1. “:)
    Dan, in what dress will you be attired tomorrow? Frosty”

    “Frosty, Marcia and I will be in our uniforms as usual. Black and Red, white Romanized collars. +D”


    “Dana: know you are watching! Heard you from the confinds of the Condo. Give us a ring.

    If you don’t have the private cell number, email Frosty at


    as she has my permission to field it to you or whomever she decides is appropriate.

    Give her the answer to the question: “At what restaurant did we go to lunch together in 1985?” I know you’ll remember that day! 8-| …and yes…”The Boys are back in town!” 😀 Dan”



  2. “John, you tell them from New York to Texas, you can tell Illinois too if you like, that I am intending on bringing Majestic right into the middle of the Spratly Islands dispute.

    We command twice the total possible projected forces I did last time and we’re going to put them to use!

    We belong in between the potential opponents both in the real events world and in diplomacy and God forgive me that is where I will direct them.”

    “Dan, yes, to be candid I expected this kind of first move and have assets on alert we can hand from my team to your, well I mean Ann’s Security Command.”

    “I am on the phone with Xi in 2 hours and will explain that our forces are there for this and that but mostly this.

    We have invites from our alliances in the Philippines and Thailand and I have already sent the RSVP’s.

    My personal gifts to the wolves in Iraq ands Syria will be handled this morning too.

    I am kicking this Consistory in the ass and will get it moving forward while its leader heals up!”

    “Understood, Dr. Crain. Or Burisch? That bullshit’s all done now I forget sometimes. :D”

    “Get to it and see you on screen with reports.”

    Wow. He opens by firing the Alekhine defence! Frosty


  3. That’s because they are more poor at their “English” and “Stonewall” openings than they know, building the Great Wall of Sand.

    He is looking to ‘stand and stem the tides of war’ while slicing through a few gnarly “coyotes.”

    M is calling him “the housecleaner.”


    China building ‘Great Wall of Sand’ in South China Sea

    This is kind of boss? 😀 Owl BC


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