Drs. Dan Burisch Crain and Marcia McDowell Crain – New ministry New health initiative with Taurine Chloramine and Project “99” and Newest book about Project Lotus

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Drs. Dan Burisch Crain and Marcia McDowell Crain – New ministry New health initiative with Taurine Chloramine and Project “99” Newest book about Project Lotus


Aug 30, 2014 at 9:15pm QuotePost by GT ADMIN/TOS on Aug 30, 2014 at 9:15pm

Dan emerged from his room with Marci and Marci directed Fran Ortiz to contact the acting Leader of Majestic

(likely the next President of the United States)

[Me: “the person” = Hillary Clinton, Queen of Monsanto – stan ?]

and informed the person that he has “DECLINED” the offer to become involved in the Ukraine-Russia crisis, saying in a prepared text statement,

“As co-Leader of the new ministry, co-Leader of a new health initiative with Taurine Chloramine and Project “99”, and writing the newest book with Marcia about Project Lotus, there are many issues which require my immediate and focused attention.

A boiler-plate standard of Majestic operations, where they interact with Marcia and myself, follow a pattern that until now I was somewhat helpless to disregard:

once work is underway on one or more projects there seemed to be the inevitable “interruptions” which scattered attention, work time, and progress away from intended goals.

Most thought we didn’t recognize it when it happened. We saw it and we made personal note of it, everytime!

I have no intention to become an instrument of Majestic in shuttle diplomacy or for any other matter.

The governments made a decision concerning my style of leadership and goals I set, their decisions to limit the inherent right of participation of the public in matters in which we strongly believe they, the People, possess a G-d given right of self determination.

The governments failed in their moral and ethical stewardship and we now as we embark into this ministry refuse to be used to the governments’ desires.

We attempted to establish a reality where we could honestly say that we worked for both Majestic and the People at the same time.

They, the governments, refused that reality, and so then it was left for us to make a choice: Majestic OR the People.

We chose and choose to work for the People.

We will continue to engage in moral and ethical issues and the world will see that such engagement is only just beginning.

Our involvement in Israeli-Palestinian peace will not stop.

Our work with the underprivileged will not stop.

Our work into the mysteries of life will not stop!

Our work to bear witness that the Body of Christ will be healed will not stop!

May G-d Bless each and every one of you, Love, (+) Dan”


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Sep 10, 2014 at 7:28pm QuotePost by GT ADMIN/TOS on Sep 10, 2014 at 7:28pm

The “Ministry Team” announces that the two principals (DM) will ne holding a “Ministry Foundation Summit” at 7700 at the end of this week.

Topics will include prayer/sacred action, social action measures

(including antipoverty social action – off the streets-into-homes with clothing and food, employment and healthcare assistance),

child welfare, safety, education, and healthcare advocacy; and specific areas of D’s and M’s services.

They will both be involved in the social action issues. Of course.

Both have areas where they will concentrate.

D: the focus is spiritual and “ecumenical” and personal healing. (I hope I used the “word” right. -Frank)

M: sacred musical ministry applications and assisting people with everyday “secular” problems. (I hope I used the “word” right. -Frank).

The questions about all these things is HOW they are going to accomplish them? They are working it out.

Even though science is involved, D considers “TauChlor” (he soberly calls it: “finishing what I started..”) as part of ministry.

M is working with an attorney about “proprietary blending.” It will be a carefully made product so it has to be protected.

People who fool around with products like this in ways they are not to be done sometimes injure themselves and all the protections possible are being looked at.

D considers also “Project 99” (the charging of crystals with the use of a “machine”) the same thing: part of ministry.

He is using what gifts he has to help others.

“Project 99” will be available before “Tauchlor” is available.

Still being asked about ARGGO, the machine started to be built and whose plans were sold by M.

D had NOTHING to do with the sale except to give information about the machine to the people it was sold to after being told to do it by M.

M sold the plans for the machine WITHOUT consulting D first.

She doesn’t speak with him too much about it that I can see.

But she does give the impression that more than just her were afraid that if the machine was built how it was being built someone


could have stole something about it and back engineered it to become something VERY DANGEROUS.

She acted without his OK for some reason and it wasn’t the money.

(She has plenty of personal money.)


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[To be honest, this gives me a little hope.]






Sister Rosetta

Why don’t Dan and Marcia help with chemTrails / Morgellons?

The latest reference to “J”/MJ-1/’Dadmiral’/’Daddy-O’ which has since been scrubbed (I think) did it for me.

James Gilliland stated that if site is not posting re chemTrails, then probably disinfo. I agree.


Dan gets daily briefings on solar activity…

I am of the opinion that the chemtrails are a crude means of creating a global cooling effect to attempt to counteract global warming (and/or stifle the evolution of the populace)…

however these attempts will fail,

as David Wilcock’s info shows that the entire solar system is in a state of increased excitability…

our consciousness is expanding beyond the ability to be stifled, and our “personal freedoms” are a key element to this…

Dan and Marcia are not sitting on the sidelines, in this regard.

They are receiving greater threats to their personal lives…as well as their operatives’ lives…as a result of recent actions.

At no point is the public to be “laid a hand on”… is the order coming from Dan.

If something were to happen to them (D&M), then the contents of keystone document “KING-13-218″ would be made public.

This would change the future of all mankind.

I love that James Gilli land always comes from a heart open place.

Love…which comes in many packages.


Sister Rosetta

Thank you.

Dan = http://neweaglesforum.proboards.com/user/51

Marcia = http://neweaglesforum.proboards.com/user/84

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dan marcia 2013RESEARCHSCHEDULE_zps4c7614db dan marcia 120630-nilin-flag dan marcia anumber_zps3dd4e193 dan marcia C5_zpsd9e07ab7 dan marcia eagles2014logos_zps9810818e dan marcia endosym_zps06c51d08 dan marcia Mary-Magdalene-Resurrection

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  1. I find it a bit odd that BOTH articles referenced in this image have disappeared


  2. Michael Murphy responds to Dane Wigington “Substance Addiction” accusations SEP 30, 2013

    Michael Murphy

    This is an e-mail exchange after Wigington posted some very divisive remarks on his website. Wile we hate to ever have to address this type of divisive gossip within a growing movement, it is essential in order to move foreword:

    Fellow supporters,

    I am sending this to a few of you who have been essential through your support of our work in getting this most dire issue (chemtrail/geoengineering) to the masses and after hearing that many of you have received negative and accusatory phone calls and e-mails about my private life from a respected member in the movement. These statements have been made about others in the movement as well. Unfortunately, these accusations have also been posted on the front page of a popular website that he (Dane) now runs. This is a website which we included in our films and has allowed its exposure to millions of people around the world. This is the front page post, my e-mail to you and the e-mail exchange asking Dane why he did this and his response or lack of:

    Regarding Michael Murphy

    It is with great regret that Michael Murphy’s recent facebook posts compel us to make the following public statement. Though we appreciate the work Michael Murphy has done and wish him the best, we feel the following disclosure is necessary.

    In early March 2013 Michael’s struggles with substance addiction became evident to us. Though we have struggled to keep his behavior under wraps out of empathy for Michael and his Family, as well as our ardent concern for how it might damage the Movement, it has clearly reached the point where we must advise you of his condition. In the interests of transparency and to assuage any doubts about the veracity of this statement, we will provide links below where you can view his unfortunate email rants and Facebook posts. That being said, we will continue to promote Michael’s films as we feel they are valuable tools for introducing people to the geoengineering issue.

    We are hopeful that with adequate rest and treatment Michael will regain his health and once again become an asset in the battle against the scourge of


    As many of you know, Barry and I are in the process of producing our third and most important film about chemtrail/geoengineering programs “WHO in the World is Spraying?” While past support has allowed us to reach millions with this issue, the support of this film is lacking as we are finding it a challenge to now obtain the necessary funding and also interviews of people with vital information in exposing who specifically is responsible for these crimes. The lack of support has been attributed to the many recent attacks on my personal life from a few members in the movement. These accusations have ranged from being a “drug addict” to “being abusive to my wife.” Also posted on the site was specific information about certain family financial/trusts.

    For the record, I can assure you that I am drug free and have never been abusive to my wife. While these accusations are personal, I am writing you to express a much greater concern. That concern is the division and other damage to the movement that has recently occurred from these public statements.

    During the time frame of these accusation, I spoke to millions of people through radio/television and made several public appearances to screen “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” I continue to make public appearances and have been continuing TV and radio throughout the entire year. To date, I stand behind every behavior and every word spoken during all shows and public appearances.

    While I take 100% responsibility for the mistakes I have made in my private life, after years of public service, I have found that gossip, especially made public and weather true or untrue, has been the most damaging aspect to all growing and powerful movements. As a matter of fact, I have witnessed many movements that have fallen as a result. Also, while I am refraining from my opinions as to why such damaging statements have been made public, I will say with absolute certainty that they have created both damage and division to the movement that we have all worked so hard for. I will also say that it is an embarrassment to the movement that our greatest critics (metabunk) have chosen to take a higher road by removing these statements from their website as the following post clearly indicates:

    Part of that was something Dane Wigington had posted about a week ago, along with some emails from Murphy. He took it down, and I removed the post here from public view as it seemed of a private and libelous nature. Seems like it’s all being played out in public now.

    This damage has also come during a time of great opportunity as the statements were made after being contacted with a funding opportunity of over two million dollars towards our next film. We believe that if this funding is obtained, we will have the opportunity to get our message out to millions more and in public theaters. While many have told me that Dane had intended to contact the funders with these accusations, I am not aware if this has actually been done. To date, we have not received this funding and again, are struggling financially to complete what we consider to be our most important project.

    While I have refrained in the past from addressing this publicly, due to the fact that it now has become a focus of many of our supporters, it is essential to discuss in order for all of us to move foreword.

    I must admit that I am struggling with disappointment, anger and deep sadness as I watch a once cohesive movement being torn and divided by gossip and public statements that have been compared to a mud slinging political campaign. And yes, while the personal issues such as those addressed should be of great concern to those of us in our movement, they have no place on the front page of websites, in the public realm or in the form of gossip. Let us not engage or entertain any gossip about others in the movement. With that being said, in order to move foreword in achieving our goals in stopping these programs we must avoid all finger pointing, accusations and the public discussion of the private lives and personal struggles of others.

    While gossip like this has no benefit to our foreword progress, in order to regain the foreword progress that we once had, we must refrain from judging. We must also forgive even those who have been making such posts and public statements. In order to move foreword, we must now take our fears, concerns and judgments that have allowed for this recent division and use them to learn and rebuild the progress that we once had. We will overcome, we will progress and we will use this experience to learn, to grow and to build a much stronger and more powerful movement. The future of humanity is dependent upon it.

    Because this has been sent out only to a few of you, you are welcome to contact me via phone with any questions as I value your concerns and support.

    E-mail exchange asking Dane to remove financial and other damaging statements:


    Is this something that was posted on your site about a posting on my facebook page? If so, I am hoping that you also included the posting that I made a few hours later that stated that it was not something that I posted and appears to be a hacking issue. This is something that has happened several times before as Yvonne is well aware of.

    As mentioned in the many voice mails that I left for you, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about my private life. While I appreciate all of your past support and the work that you have done, I am saddened and concerned after hearing from several people that you have made many unmerited statements about me to the public. After years of addressing several similar issues to the public, I have found such statements, whether true or untrue, to be damaging, defaming and most importantly, divisive to many powerful and growing movements. Because of this, I am not only saddened by your actions, but also concerned in the way in which you have handled this publicly. Unfortunately, your statement have also been damaging to my family during a very difficult time as my mother is battling cancer and is hesitant to allow me to be at her side after reading your accusations.

    As you also know, Barry and I have been considered by many to be the most effective team in addressing this most dire issue and are planning on releasing our first trailer this week for “WHO in the World is Spraying?” We believe that this will be the most important film in getting these damaging programs stopped. Also, due to the fact that you have failed to respond to several of my requests to discuss your public remarks on the phone or in person, I now have great concerns and many questions about your motives and integrity at this time.

    After being active for years in several growing movements and outreaches, I have found gossip like this to be the most damaging. I have also learned that it is not what what we or others do in their private lives that is most important, but how or if such issues are to be handled publicly. Again, this is a vital time not only in my personal life, but also to Barry and I as we have already spent a lot of time and money on our next film. Dane, I believe that some of your statements have already created a division in the chemtrail/geoengineering movement which I have sacrificed almost everything of importance in my life. Because of this and the importance to me that we continue our foreword progress, I ask that you stop making statements about me or others in the movement. Because the movement is also of great importance to humanity, I have refrained from addressing your statements publicly in the past due to the damage that it could also create. Again, while you have been an important asset to the movement, I hope that you spend more time criticizing those who are responsible for these damaging programs rather than at those who are working tirelessly to stop them. Please remove this immediately from your website and consider this a cease and desist letter demanding that you stop these and other defaming statements about myself an/or Barry and our Partnership, WITWATS LLC to the public. Barry, I and the rest of us in the movement thank you for your understanding.

    Danes response:


    When your addiction to heavy street drugs came to my attention in Early March of this year, I pleaded with you to seek intervention for the sake of “the movement”. I made it clear at that time I could not have any affiliation with you if you did not seek help. It is regretful that you so tenaciously refused any addiction intervention and are apparently still using. Your lack of disclosure to those in the movement (including myself) who have consistently supported you financially and otherwise was and is wrong.

    The notice I have posted was made necessary by your ongoing actions. I believe this was the only course of action to protect the hard fought ground that has been gained, and to protect those that are giving their all to this effort, it will stand.

    Your have done much in the past to forward this cause Michael, I truly hope you will seek help before you do any more damage to yourself or to this critical cause.


    These are questions of which I asked but have not received and answer to:


    It is nice that you have finally responded to one of my many requests. As stated before, I have seen great division in many movements due to the type of gossip and allegations that you have made. Please respond to your proof the following accusation: your addiction to heavy street drugs. Please reply to why you have been calling people (many of my supporters) and making public posting with these damaging allegations. Also, while I could see that an addiction to heavy street drugs, due to monetary and other problems, could create issues within a movement, especially with the way that funds are used, however, I made several attempts to discuss this with you so that you have a clear understanding of what is happening in my personal life. My other concern is in the way that you handled this publicly during a critical time for substantial funding for our film and the movement which, regrettably, I had invited you with the permission of the funders to be a part on a conference call which got you involved. I demanded that you immediately remove the remarks from the posting, especially due to the trusts that you mentioned and other financial matters that are private to my family. Please reply as to why this has not been done yet. While I have several reasons including the interference it has caused in my relationship with my mother who has cancer and does not want me by her side but also due to the fact that you publicly posted some very personal financial matters which could create some financial losses to myself and my family. I would also suggest that you research laws about the public posting of certain trusts mentioned in your e-mail and how they could relate to securities fraud and other violations. Also, how do you feel your defaming allegations can or have benefited the movement in any way when there has been a long history of similar gossip slowing and sometimes destroying powerful movements? Thanks again for all of your past support and research that has been of great support to my work and the work of others. Also, please consider how your public actions can and have effected the foreword progress of the movement that some of us have sacrificed so much for by committing our lives to. Also, think of the impact such statements can have on an elderly woman (my Mother) who can hardly walk, has cancer and needs her son at home to help at this vital time, however, is scared of having me around after reading some of your allegations. While all of the other things will pass and my work does and will continue to speak for itself, a very big concern of mine is the fact that I might not ever see my mother again and your public disclosure of this info is not helping her or my family at this difficult time. This is the most difficult thing for me to to accept and your actions are a part of this concern of mine. On a final note, one of the most damaging things to a powerful movement is not the actions done by those in their private lives but the gossip of such actions that are made to the public. Think of the division that has been created by your public postings and comments. I have seen gossip in movements destroy too many times to not be concerned of the progress that has been made. I am ccing Yvonne and will, of course, hold her harmless if these postings were requested by you. Yvonne, please reply when you get a chance. Thanks

    This was Dane’s response to my questions:

    You have abandoned any sense of dignity and honor Michael.

    I will continue to state the truth whenever and however I believe it is necessary for the common good. You think you can sue me for this? Feel free, that would really shine a light on the truth.

    SEP 30, 2013, 10:16 AM

    [Me: I didn’t see this until today, Wednesday, October 8, 2014.]


  3. Phil Willis MP Chair Sci and Tech Committee UK – Could people who were adversely affected by geoengineering veto or alter geoengineering tests?


    Phil Willis MP Chair Sci and Tech Committee UK – Could people who were adversely affected by geoengineering veto or alter geoengineering tests?


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