Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India – J. Marvin Herndon

Figure 9

CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 108, NO. 12, 25 JUNE 2015 2173
The author is in Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San
Diego, CA 92131, USA
Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s
biota by clandestine geoengineering activity:
implications for India

J. Marvin Herndon
The author is in Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San
Diego, CA 92131, USA


CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 108, NO. 12, 25 JUNE 2015

In response to an urgent call through an article in Current Science for assistance to understand the
geological association of high aluminum mobility with human health in the Ganga Alluvial Plain, I
describe evidence of clandestine geoengineering activity that has occurred for at least 15 years,
and which has escalated sharply in the last two years. The geoengineering activity via tanker-jet
aircraft emplaces a non-natural, toxic substance in the Earth’s atmosphere which with rainwater
liberates highly mobile aluminum. Further, I present evidence that the toxic substance is coal
fly ash. Clandestine dispersal of coal fly ash and the resulting liberation of highly mobile
aluminum, I posit, is an underlying cause of the widespread and pronounced increase in neurological
diseases and as well as the currently widespread and increasing debilitation of Earth’s biota.
Recommendations are made for verifying whether the evidence presented here is applicable to the
Ganga Alluvial Plain.
Keywords: Aluminum poisoning, biota, clandestine geoengineering activity, coal fly ash.
IN their article entitled ‘High mobility of aluminum in
Gomati River Basin: implications to human health’,
Jigyasu et al.1 state that ‘Systematic multi-disciplinary
study is urgently required to understand the geological
association of high Al mobility with human health in the
Ganga Alluvial Plain, one of the densely populated regions
of the world’. The present article is intended in part
to address that urgent call.
Life on Earth came into being and evolved under circumstances
of extreme immobility of aluminum (Al), an element
that comprises by weight about 8% of the crust.
Consequently, the biota of our planet, including humans,
failed to develop natural defence mechanisms for exposure
to chemically mobile aluminum. Globally, for the
past decade or more, with dramatically increasing intensity,
our planet is being deliberately and clandestinely
exposed to a non-natural substance which releases toxic
mobile aluminum into the environment. Here I provide
evidence on the dispersal and nature of the non-natural
substance, describe its potential causality in a host of increasing
human2–11 and biota debilitations12, and discuss
the implications for India in light of recently published
extreme levels of chemically mobile aluminum observed
in water from the Gomati River, a major tributary of the
Ganga River in the Ganga Alluvial Plain in North India1.
The ‘global warming’ agenda had its beginnings in the
1980s, especially with the 1988 formation of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by the
United Nations. The first report by the IPCC in 1990
claimed that the world has been warming and that future
warming seems likely; the supposed culprit being anthropogenic,
additions to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide
(CO2), allegedly causing a ‘greenhouse’ effect. Then,
along came the modellers, with grand climate models
based upon the false assumptions that heat from the Sun
and heat from within the Earth are both constant. With
those predominant variables unrealistically held constant,
the tiny greenhouse effect of increases in carbon dioxide
might appear significant. The intended result of those
climate models is to demonstrate that human activities are
indeed causing global warming and that the consequences
are dire, threating our entire planet and its very life-forms.
Driven by political, financial and self-aggrandizement
interests, the idea of anthropogenic global warming/
climate change took hold. But there is another explanation
that has nothing to do with human activity13.
Since 1996, the IPCC in its reports has mentioned the
possibility of ‘geoengineering’, the idea of emplacing
reflectant substances into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere)
to reflect a portion of the incident sunlight back
into space to compensate for alleged anthropogenic global
warming. The impetus for that geoengineering idea is the
observation that, after a major volcanic eruption, ash can
remain in the stratosphere, where little mixing occurs, for
a year or more, dimming incident sunlight and lowering
temperatures globally.
There is much information and evidence on the Internet
and in books that clandestine geoengineering activities
have been taking place for years, perhaps going back to at
least as early as the beginning of the 21st century. Notably
and alarmingly, profound increases in geoengineering
activity have been observed since early 2013 (refs 14–
16). But there has been no public admission, no understanding,
no academic investigations, no informed consent,
and no disclosure as to the nature of the toxic substances
being dispersed into the air. Instead, there appears to be a
systematic pattern of disinformation, efforts to brand
concerned observers with the pejorative moniker, ‘conspiracy
theorists’, and to falsely imply that the observed
geoengineering toxic chemical trails are simply the
formation of ice crystals from the exhaust of commercial
jetliners flying at high altitudes17.
I have lived in the same house since 1977 and viewed
the same area of the sky nearly every day. After the
morning marine layer burns off, the sky in San Diego,
California, USA, has been often cloudless; rain is infrequent
here. The air is warm and dry, not at all conducive
for the formation of ice crystals from high-altitude jet
aircraft exhaust. Since the spring of 2014, I observed that
the common occurrence of toxic geoengineering trails
in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), which mixes with
the air we breathe, was increasing in frequency (Figures 1
and 2). By November 2014, the spraying from tanker-jet
aircraft had become a near-daily occurrence, sometimes
to the extent of causing the otherwise blue sky to be
completely overcast with artificial clouds (Figure 3). Disturbingly,
the Mayor and Chief of Police, San Diego
issued no health warnings, even to the most at-risk members
of the community: children, pregnant women, the
elderly, and those with compromised immune and respiratory
If natural volcanic ash were used for geoengineering,
which is not the case, it would not be without health
risks; acute respiratory conditions such as shortness of
breath, wheezing and coughing have been noted as well
as irritation to the eye and nasal passage18. But to my
knowledge release of mobile aluminum into the environment
does not occur from natural volcanic ash. Mining
and milling rock to produce artificial volcanic ash in sufficient
quantity, 10–12 million tonnes/yr, to implement a
full-scale geoengineering programme to cool the planet
would be outrageously expensive. Artificially produced
chemicals would likewise be prohibitively expensive, except
for peripheral clandestine use in weather modifying/
weaponizing experiments.
There is, however, a readily available, almost unlimited
amount of an extremely low-cost waste product with
proper grain size for aerosol dispersing, one that requires
extra processing – coal fly ash, which makes up the second
largest industrial waste stream of the US economy. Although
details of the government’s massive tropospheric
geoengineering activities are secret, and even unacknowledged
to date, as described below, there is reason to
believe that coal fly ash is the principal ingredient used
for geoengineering.
Coal burning by industries in the West, mostly electric
utilities, produces heavy ash that settles out, as well as fly
ash that earlier went up the smokestack into the atmosphere,
but is now captured and stored because of its wellknown
adverse human health effects and damage to the
environment. Coal fly ash poses danger as a stored waste
because water leaches out toxic elements19. Leaching
experiments on coal fly ash are typically aimed at understanding/
mitigating chemical mobility caused by groundwater20,21.
Moreno et al.20 investigated laboratory leach
behaviour of 23 coal fly ash samples from different European
power plant sources. The selection covered most of
coal fly ash types produced in the European Union. All
except one were collected at electrostatic precipitators.
The leach procedure employed required mixing 100 g of
coal fly ash with 1 litre of distilled water in 2 litre bottles
for a period of 24 h.

The authors report the abundance of
38 elements in the leachate, including radioactive
uranium and thorium and, of particular interest here,
aluminum, barium and strontium. Together, aluminum,
barium and strontium appear to be the fingerprint of the
principal clandestine geoengineering toxic substance.

Figure 9a

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Chemtrails_are_Coal_Ash [I am unable to discern source of this document.]

This appears to be source of above pdf:

The HAARP Report [Admittedly I’ve been ignoring since phony “Operation Indigo Skyfold” story, but perhaps correct regarding his Chemtrails are Coal Ash thesis.]

During the period between July 2011 and November

2012, 73 rainwater samples were collected and analysed
for aluminum and barium; 71 were collected from 60
different locations in Germany, 1 from France and 1 from
Austria. Aluminum was detected in 77% of the rainwater
samples, at an average concentration of 17.68 g/l. The
average barium concentration was found to be 3.38 g/l.
Strontium, with an average composition of 2.16 g/l, was
also observed in 23 rainwater samples22.
To my knowledge there have been no leaching experiments
on coal fly ash that has been exposed to conditions
such as one might expect from atmospheric aerosol dispersal,
like exposure to UV light, particle contact abrasion
or electrostatic discharge. In one set of rainwater
measurements in a non-industrial area of northern California,
rainwater collected during an electrical storm contained
3,450 g/l of aluminum, whereas similar sampling
10 days earlier yielded 850 g/l of aluminum16; the difference
may or may not have anything to do with electrical
Figure 4 shows measurement of aluminum content of
collected rainwater samples from 2001 to 2014. Generally,
the samples were collected by independent scientists
who paid the analytical laboratory fees out of their own
pockets, hence the paucity of data; government supported
academic scientists either have not made comparable
measurements or else have not published them. Rainwater
evaporation concentrates the aluminum content. In one
lined pond fed by rainwater and well water with undetectable
aluminum content, the aluminum concentration
of the pond water was found to be 375,000 g/l (ref. 16).
Through the use of ratios it is possible to compare
directly the composition of rainwater with the composition
of coal fly leach experiments. Figure 5 is a side-byside
comparison of aluminum to barium (Al/Ba) weight
ratios of rainwater16,22 and coal fly ash leachate20. The
range of Al/Ba values for the rainwater and coal fly ash
leachate is virtually indistinguishable, even though the
rainwater samples were collected at different times, in
different locations, under different degrees of toxic aerosol
emplacement, and the coal fly ash samples varied by
location and composition.
Figure 6 is a side-by-side comparison of strontium to
barium (Sr/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater16,22 and coal fly
ash leachate20. The range of Sr/Ba values for the rainwater
and coal fly ash leachate is virtually indistinguishable,
even though the rainwater samples were collected at
different times, in different locations, under different
degrees of toxic aerosol emplacement, and coal fly ash
samples varied by location and composition.
The data presented above constitute evidence that coal
fly ash is the principal material being employed in clandestine
geoengineering activities for a period of at least
15 years in America and for unknown periods in Western
Europe, New Zealand, and perhaps elsewhere.
Such clandestine geoengineering activities have exposed
humanity and Earth’s biota to highly mobilized aluminum,
a toxic substance not generally found in the
natural environment and one for which no natural immunity
had evolved. During the period of coal fly ash utilization
for clandestine geoengineering, aluminum-implicated
neurological diseases showed explosive growth profiles,
including autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD and
others2–11, as well as manifold destruction of plant and
animal life. Highly mobilized aluminum from the
geoengineering-dispersed coal fly ash, I posit, is the
cause. How can that assertion be verified? In principle,
one might show a correlation between the amount of coal
fly ash emplaced into the atmosphere for geoengineering
and the occurrence of aluminum-implicated neurological
diseases. It is unlikely, though, that the clandestine coal
fly ash geoengineering data will ever be forthcoming.
After the US President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn
in for a second term in office on 20 January 2013, geoengineering
activities escalated sharply, becoming a neardaily
occurrence in many parts of America14–16. If coal fly
ash geoengineering activities are the principal cause of
aluminum-implicated neurological diseases, then there
will be a sharp spike in their occurrences after 20 January
2013; proof, albeit horrific proof, of crimes against humanity
and Earth’s biota of a magnitude and severity
never before experienced.
The Ganga Alluvial Plain, as shown in Figure 7, abuts
the Himalaya Mountains, a natural barricade to the passage
of clouds. Seasonally, as discovered by Jigyasu et
al.1, rainfall delivers toxic quantities of highly mobile
aluminum to the Gomati River Basin (Figure 8). I suggest
that the primary source of highly mobile aluminum is
aerosolized coal fly ash. This suggestion is relatively easy
to verify by taking rainwater samples and analysing them
for aluminum, barium and strontium. If aerosolized coal
fly ash is indeed verified as the major source of highly
mobile aluminum, then another more difficult question
should be addressed: What proportion of the aerosolized
coal fly ash derives from clandestine geoengineering
activities and what proportion comes from industrial coal
burning in India? One forensic approach that should be
considered is direct sampling of the coal fly ash in the
monsoon clouds and in the clouds before they enter the
Indian airspace. These samples may then be compared
with the Indian industrial coal fly ash samples. Although
the above described forensic investigation may be difficult
and expensive, the results might help India improve
the health of its citizens.
1. Jigyasu, D. K. et al., High mobility of aluminum in Gomati River
Basin: implications to human health. Curr. Sci., 2015, 108(3),
2. Bondi, S. C., Prolonged exposure to low levels of aluminum leads
to changes associated with brain aging and neurodegeneration.
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19. Izquierdo, M. and Querol, X., Leaching behavior of elements from
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aluminum by pressure acid-leaching method from coal fly ash.
Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China, 2012, 22, 2282–2288.

Received 17 February 2015; accepted 23 April 2015

Figure 1
Figure 1. Clandestine geoengineering toxic chemical aerosol trails
early in the daily emplacement activity in San Diego, USA on 8 August
2014. The trail from the tanker-jet dissipates, first forming wispy white
‘clouds’ as shown, and eventually forms a white haze.

Figure 2

Figure 2. Multiple clandestine geoengineering toxic chemical trails
above a recognizable area of San Diego, Kearney Mesa, on 16 January

Figure 3

Figure 3. Heavy jet-tanker toxic chemical emplacement by clandestine
geoengineering activity on 23 November 2014 over San Diego. Initially
the sky was pure blue on that day, devoid of any natural clouds.
The toxic material does not remain in the atmosphere, but contaminates
the air breathed by the San Diegans, the rain and the soil.

Figure 4

Figure 4. Aluminum content of captured rainwater samples as a function
of date collected. The gap between 2002 and 2006 does not indicate
an absence of clandestine geoengineering; numerous photographic
data are available during that interval.

Figure 5

Figure 5. Fingerprint similarity in Al/Ba ratio range between postgeoengineering
rainwater and coal fly ash leachate. Placement on the
horizontal axis is arbitrary to spread out data points.

Figure 6

Figure 6. Fingerprint similarity in Sr/Ba ratio range between postgeoengineering
rainwater and coal fly ash leachate. Placement on the
horizontal axis is arbitrary to spread out data points.

Figure 7

Figure 7. Location map of the Gomati River Basin (courtesy: Jigyasu
et al.1).

Figure 8a

Figure 8b

Figure 8c

Figure 8. Seasonal distribution of dissolved Al concentration along with discharge in the Gomati River
water at
Chandwak (courtesy: Jigyasu et al.1).


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Click to access 2173.pdf

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  1. The authors report the abundance of
    38 elements in the leachate, including radioactive
    uranium and thorium and, of particular interest here,
    aluminum, barium and strontium. Together, aluminum,
    barium and strontium appear to be the fingerprint of the
    principal clandestine geoengineering toxic substance.


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    Meanwhile, a questioner emailed me and I responded; this will be posted up at shortly as well. Old news for most of you I know, but once the Announcement comes and the earth changes starting in September heat up everyone’s interest, these old tales will gain some new scrutiny.

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    My name is Cxxx Xxxxxxx, I am a student from outside of Philadelphia. Can you please PLEASE explain in the most simplistic form the differences between the timelines?? what you mean by a future earth?? i am in need of a rudimentary explanation to these topics, as well as the p24 p45 p52 and the orions. I’ve been having contact and abduction experiences since I was a toddler. answers to these questions would really help me understand what they want and what the future of our planet will be.

    thank you.

    Let me start off with the differences between the zetas, as postulated by the so-called ‘rogue’ zetas, which would be the P45Ks, in Burisch parlance.

    As you probably have come to understand by the numbers involved, the zetas that were most in communication with Majestic, and the one that Dan Burisch interfaced with (Chi’el’ah, who was allegedly a P52K zeta), were allegedly from our ‘future’, a future post-poleshift, post-catastrophe.

    According to Chi’el’ah (who was an STS double-agent, which is why this is a complicated matter), the zetas who ‘crash-landed’ at Roswell were P24Ks, meaning they came from 24 thousand years ahead in our future.

    Think of the “P” as being “Present time”, then “24K” for 24 thousand years from now.

    That would mean the P45Ks are from 45 thousand years in our future, and the P52Ks from 52 thousand years in our future.

    Chi’el’ah was allegedly a P52K zeta, and they were supposedly under the control of the rogue P45K zetas.

    This would all be more fascinating if it were in fact true, and not simply a complex and insidious plot by STS aliens to bamboozle the human elites, who are constantly bamboozling the human masses, which is what you and I belong to (even if you live on the Main Line west of Philly and consider yourself a member of the elite; being from Lancaster, I happen to know about the culture there).

    The human elites will never admit to how they were bamboozled, how they made deals with these Selfish Ones who promised them all sorts of technology, including UFO craft that were ‘crash-landed’ in order for the US military to retrieve them and learn how to fly them.

    While they were allowed to do that since they had broken the quarantine before the ‘Council Of Worlds’ (hereafter referred to as the COW) had decreed that no human-alien interaction would be allowed to occur in the conscious minds of man except with special permission

    – Earth having voted to become a Service-To-Other world following our pending poleshift/housecleaning/transformation –

    they were still strictly prohibited from giving the human elites what they really wanted, which was dominion over the earth from the skies using the same craft or at least technology that the Soul Gardeners/Guardian Angels/Soul Ranchers use when attending to issues of vital importance on our world.

    Instead, the Selfish Ones, who are vying for as many souls out of the coming soul-harvest as possible, were only allowed to ‘give’ Majestic several (nine, to be exact; one was too big and had to be buried in place) UFO craft, which they then hauled back to Area 51 like good little worker-bees and tried to reverse-engineer them.

    They – the human authorities – then tried to make the craft work, but have never been allowed and will never be allowed access to the propulsion technologies.

    This vignette illustrates succinctly the nature of the relationship between the human pooh-bahs and the aliens that wowed them.

    According to what I was able to dig up, Chi’el’ah was a “double agent”, who had this secret name: Chi’el’ah.

    It was according to this male alien that the DCTP (Doctrine of Convergent Timelines Paradox) was used as a way to explain so-called “time travel”.

    In this cosmology, entities can travel back to the past – but are only allowed to do so for purposes of genetics, obtaining genetic material to assist in newer life-forms that might be missing a chromosome or something similar.

    Apparently this is something both the STS and STO admit to, which is a rarity.

    And in the story/tale/tall tale told to me by both Dan Burisch himself as well as some of his gun-toting, Yahoo Messenger-cloaked security people, Dan himself was taken aboard a craft hovering over Menlo Park CA (where he lived at the time as Dan Crain), while he was out for a walk with his grandfather at the age of 9.

    While aboard this craft, his “soul essence” was intermingled with that of a young Michael McConnell, son of the recent Director of National Intelligence, John ‘Mike’ McConnell — who was also MAJ-1, the infamous “J” or as I called him, “Dadmiral”.

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    That’s right.

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    What does that mean? I looked it up; here it is, from
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    The fact that souls are reincarnating isn’t a matter that’s usually allowed in the discussion, but it’s pertinent. What’s been claimed regarding ‘Michael’ may in fact be true, if there was no incarnated soul in the body of the child known then as Dan Crain at that time.

    Or, if there was, it may have volunteered to make the ‘trade’ that a ‘walk-in’ would require if a body was already inhabited by an existing soul.

    Okay, back to the DCTP then.

    This protocol involves certain “timelines” that are created when something is changed in the main timeline of a race, so that things get “moved around” and this moving about, making certain decisions for one reason or another, can be altered – thus necessitating a new “timeline” to accommodate an entirely different history that would result.

    Now I should emphasize once again that I find this DCTP but an elaborate form of bamboozlement that was foisted upon the human elite, just as the STS promises to Majestic that they could have flying saucers and thus dominate the world were also part of misleading the human PTB.

    At no time was I given a copy of said DCTP, or had it explained in precise step-by-step definitions and charts, etc.

    The only idea that carried through all that I was told was that humanity was on a specific timeline, T1 variant 183, and this was in contrast to T2, which was/is the timeline that supposedly involves the ‘Great Catastrophe’ (the poleshift that’s on our doorstep right now).

    Essentially, it works like this: if no-one does anything differently than they’re ‘programmed’ to do, history will plod along to arrive at a certain outcome that can be predetermined.

    In the paradigm relayed to Burisch, and hence the rest of us, the “T1” timeline that we’re supposedly on is one in which the ‘People’ will do what is expected of them and essentially ‘pray away’ the Big Bad Thing, and everyone lives happily ever after, or at least relatively so.

    In timeline “T2”, the Bad Guys will supposedly activate all the stargates simultaneously and thus cause the Great Catastrophe.

    That idea coexists with the idea that if enough people even so much as TALK about a poleshift, it could help manifest it.

    Of course that’s a cover-up of the poleshift, which will NOT be caused by massive discussions of a poleshift which would manifest it, or by activating any ‘stargates’; that entire paradigm was and remains a bag of bullsh*t.

    Nonetheless, many of the few humans that have been aware of the alien interaction and are privy to the DCTP believe that humanity is on “variant 183” and

    – if we hold fast to the traditional paradigm of Mom, baseball and the American Way, with lots of Judeo-Christian prayer and other rituals –

    will carry us through the period of ‘danger’ which we’re still in.

    Now, looking at this same situation from the “other” side, the STO (Service To Others, or the Good Guys), we can understand that if at least 89% of souls incarnated here were in fact STO

    (that means strictly STO and not the Undecideds, which make up the greater proportion of humankind),

    that means that this world – Earth – could ascend into 4th density and thus avoid the 3rd-density housecleaning mechanism known as the poleshift.

    However, the likelihood of that happening, of that proportion of souls incarnated here making that kind of solid spiritual decision when so many of them only have a few lives under their belts, is so slim as to be laughable. Sad but true.

    It doesn’t matter how hard they pray, because if they aren’t spiritually mature enough it has no bearing on the outcome.

    Of the nearly 7 billion humans lurching about on the surface of Earth, approximately 1 billion are ‘star children’, which means their souls have come from other worlds than Earth, and have volunteered to come here to help assist humanity in its development.

    Most ‘star children’ don’t even know their souls aren’t native to Earth, except for the really mature ones who sense it.

    Even if they did, their modesty would put that fact on the back burner.

    Then, there is another billion – approximately – of native Terran-grown souls that are the ‘harvest’; some of them have lived enough lives to be ‘mature’ and have firmly decided on an STO path

    (the average number of human lives needed to be lived to achieve graduation is somewhere between 900 and a thousand….think of it as similar to the process of tempering steel).

    The rest of humanity – approx. 5 billion – are essentially soul-less, though because every single one has the same potential, is treated with the same reverence as anyone with an incarnated soul,

    because all it takes is a spiritual dilemma for any one of those human bodies to ‘spark’ a soul; the neuron activity that’s activated by using Free Will creates that first ‘spark’, and throughout life, once the first spiritual decision has been made, additional ‘sparks’ will add mass to that soul.

    At some point, there is enough accumulated soul essence that it wouldn’t dissipate upon death, and is sufficient to be ‘harvested’ or, in the normal course of events, escorted to a ‘debriefing’ and conference in which it is determined where the soul will go next for additional lessons and missions.

    You’re probably wondering what all this talk about ‘souls’ has to do with “timelines”, but as I mentioned, such things as avoiding the Great Catastrophe/poleshift, meaning the difference between the T1 and T2 timelines, has to do with the collective spiritual decisions humanity makes, and those decisions are based on the maturity of individual souls.

    Even if a human is conscious of these things, and knows that it will take an immense amount of spiritual energy, does not mean this can be done by conscious application (i.e. “pray the bad thing away”).

    Now, according to the DCTP and how the zetas explained their special relationship to humanity, they are supposedly “us”, from one of our possible futures.

    Their insect-like appearance allegedly came from the fact that their progenitors had to go underground, into the bunkers, to escape the effects of the poleshift

    (that would mean the current human elite, who have many hidey-holes prepared for them, while they are planning on letting the masses to experience the poleshift topside).

    While down there, their bodies and progeny gradually adapt to living underground and in low light settings.

    Eventually, they exit the bunkers and find a way to get off-planet and go find a more hospitable world to inhabit.

    At least this is what was told to me, to explain the “P24Ks”, the “P45Ks” and the “P52Ks”.

    I have learned otherwise, that the zetas are not “us” from a distant future, but are interbreeding with us with their hybrid program so that they will ‘share’ the new Earth with the STO humans that are harvested; this is a “second chance” for the Zetas, who ruined their home world with nuclear wars, and since Earth has been a bastardized race, the COW has decreed that humanity can ‘share’ the new Earth with our shepherds.

    Read Oahspe for the best understanding of how alien races have ‘shepherded’ us through previous poleshifts; you can read it for free at or

    along with all the other books humanity reveres for spiritual knowledge.

    Now, I put those claims (about the P24Ks, P45Ks, P52Ks) under the “Emperor’s New Clothes”; by telling Majestic they’re from our future, they instill a self-governing mechanism within the Maji to prevent them from questioning them too much.

    Because the zetas have superior abilities to understand the ‘future’, both STS and STO, they can always bamboozle the human elites, who are like so many ants to them.

    The STO zetas, who have been given the responsibility and privileges, essentially the “contracts for the rebuild”, have the ability to telepathically ‘read’ the minds of any human, and thus know their intentions and can easily prevent Majestic from doing anything too stupid.

    There is absolutely no defense against such a thing, but as the STO zetas are entrusted with shepherding humanity through this Transformation, and are the real ‘good guys’, anyone of good heart and intent should have no worries about them doing this.

    However, the Maji are predominantly STS, are extremely selfish and exploitative of humanity as it is, and the STS zetas

    (who may share the same zeta genetics with their STO brethren)

    are the ones who broke the quarantine to tell Majestic of the poleshift BEFORE ROSWELL in order to set the stage to make sure they got more of the soul-harvest than they otherwise would.

    By arranging a flying saucer ‘crash’, years before Roswell, they were able to relay to Prescott Bush – among others – the truth about what’s coming;

    this is how it came to pass that George W Bush was actually one of at least 4 ‘clones’

    (actually zygotes; Barbara Bush carried two, and apparently 6 other women carried the others…..all essentially ‘twins’; what do you call it when there are say 14 identical offspring?)

    and much of US policy, both foreign and domestic, has been guided by the elites’ awareness of what’s coming.

    That includes their murdering of JFK and arranging for the events of 9/11/2001, but that’s another part of the story that doesn’t belong here.

    Before I digressed, I was trying to explain how it is that the STS zetas can also ‘know’ more than the elite humans that they’re trying to bamboozle into enacting their agenda.

    The STO have telepathic abilities, thus no need for machinery of any kind to ‘know’ the minds of humans.

    With the STS, it’s a bit more complicated; since they cannot read minds, they have to use their technology, which is superior to what humans currently have, so that anything too advanced, too “awesome” for us to understand, is relegated to the field of “magic” and similar concepts.

    In the case of the STS, they have advanced computers that can extrapolate “futures” based on current trajectories, and those “futures” can range from the microcosmic and personal

    (how Dan was warned of his then-wife Debbie’s pending broken ankle on the weekend of their Cabrillo Bay operation two weeks in advance)

    to the macrocosmic and general (the “T1” and “T2” timelines).

    If you have ever watched “Paycheck”, starring Ben Affleck, then you’ll know that it involves a “Looking Glass” that shows the future.

    In fact, that movie – like many Hollywood films – is actually based on Dan Burisch’s work and the “Looking Glass” that he personally witnessed.

    I even talk about this in my appearance on William Shatner’s “Weird Or What” show, in episode 7 of Season 3 (now available on Netflix lol).

    Essentially, the super-computers the STS aliens had, and which we reverse-engineered in order to have our own device, which is the “Looking Glass” Burisch often discusses, were able to project possible futures into visuals that showed these possible futures

    (T1, and the “variant 183” among other variants; the listing of the casualties by continent that appears on is actually based on one of the last showings of the Looking Glass in Oct of 2005).

    Most of the time, if there are no ‘independent actors’ involved, those super-computers can extrapolate a near-perfect future up to about 2 weeks in advance of the present.

    After that, the factors involved (due to the many possible choices offered up by the exercise of Free Will) bring down the certainty of any projected future.

    Because most people plod along in their lives without any motivation to upend their reality, to challenge authority, a relatively stable ‘future’ can be planned; once certain factors are added in

    (say the dramatic shifts in temperature that occur on a weekly basis now),

    then commodity ‘futures’ can be affected, pushing prices way up, which means certain people will be adversely affected, which means compensating actions have to be taken in preparation, etc.

    This is only a short summation of the situation, because many factors then become involved and that in turn affects potential “timelines” and their sub-variants.

    As for abductions.

    This is a very delicate subject, as I’ve found many abductees who consciously aren’t able to grasp what their subconscious, their “soul”, has done by volunteering to participate in becoming a “parent” to the new model of humanoid that will replace homo sapiens.

    According to Majestic lore, they reluctantly agreed to let the aliens (the zetas) “abduct” certain humans for purposes of “experimentation”, for “monitoring” and for the purpose of creating hybrids.

    Let there be no mistake: despite Majestic “agreeing” to such a thing, no human being is abducted without his permission; in fact, not just ‘permission’, but they have to volunteer for this.

    Most abductions are done for the purpose of creating the hybrids by the ‘good guys’ who have the ‘contracts for the rebuild’;

    either genetic material is taken in the form of tissue samples, from certain organs, etc, or sperm and eggs are taken and used in the breeding of the hybrid race that’s coming,

    a race I call “homo reticulus” because of the interbreeding with the zeta race from Zeta Reticuli.

    The flesh-suits we inhabit are only built to last an average of 79 years anyway; the newer ones will have a longer life-span and such things as the brain will have only a single lobe, not a left/right brain division as we currently have.

    Telepathic abilities will be enhanced as well, and the new race will be mostly hairless and of a single color……there’s a reason why Betty and Barney Hill were chosen as the first ‘abductees’ – they were a mixed-race couple (he was black, and Betty was white), and Betty drew a star map of what later was discovered to be a star map showing the Zeta Reticuli star system.

    For the same reason, the soul of Abraham Lincoln (himself originally a ‘star child’, i.e. a soul from elsewhere) was tapped – he ‘volunteered’ to come back and help shepherd the human race through the violence of the poleshift part of the Transformation – and he chose the body of Barry Soetoro because Barry was a child of a mixed-race couple (my best friend went to school with Barry in the 1970s in Hawaii, by curious coincidence).

    [Not true.]

    The ‘good guys’ have encouraged the races to mix, to blend, to synthesize, to homogenize, and America the Melting Pot was part of their original agenda to help encourage that all along.

    Again I digressed a bit, but the point is that most abductions are conducted by the STO zetas for the purpose of constructing a large number of hybrids that are currently stored in select bases on Earth in 4th density and also a large facility located in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter.

    (You can see it in the form of an ‘egg’ located on the map of the solar system on the back of the 10-franc Swiss bank note published in 1984, along with the elliptical orbit of Nibiru and the so-called ‘Dark Twin’ of Earth that orbits in our same path.)

    [Dark Star, Binary Twin of Sun, not Earth.]

    Your own abduction, during the period abductions were occurring

    (they haven’t since the mid- to late-Nineties, since enough hybrids were created between then and the early Sixties),

    would most likely have been to obtain genetic material

    (and your soul volunteered that; nothing is taken without the express permission of the soul within),

    but also may have been part of the monitoring program in which select souls volunteered to help with the preparation of humankind for the Awakening that’s currently ongoing.

    One of my best friends, currently, is a 91-year-old veteran who was in hand-to-hand combat in WWII in the Pacific and also in the Korean War; he witnessed several UFOs while fighting the Japs in the Pacific and also as a child at age 5 in the 1920s, not to mention sightings he had throughout his adult life up until the last major sighting he had in the early 2000s.

    Sometimes a sighting will signal that a conference may have occurred aboard a UFO that was removed from his consciousness, the only tell-tale sign being a memory of a ‘sighting’;

    likewise, in your case, if you have vague memories of ‘sightings’ you may have been taken aboard a vessel in 4th-density to have a conference with your….let’s say “guardian angels”, or “seraphim”, or “soul gardeners”, that had to do with a particular mission you were on, or are on, that may be buried in your subconscious until the time comes when you will be in a position that you’ve been waiting for so that you can perform a specific ‘job’.

    For example: a soldier has an experience like this, he’s not a sleeping Undecided, but a ‘star child’ that’s volunteered to be in situation where he can prevent a wholesale massacre of civilians that are being prevented from attacking a storehouse of food, or water, or whatever…..your imagination can create many scenarios in which it would be helpful to have a soul that has the presence of mind and has been prepared for such a situation that you can help prevent a major tragedy.

    By the same token, some STS souls ALSO volunteer for a mission, or they make “calls” (essentially prayers, or the opposite of prayers in which selfish people subconsciously call for assistance in eliminating a human rival or obtaining wealth and power, etc) to which the STS aliens are allowed to respond to.

    Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion”, wrote about entities from BOTH orientations that responded to his “calls” — sometimes an Undecided soul will put out a “call” and he’ll get a response from both camps.

    In recent years, mass killings and such things as the zombie attacks of last year (like the fellow who chewed off the face of someone hitchhiking on a Miami freeway) are the result of selfish humans putting out “calls” and being encouraged to do these evil things in order to get prominent roles in the STS side during this soul-harvest.

    [Side note as it just occurred to me to add: the huge number of hybrids are necessary because in the normal course of events, new bodies are constantly becoming available for humans whose flesh-suits are expiring…..but because nearly 90% of humans will perish in the coming months and year or so, and most in a horrific manner, there won’t be enough 3rd-density bodies to accommodate them, thus the new hybrid race that will come to inhabit Earth and take it through the rest of the Transformation to the point where it can graduate to 4th-density and join the COW as a fully-conscious world, without the restrictions of a quarantine.]

    While this in no way will completely answer your questions, and may in fact spark outrage and denial on your part, I hope I’ve helped you at least a little bit in coming to grips with your own experiences and satiated somewhat your hunger for understanding the claims about the so-called P24Ks, P45Ks, and P52Ks.

    While I haven’t addressed the Orions, I can only say that Orion is – again, allegedly – the star system that will be the new home of the majority of human souls that have not yet completed their spiritual development here on Earth, and because the new Earth that will come out of the Transformation is reserved as an STO world, and no longer a “laboratory” or “schoolhouse” or “battleground” between the spiritual orientations, the Undecided souls will have a new water planet in which to incarnate (as a marine entity similar to an octopus) where they will finish their lessons before moving on the 4th-density as either STO or STS beings.

    Orion also has resonance – as seen in the alignment of many Earth-bound structures such as the Giza plateau – as being the original home of the Annunaki, who supposedly had a big hand in the advancement of our DNA from Neanderthal to homo sapiens.

    According to the claims made by Burisch regarding his place as a treaty negotiator at the Tau-9 Conference For The Preservation of Humanity, there were representatives of not only the P45Ks (the ‘rogues’, who were ‘arrogant’ and supposedly controlled the P52Ks, who were also there) but also beings from Orion, who also allegedly represented ‘light beings’ from 4th density who could not participate in the treaty negotiations.

    If such a treaty conference indeed took place at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico in the 2005 time-frame, all traces of the building and facilities were removed or it took place in a location in the park that isn’t viewable, since I went there in person to see if I could validate that claim.

    Much more can be said on these subjects, but I’ll rest my case for the moment and if you have any follow-up questions, I’ll do my best to share what little insight I can offer. Best of luck in your search for answers in the meanwhile.

    Just my too sense,


    Back later with my report of what’s going on with the WalMart SuperCenter in Florida that closed abruptly along with the other Jade Helm-related WalMart closings.

    “We seek a free flow of information… we are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”-John F. Kennedy, Nov. 21, 1963.

    Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:05 pm

    [Haven’t heard from Dondep in a long while. Honestly, I’ve no idea.]

    [Contrived, probably a mix of truth and propaganda.]


  7. Dondep talks to Raven > Conference 1.20.2004 – Dan Burisch
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    Dan Burisch Updates
    … as the pole shift, the existence and membership of MJ-12 (a/k/a ‘Majestic’), bio-warfare, chemtrails, the Illuminati, and other assorted ‘lunatic fringe’ concerns.


  8. SisterRosetta 150 – 159

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    Blue Star Kachina Drunvalo Melchizedek 01 07 13 White Peak Peoria AZ
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