GeoEngineering / Climate Engineering Hair Analysis What heavy metals and other toxins are in your body? Dr Doug Levine

Hair Analysis HEAVY METALS

Hair Tests and a couple of Main Stream Links to Geoengineering

All of us have an urgent personal incentive to shine the light on GeoEngineering
and SRM (Chemtrails)… Our lives and the lives of our children may depend on it.
A primary ingredient in the Solar Radiation Management patent (SRM) is aluminum.
George Barnes, the Director of the film “Look Up” had his hair tested, and for $60 found toxic levels of Aluminum combined with other bad heavy metal analysis including Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Barium, Nickel, Silver and Titanium..
(His results shown below.)

We have seen GeoEngineering (chemtrail) concerns turn mainstream news- BBC writes that this program can harm BILLIONS of people, but scientists want to do it anyway.

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The unregulated nature of GeoEngineering / Climate Engineering puts everyone at risk of toxic exposure. The best way to see how you are affected is by testing your hair.

If you are interested in getting your hair sampled its easy, and $60. Just reply to this email and I will send you more information. Its a mail-in type kit- you get everything you need for the test in a packet.
Find out what heavy metals and other toxins are in your body and how how these heavy metals are affecting your health before its too late.
Sincerely,Dr Doug LevineExecutive

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[The following is somewhat dated.]

Here is the body of a recent email sent by George Barnes, the hair test subject and founder of Skyder Alert:

“Last December I introduced a personal friend (and doctor) to the science of GeoEngineering. When he found a primary ingredient on the Patent for Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is aluminum he suggested that i have my hair sampled. $55 and a week later i found that my hair test revealed High Warning levels of Aluminum at 5 ug/g… ( healthy range between 0 and 2.20) along with some other bad heavy metal analysis findings. i got concerned. Last week my doctor friend invited me to his home for dinner… and to share the alarming news that i my latest hair sample showed OFF THE CHART Aluminum contamination that is beyond critical. i went from a high rating of 5.0 just five months earlier to a staggering 18 !!!, also noted are my now high risk levels for Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Silver and Titanium. We have seen the GeoEngineering (chemtrail) spraying complaints grow as people are using the SkyderALERT mobile app and website. I asked myself if this is just a growing movement and awareness, or increased aerial activity…it may be both. If you are interested in getting your hair sampled. its easy, and $55.. Contact Dr. Doug at he will send you more information- its a mail-in type kit- you get everything you need in a packet. I started a natural prescribed detox regimen immediately under his direction. We need your donations. Skyder is possibly the most important 501c4 Not-for-Profit organization out there today. Please give what you can today. Thank you for doing everything you can to join the fight!

Sincerely, George Barnes”

According to Dr. Doug Levine, the Toxic Metal Hair Analysis is a test that assesses hair samples for levels of potentially damaging metals which we have been exposed to through the environment. Hair follicles are exposed to the blood supply when hair is growing, so hair levels reflect toxic metal levels in other body tissues. Some of the metals and other elements that are assessed include: Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Tin and 9 more. Essential minerals (elements that are needed for healthy metabolism) such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Selenium and 22 others are also tested as well.

This test involves cutting about 1/4 gram of hair, about one heaping teaspoon. Hair is generally cut closest to the scalp however; even samples further away would be adequate. A small plastic bag is enclosed with your test kit to put the dry sample in. Enclose a check for $55.00 payable to “Doctor’s Data” and mail it in the prepaid envelope.

A test kit will be mailed to you if this is something you are interested in after providing your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, height and weight to us and emailing it to  ( so a testing account can be set up).  Your results will be emailed to you in 10-14 days after the test kit has been sent in to Doctor’s Data.

This is a great way to test the toxicity of the world around you, to see exactly what kind of impact these programs are having on your body.

We have no affiliation with Dr. Levin and his office and stand to gain nothing financially.


See also:

Niles Heckman’s recording of Jill Buck, Dane Wigington, George Barnes, and Dr. Douglas Levine discussing geoengineering.

#chemTrails #Morgellons
Take Back Your Health!
FYI – “Scott Werner” MD lives in St. George, Utah herbs “hulda clark”

GMACAG com hair analysis - skyder alert 1 hair analysis - skyder alert 2 hair analysis - skyder alert 3 hair analysis - skyder alert 4 hair analysis - skyder alert 5 Hair_Analysis_Sample Steve denies chemTrails



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