What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

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What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

A scientist offers shocking comments.

by Jon Rappoport

April 12, 2015


“Let’s have a federal court where the judge pretends the lawyers for the defense are fully informed about the facts of the case. The plaintiff, a giant corporation, pretends it’s concerned about the safety of the public. The press pretends it’s covering the court case. Activists for the public who live more than a hundred miles away from the courthouse pretend they care about what happens. The overwhelming number of federal employees don’t even know there is a case. The defendants, who are being poisoned by the giant corporation, at one time lived on their land in an undisturbed way—until outsiders, whose descendants now control the court, took away the land by force. Perfect justice, correct? Absolutely no problem.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Two days ago, I reported on a scandal…

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114 thoughts on “What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

  1. #plasmaDischargeCometModel Apr 23

    Bears repeating I don’t always agree w #McCanney I respect his sci

    April 20, 2015 posting

    I give an “alternative energy” update … the ever increasing pressure on the public relative to energy is forcing some “solutions” …

    but are they really solutions or are people wasting their hard earned money on non-solutions that will actually increase their dependence on the big 3 … oil – coal – nuclear …

    these are complex issues and the “green” industries are really not green at all but diversions from reality … is there a national energy policy that makes sense ???

    NO … listen to the details … see the center column below on times and locations to listen …

    I also give an update on the many recent NASA phony announcements that they are discovering ETs …

    jim mccanney

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_April_23_2015.mp3" /]


  2. #plasmaDischargeCometModel #comet 67p / churyumov-gerasimenko #rosetta
    Bears repeating I don’t always agree w #McCanney I respect his sci

    04/22/2015 Picture of the Day – Comet 67P photo-shopped again …

    it is unbelievable the absurdity they pawn off on the public …

    the above pics appeared today in the “science news media” that repeats whatever NASA or in this case ESO hands it … total this released pic has only 8 kB of data …

    the resolution is SO LOW it is ridiculous … it is photo shopped and tone brightened as if shining off the page … in reality the nucleus of 67P is blacker than the blackest coal …

    deceptive reporting states that ice and volatiles are forcing “dust jets” off the nucleus …

    what is really going on is that there is dust in the region of the nucleus and faint rays of reflected sunlight are illuminating the dust that is drawn into the nuclear region by electrical forces as defined in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model …

    they claim they detect changes in the movement of jet structure which they interpret as meaning the dust is receding away from the nucleus at 8 meters per second

    (about equivalent to a slow trot)

    and that this somehow makes its way to the comet dust tail which is observed from afar …

    but how does this dust spread to fill the tail area ???

    at this rate it would take 7 days to reach the mid region of the coma BUT by then the comet would be millions of miles farther in its path around the sun …

    if they claim solar wind or solar radiation moves the dust then it would form a “tail” about 50 meters in diameter hardly what we observe from a distance …

    it is hardly worth wasting time anymore with the “Simple Simon Silly Science” coming from the space agencies … photo shopped pics …

    “data” that is rudely primitive and does not add up even within their own theoretical structure …

    they also do not report any gasses coming off the nucleus that should be detectable from the Rosetta space craft spectrometers …

    jim mccanney



    “But as 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko is approaching the Sun, some early light may have warmed an as-yet-unobserved outcrop in the region”



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