Friday GMO Case Update Canceled, Federal Judge Delays Hearing – Maui Now

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Friday GMO Case Update Canceled,
Federal Judge Delays Hearing

Posted 01:12 PM HST, March 12, 2015

By Maui Now Staff

The GMO litigation update originally set for Friday, March 13 in the Council Chamber has since been is canceled after a federal judge postponed a hearing on the matter.

Judge Susan Oki Mollway issued an order on Tuesday postponing the hearing in light of two state bills that would restrict the counties’ ability to employ agricultural practices allowed by state or federal law.

Committee of the Whole Chair Don Guzman announced the cancellation saying a status report from the county’s Corporation Counsel will be more meaningful after the March 31st hearing.

The county is a party in two lawsuits relating to the Maui GMO initiative that would require a temporary moratorium on the cultivation of genetically engineered organisms in Maui County.

Residents voted to approve the measure during the November 2014 General Election.

In a press release statement, Guzman said, “Both the public and the council have unanswered questions on the council’s role in the litigation and have been patiently waiting to hear from the Department of the Corporation Counsel.  It’s unfortunate the process has been delayed.”

Individuals who still want to submit written testimony, are invited to do so by emailing:, and reference COW-1(1).

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36 thoughts on “Friday GMO Case Update Canceled, Federal Judge Delays Hearing – Maui Now

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