Study Finds Bees ‘may be developing form of animal Alzheimer’s’ Due To Aluminium In The Environment

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UK Telegraph, June 5, 2015

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor

Bees may be developing a kind of animal Alzheimer’s disease because of exposure to aluminium in the environment, scientists have suggested.

A new study has found that the young of bees already show high amounts of aluminium contamination which may be causing mental dysfunction and playing a role in the decline of bumblebee populations.

Because of industrial discharge aluminium is the Earth’s most widespread pollutant and is already known to be responsible for the death of fish in acid lakes, forest decline and low crop productivity.

Previous studies had suggested that when bees forage for nectar they do not actively avoid nectar which contains aluminium.


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31 thoughts on “Study Finds Bees ‘may be developing form of animal Alzheimer’s’ Due To Aluminium In The Environment

  1. From Maca Milenkovic “Our movement in Europe is active as opposed to you from America, and you need to see the truth which we deliver”

    Thank you friend.

    I did not mean anything by it, but to motivate people and the world as we find out the truth, based on the samples we took from the released product.

    I do not write more.

    I’m a mechanical engineer, I have children and I’m worried

    A Chemtrails is true just as there is you and me.

    Ask your friends, environment, little watch what is happening around you, you have a lot of information on Google.

    Today all of the information available to everyone.Is friends and this is a lie?

    No it is not, it is already to Debora was accused, took documents from Power Point, you go and listen to this.

    Listen to it.

    As with so the evidence you need to draft the truth.

    Truth be known, but the damage, the American people do not know the truth and hurt every day of the poisoning.

    If it was not crazy and Deborah beside Rosalind Paterson.

    Yes, we are all crazy and do not know anything and we have evidence in our hands.

    I am sorry that the American people and American children suffer from a madman who care nothing for all our



    God we are all the same.

    CNN is in the hands of your country and of course you do not know the truth, you are a big country and you do not have time to deal with these things.

    If you think to yourself and to your children, for the future, just start reading and look for information about this global problem.

    hiding behind humanitarian warming the planet when in fact, it is a big lie to mislead the population, the people,
    mass are made


    people mass poisoning of earth, water, air, us, our children.

    How is it that all of us who have proven we are crazy? Of course, because you do not want to hear the truth you act scary?

    We are all shocked and head in defense of land, water and air from Europe.

    But you, why do you keep quiet and do not talk among themselves about this problem?

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