Green Party spurns chemtrails politicians – Miljöpartiet tar avstånd från chemtrailspolitiker

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The Green Party rejects chemtrailspolitiker

Published on Tuesday, 11:50
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    Photo: Facsimile SVT / TT Miljöaprtiet, Chemtrails, Anders Wallner, Pernilla Hagberg, Conspiracy Theories, SMHI, Vingaker

    “Both we and the region and the organization has distanced itself from her views on the issues”

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    Photo: TT Photo Chemtrails, Pernilla Hagberg, Vingaker, SMHI, Miljöaprtiet, Anders Wallner, Conspiracy Theories


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    Photo: Erik Martensson / Scanpix Vingaker, Conspiracy Theories, Anders Wallner, Miljöaprtiet, SMHI, Pernilla Hagberg, Chemtrails

    Green Party party secretary Anders Wallner.

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    Photo: Facsimile SVT SMHI, Chemtrails, Miljöaprtiet, Anders Wallner, Conspiracy Theories, Pernilla Hagberg, Vingaker

    Pernilla Hagberg.

Maktkamp24 MP-top believe that the Swedish authorities blinds existence of chemtrials. Now take her own party distance.

This is chemtrails:

VINGÅKER. early as 2012 ended Green Party group leader in Vingaker Pernilla Hagberg under fire after claims that the United States and Russia, the Swedish weather with the help of so-called chemtrails .

– It is with the military to do, the CIA and the NSA, she told Katrineholms Courier then.

Claims that officials at SMHI threatened

But according to Hagberg not only foreign forces behind. In an email as Katrineholms Courier now aware of, she writes that “there are officials at SMHI who have been threatened into silence and crying when they get questions they can not answer. SMHI is also the last year created the” new “cloud to fit in all the hundreds of questions that they get from people upset. “

The party rejects

The newspaper also writes that Hagberg, who before the election tops Green Party’s list to the City Council, claims that senior politicians and authorities in Sweden are aware of the problem but has chosen the dark. Green Party party secretary Anders Wallner tells Nyheter24 it’s opinions are not shared by the party.

– Both we and the region and the organization has distanced itself from her views on the issues. So she does not represent the party in it but she’s top names locally and there is of course problematic when we have politicians who are in front of the other things about what the party thinks.

Wallner says that since 2012 had “much contact” with the Department of Vingaker and regional department in Sörmlandsleden but he can not say what will happen with Hagberg in the future.

– We’ll see, I can not comment in detail about what’s happening right now, he says to Nyheter24.

Not the first politician who believes in chemtrails

Hagberg is not the only politician who got into limelight after having been interested in chemtrails. Earlier this year could Nyheter24 tell about how the miljöpartistiske parliamentarian Jan Lindholm made ​​sure that the Parliamentary Research Service looked closer at the existence of chemtrails.

– I’m a very curious person and when I get the information I would like to check if there is something to work on, on, said Lindholm Nyheter24 then.

After the whole investigated, he chose not to pursue the matter – but did not want to answer the question of whether he believes that chemtrails exist.

– They gave the course, no absolute answer as to whether it exists.

Do you think chemtrails exist?

– You may well look at the investigations yourself and form your own opinion, but I have nevertheless chosen not to continue working on it, said Lindholm Nyheter24.

During the Almedal Week interviewed Nyheter24 even the centrist policy parliamentarian Asa Runander who also warned against chemtrails.

– It is the amount of evidence for those who want to see it, she told Nyheter24.

Watch an interview with Runander here:



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