Laura Theodore is the … Jazzy Vegetarian


KTEP Local
8:00 pm
Sun January 25, 2015

ACT RADIO: The Jazzy Vegetarian

Greg, Liz, and Tom talk with Laura Theodore, the host of the public television cooking show, “The Jazzy Vegetarian.”  The show blends music and vegetarian takes on classic American dishes.  Laura tells us about the long road she took to a compassionate diet, and about the thrill she gets in welcoming special guests such as actor Ed Begley, Jr. and biochemist T. Collin Campbell on her show.  A successful jazz vocalist, she also talks about the unbeatable combination of food & music – her cookbooks also include music suggestions to accompany the meal.

The musical selections on the show are performed by Laura Theodore: “DO RIGHT” from her Golden Earrings duo CD with Joe Beck, the “Jazzy Vegetarian” theme song, and ” OUR SPIRIT IS FREE” from We’re Only Human.

Aired Jan. 25, 2015.

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laura roasted_vegetable_sandwiches_with_creamy_chimichurri_spread laura slow_cooker_corn_and_red_pepper_chowder laura_theodore_2



68 thoughts on “Laura Theodore is the … Jazzy Vegetarian

  1. A resident of Lugansk took the family from the horrors of war into the familiar North edge.

    The story of Vladimir Mihajlovicha Timoshina several times interrupted.

    Gray-haired man couldn’t hold back tears when talking about what he and his family had to endure recently. A month ago he came to Yakutsk from Lugansk.

    — I myself am native of Lugansk. Once worked in Yakutia, but for 24 years as he returned home to Ukraine.

    When the Maidan in Kiev, Luhansk oblast residents felt for fighters of “berkut”, because there was a lot of our fellow countrymen.

    Saw mocked, set on fire, could not understand why in such an attitude towards them, because they defended order and security in the country.

    It is, probably, and it was the beginning.

    And when the nationalists came to power, our Regional Council decided to give the Russian language the status of a second State and hold a referendum on the federalization of Lugansk region.

    What are the official Kyiv?

    — Kiev rejected the decision of the Regional Council, calling it a separatist. So, these people shoot? How can you not talk to your people?

    On the second or third day the leaders already arrested and driven away from the city.

    People began to gather in the square. I have not seen any one resident of Russia, all of our.

    Came from the industrial towns surrounding Lugansk: Krasnodon, Red and others. Put the tent, set up a squad of young guard to maintain public order.

    My neighbor works in a factory just a welder, his wife, a kindergarten teacher.

    They even slept there, the people had a gust to separate from nationalism. We have seen that started in the country, who were in power.

    Nationalists tore down the statue of Lenin, then Soviet, which liberated Kiev, more than 90 of monuments to the heroes of the great patriotic war.

    So the people shouted: “we don’t want to Visit hung portraits of Shushkevich and Bender.

    We have our own national heroes, young guard, Voroshilov and others. We had the youth in the spirit of internationalism, not fascism “.

    But we have not heard. For 25 years, a new generation has grown up in which nationalism, hatred of Russian vnušalis′ from childhood.

    Then the crowd rushed to the building of the regional administration, removed Ukrainian flag and a Russian.

    The total area was screaming: “Russia! Putin! “. After you have captured the building AS where the weapons. Resistance was not.

    Policemen built and left the building, and the people are applauding. No one was. Then started to make barricades.

    Not unsympathetic to Donbass yellow-and-blue Ukrainian flag. He people of alien.

    I remember in high school studied the poem Tychyna, where yellow-blue flag as a symbol of nationalism.

    People rallied, were products of the boys. Nobody was forcing. We just wanted to hold a referendum.


  2. -And then there were the referendum and the beginning of the National Guard.
    People called for federalization and the status of the Russian language.

    There was no canvassing, but in our House and in our street there was not one person who would not come to a referendum.

    The official Kiev had to be considered, and instead began stepping on nacgvardiâ Lugansk region, began arresting those who had contributed to the holding of a referendum, including teachers.

    People simply disappeared.

    And then began to bombard the city. When you watch on TV on the bombing, it’s not.

    Even when a bomb somewhere close and you hear gunfire, feel no fear. But when the shells exploded overhead, it’s really scary.

    Sitting in the basement, next to his wife, 14-year-old son, and afraid for them. Not for myself, but for the children.

    I have neighbors-family. When the bomb hit the courtyard, the older boy immediately killed, while men′šomu came off the heel.

    And you’re an adult, sane person can’t change anything, can’t anyone help.

    You feel inferior, you don’t know what to do to stop this carnage. This is the most terrible thing.

    — And how you decided to go to Russia?

    -We came out from the basement, part of the House is broken. Where to go? Banks are closed, only that the money in your pocket.

    Near the surface, where drivers on the minibuses were taken out of the city.

    Buses do not go, too big a target. People of the sea, all with string bags, suitcases.

    Drivers shout, that the people should take out, not things. So when the next machine ot″ezžala, the sidewalks were all bags.

    Dead bodies in the streets, nobody would pick up, no pozvoniš′, no one will say, machines have travelled almost no gasoline.

    Where to go, what to do? Got into the car and drove to the Russian border.

    In Izvarino failed, the driver brought in Starobelsk with territory controlled by nacgvardiej.

    One name is a guard. Simple guys in sneakers, dirty, but with guns.

    Their entire village accompanied the battle for United Ukraine.

    Unemployment in the West of Ukraine, so that the promised two thousand UAH per month for them good money.

    Some of them came to the Donbass, not for political beliefs and shoot da pomaroderstvovat′.

    Came to the House, took away appliances, gold jewelry, money. Say: “glory to Ukraine!»

    What glory?

    Budget of the naked, and the country’s leadership travels around Europe with stretched hand is a shame, not glory.

    — Border Normally missed?

    Is Calm. Look, Voronezh-Moscow bus. Decided to go.

    In Moscow reached a refugee Center there failed to take. Sat down at the station, where next, don’t know.

    There is no money to do it. Zhirinovsky’s Office nearby.

    He’s a fighter, an armored car suffered its presented. But no luck, it was not in place, and the reviewer said, nothing can help, leave.


  3. And all of a sudden see Yakutsk Republic of Moldova.

    And I once worked in a village in Yakutia Lazo Verkhoyansky region Chief of commercial Department and Chief of the “Ânprodsnaba” Ursa “Âkutzoloto”.

    All told, came and said that he would like to return to the Republic.

    Olga sergeevna, feel sorry for the name not remembered, showed sensitivity and patience.

    Asked whether anyone from the familiar. And I’m 24 years ago has gone.

    Was friends with Nikolai Egorovičem Okonešnikovym, but he died.

    Was familiar with Vladimir Romanovich Kyčkinym. He was involved in the production, I supply. I have his phone number.

    Is It you remembered?

    — Yes, even a long time had to explain. Said, sitting with his wife and son in a train station.

    And just imagine, he sent the money for the tickets. Just shook me with his act. 24 years have passed! The whole life.

    And it’s not my friends, just crossed paths at work.

    Arrive in Yakutsk, he meets at the airport, leading to the apartment, where relatives to our arrival time to make repairs, buy furniture, bed linen. Table is set.

    And yet he did everything so that we do not feel obliged and quickly forget the nightmare that we have had to endure.

    Drank champagne, sat and talked. His wife came. So I felt warm. You know, it is customary to say “Caucasian hospitality, I can safely say: you don’t know what six hospitality.

    Yakutsk-as you after such a break?

    -I do not know. And the town has changed, and people. How thrilling.

    -A child in a school identified?

    — First received temporary asylum status, then found out that I can apply for Russian citizenship because once lived in Russia.

    Soon to get my passport. Have passed a medical examination.

    Very helpful Assistant Chief Federal Inspector in the RS (I) Anna Nikolaevna Šagdarova.

    She has identified a David in the Cadet Corps. And 27 September in the Lenin square he was sworn to serve Russia. My wife and I are happy.

    Is That with the work?

    — Once again helped Vladimir Romanovich Kychkin. I bow before him: if not for it, I do not know where was his family today.

    The wife of professional seller, I hope that will work too. Take a small flat, very inexpensive.

    Thanks To Yakutia. When I go to the city, I want to say thanks to all.

    — Return to the Lugansk aren’t going to?

    “No, never.



  4. QUESTION: Recently in Kyiv, whatever we say about Ukraine, whatever, the change of government and then the beginning of last year was unconstitutional, and you supported it. The constitution was —

    MS. PSAKI: That is also ludicrous, I would say.

    QUESTION: — not observed.

    MS. PSAKI: That is not accurate, nor is it with the history of the facts that happened at the time.

    QUESTION: Yes, the history of the facts. How was it constitutional?

    MS. PSAKI: Well, I don’t think I need to go through the history here, but since you gave me the opportunity – as you know, the former leader of Ukraine left of his own accord —

    QUESTION: He did not leave his country.

    QUESTION: Okay.

    MS. PSAKI: Okay. I think we know the facts here, and we’ll certainly give you an article on the facts to take a look at.

    QUESTION: Okay. Very good.


  5. It’s easier for these so-called intellectuals to not look up and simply ridicule chemTrails observers. In truth I think they are scared to the core because the spraying doesn’t sync with any reality with which they’re familiar. In truth, after years of observing and thinking on this, I think chemTrails are like UFOs, almost other-worldly, and not what they seem. Unfortunately the trails are real and heavy metals show up in a hair analysis. God only knows what else is in the mix (live organisms). So I’m not so sure world leaders can stop chemTrails. I wish it were that simple. ECETI James Gilliand recently introduced me to Dr. Scott Werner and he offers some good advice on staying alive which, for me, is paramount. Yes please, keep sharing. But take care of your health and your family’s health first.


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