said, “Actually, if you are near any electrical device whatsoever, your conversation can be heard in crystal clarity from 200 nautical miles away. And I found this to be a little bit far-fetched. And then I thought, “Well, maybe not.”

    I’m not sure if that’s false. He didn’t strike me as someone who would tell me this, and make it up.

    Barrie Trower: I haven’t heard of… Now, if there is an electrical device near you… I mean, sound waves will only travel maybe a hundred meters. So, there would have to be an electrical device within that range. I mean, sound waves that most people put out, if they’re sitting in a café over a cup of coffee. If two women are chatting over a cup of coffee, sitting outside a café, you would probably hear them from about 10 feet away, a few meters away. Maybe with a microphone activated device, you would pick them up 20 meters away, something like that, given a soft-spoken voice. Two hundred miles, you would need a satellite, and you would need an electronic device near them to relay it to the satellite.

    But it could be done via a satellite, if you had a cell phone in your bag, on the table, and off. I mean, they are used for that. And if you have a camera, that can be activated as well. And not only can they pickup your conversation, they can see who you’re talking to. And it is quoted… to give you a bottom extreme & a top extreme, it has been quoted in scientific journal, a world-leading scientific journal, that when women are talking, or they’re pushing buttons on their cell phones or their computers, everything is logged, everything. And the computers log-in. And, I have read that its possible to know the 28-day cycle of a female. And that is not only logged & studied by all & every female that pushes a button. Now, the reason behind this, they sell the information to pharmaceutical firms that may want to sell pharmaceutical products that the ladies may need at various stages of their cycle, be it pain-killers or any other pharmaceutical product. So that, when the next push a button, they then get the advertisements appear on the cell phone or computer.

    Now, if they are studying the 28-day cycle of every female, what else are they studying for males & females? And, what else are the intelligence organizations picking up? And who is selling what to whom? I mean, its quite an interesting answer, there.

    John B Wells: Well, that’s the question. The longer this conversation goes, the more interesting…

    Barrie Trower: You’re absolutely right. Because, I grew up in the world of spies, and when I talk to children in schools, the one thing I say to them is: “spies are not James Bond. How spies work, and I know a lot about spies. And spies rely on blackmail. And if you think you’re the sort of people who does not have information that spies want, think again. If you are a college student, you are almost going to be at the top of their tree. But the people who are at the top of their tree are your janitors.”

    Because people who become cleaners, night cleaners in buildings – janitors, they have keys, and they work in empty buildings. And as I say to my students in colleges, the main weapon of a spy is blackmail. And what you are putting now on your computer to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, about drugs, about sex, anything that you would not want your parents to know, anything that you would not want published in the Sunday newspapers – that can be stored. And they can come back to you, as they do… and, this is how spies work – they will come back to you at a relevant time in your life. And, they can say, “You have two children, you are happily married, you have a mortgage, you have a job…” You may be a high fliers – a doctor – you may be sweeping floors, it doesn’t make you any less of an individual, but you may be mopping floors… But they will come to you & say, “Fifteen-twenty years ago you did this. Now, when you applied for your job & you filled out your application form, you did not declare that you smoked this, you did not declare that you had under-age sex, you did not declare that you did, or said… or whatever it was. That means, your application form for your job was false. That means that you are now going to be sacked, because if you lied on that application form, what else have you lied about? How have you lied since? Now then, we can solve this. We want you to sign one piece of paper & we will never bother you again. What we want you to do… if you are a professional person, such as yourself, sir, we want you to sign a piece of paper saying you’ve known ‘Mary Blogs’ all of your life, she is good upstanding citizen… this is for a replacement birth certificate, this is for a passport.”

    And, what you’re doing is giving identity to another spy coming into your country, so that person can now have a driver’s license, an identity, a job, a national insurance card… whatever. You’re authorizing an identity, and you are signing it. If you are a toilet cleaner, they will say, “We want you to stick your keys into this piece of putty, and tomorrow you will unlock a filing cabinet & you will take out the piece of information on this person. After that we will never bother you again. Otherwise, you lose your job.”

    And, from the spies I’ve spoken to… and I have spent eleven years talking to single spies, many of them, they have all said, that without exception, every person has done what they have asked – every person. And its how they operate. And they work on blackmail.

    And I say my students, “Please do not put anything on the internet. Do not do ‘selfies’, what you call them – these photographs of your backside or of your breasts, or anything else. Or admit to anything to anybody else. Because you don’t know who is keeping it, and you don’t know they’re going to do with it.
    And this was a very important question you asked there, sir. Very important.

    John B Wells: You know, England to be small country, geographically speaking, wields an enormously big stick. It really does, still. And there’s a question that has been bothering me for years. And that is:
    Why is England so heavily surveilled?

    Barrie Trower: Corruption, sir. And, its actually been said on the news, here. If you are a member of our, you are 4 times more likely to end up in jail than any other person in the country. That is for starters.

    We have, and I take no pride in saying this, we have the most corrupt government in the world.

    John B Wells: I thought it was ours. lol

    Barrie Trower: No, its, without a doubt, its ours. Now, during the cold war, while I was interrogating spies… That wasn’t my main task, and I’ve put this in my paper, I was commissioned under Sir William Melvin, who started a program in 1911… and its published, I’ve published it in my paper… And, my main task during the cold war… and for people who didn’t live through the cold, I can name two occasions when the United States was within less than 1 second of total global nuclear war. And it is only two people with an amazingly fast reaction that prevented two nuclear wars. That’s how close we were.

    But my main task was to seek out corrupt government officials, mainly pediophiles, or people who were hiring… and I will choose my words carefully… boys & girls who were just a day over the minimum age for sexual relations, who were the people would marry. Because, the government went on the presumption that if I could track them down, so could the KGB. And if the KGB could track them down, then these important people were open to blackmail.

    And I was amazed at the level of corruption. These were the days of Burgess, Blunt, Philby, the Cambridge Spies… I was amazed at the level of corruption & it appeared to me – and this is a personal opinion – that the English establishment will do anything, provided they can have their Rolls Royce, the can be a member of the right country club, they can receive knighthood, they can their big house, they can have their big yacht. Their ambition is purely built on how much they can achieve. And will lie & cheat…

    I mean look at the TETRA… From day one, now from day one it was known, and I have the government documents. And, I’ve written two TETRA… I’ve been commissioned twice to write two studies on the TETRA, and on the second one, using government figures in 2009 – was my highly confidential report on TETRA – then it was estimated, using government figures as a chief government scientist, that over 7,000 offices would have tumors by then, in England – 7,000 slow-growing tumors.

    Now, we sold this – the English – we sold this to 130-140 countries as ‘safe’ & it isn’t.

    John B Wells: Yep.

    Barrie Trower: And, I have also published… and its in my report & the first one is on the internet, and I’ve published the document, and it has been published worldwide, that the reason why we published this was because one of your secret service agencies… and, this was a Bush/Blair thing… and it was written that Bush didn’t ask, he told Blair “get TETRA around the world”.

    John B Wells: Yeah.

    Barrie Trower: And TETRA… we ignored all the cancers. We ignored the fact that it is an on-going epidemiological study which can cause cancer & severe neurological damage. We ignored all that. We sold it to the rest of the world. For the simple reason that, by law, the firm of TETRA is American, and by law, the American firm that makes this have to give the keys, which control the coding devices to your government. Which means, your government… and this is published… your government have the ability to listen in to everybody using TETRA in all of these countries. And in most of these countries, there are over 50 organizations using it – the secret services, the Royalty, the Police, the fire brigade, the Coast Guard – everybody. They are listening in to everything that everybody in the government are saying.

    Now, I’m not saying they are listening in. I am saying they have the ability to listen in.


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  3. #skyderAlert The Anti-Semitism in the #Chemtrails movement

    I was more than a little disappointed with Zen Gardner and Henrik Palmgren in this interview and, frankly, stopped listening.

    Please don’t think I believe these two men are always wrong, because they’re not.

    Those who are “chemTrails” aware know we are being lied to. They know the secret-keepers are ruthless.

    Don’t put anything past them.

    “Those precious categories and false dualities so central in our imaginations : Muslim and Jew, religious and irreligious, British and immigrant, American and British” are just more tools with the function of keeping us separate from those we are trying to win over to our cause.


    Something I wrote awhile back.

    March 5, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    (IMO we need to differentiate “Islamists” from Muslims. And our language, the words we use, are important. Personally, if I hear “Zionists” this or “Jews” that, or “Catholics” this … I just stop listening. It must be the same for Muslims — “Muslims” this “Muslims” that. We need to appeal to Muslims against shariah, like Dr. Jasser.)


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