Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India – J. Marvin Herndon

Figure 9

CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 108, NO. 12, 25 JUNE 2015 2173
The author is in Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San
Diego, CA 92131, USA
Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s
biota by clandestine geoengineering activity:
implications for India

J. Marvin Herndon
The author is in Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San
Diego, CA 92131, USA


CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 108, NO. 12, 25 JUNE 2015

In response to an urgent call through an article in Current Science for assistance to understand the
geological association of high aluminum mobility with human health in the Ganga Alluvial Plain, I
describe evidence of clandestine geoengineering activity that has occurred for at least 15 years,
and which has escalated sharply in the last two years. The geoengineering activity via tanker-jet
aircraft emplaces a non-natural, toxic substance in the Earth’s atmosphere which with rainwater
liberates highly mobile aluminum. Further, I present evidence that the toxic substance is coal
fly ash. Clandestine dispersal of coal fly ash and the resulting liberation of highly mobile
aluminum, I posit, is an underlying cause of the widespread and pronounced increase in neurological
diseases and as well as the currently widespread and increasing debilitation of Earth’s biota.
Recommendations are made for verifying whether the evidence presented here is applicable to the
Ganga Alluvial Plain.
Keywords: Aluminum poisoning, biota, clandestine geoengineering activity, coal fly ash.
IN their article entitled ‘High mobility of aluminum in
Gomati River Basin: implications to human health’,
Jigyasu et al.1 state that ‘Systematic multi-disciplinary
study is urgently required to understand the geological
association of high Al mobility with human health in the
Ganga Alluvial Plain, one of the densely populated regions
of the world’. The present article is intended in part
to address that urgent call.
Life on Earth came into being and evolved under circumstances
of extreme immobility of aluminum (Al), an element
that comprises by weight about 8% of the crust.
Consequently, the biota of our planet, including humans,
failed to develop natural defence mechanisms for exposure
to chemically mobile aluminum. Globally, for the
past decade or more, with dramatically increasing intensity,
our planet is being deliberately and clandestinely
exposed to a non-natural substance which releases toxic
mobile aluminum into the environment. Here I provide
evidence on the dispersal and nature of the non-natural
substance, describe its potential causality in a host of increasing
human2–11 and biota debilitations12, and discuss
the implications for India in light of recently published
extreme levels of chemically mobile aluminum observed
in water from the Gomati River, a major tributary of the
Ganga River in the Ganga Alluvial Plain in North India1.
The ‘global warming’ agenda had its beginnings in the
1980s, especially with the 1988 formation of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by the
United Nations. The first report by the IPCC in 1990
claimed that the world has been warming and that future
warming seems likely; the supposed culprit being anthropogenic,
additions to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide
(CO2), allegedly causing a ‘greenhouse’ effect. Then,
along came the modellers, with grand climate models
based upon the false assumptions that heat from the Sun
and heat from within the Earth are both constant. With
those predominant variables unrealistically held constant,
the tiny greenhouse effect of increases in carbon dioxide
might appear significant. The intended result of those
climate models is to demonstrate that human activities are
indeed causing global warming and that the consequences
are dire, threating our entire planet and its very life-forms.
Driven by political, financial and self-aggrandizement
interests, the idea of anthropogenic global warming/
climate change took hold. But there is another explanation
that has nothing to do with human activity13.
Since 1996, the IPCC in its reports has mentioned the
possibility of ‘geoengineering’, the idea of emplacing
reflectant substances into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere)
to reflect a portion of the incident sunlight back
into space to compensate for alleged anthropogenic global
warming. The impetus for that geoengineering idea is the
observation that, after a major volcanic eruption, ash can
remain in the stratosphere, where little mixing occurs, for
a year or more, dimming incident sunlight and lowering
temperatures globally.
There is much information and evidence on the Internet
and in books that clandestine geoengineering activities
have been taking place for years, perhaps going back to at
least as early as the beginning of the 21st century. Notably
and alarmingly, profound increases in geoengineering
activity have been observed since early 2013 (refs 14–
16). But there has been no public admission, no understanding,
no academic investigations, no informed consent,
and no disclosure as to the nature of the toxic substances
being dispersed into the air. Instead, there appears to be a
systematic pattern of disinformation, efforts to brand
concerned observers with the pejorative moniker, ‘conspiracy
theorists’, and to falsely imply that the observed
geoengineering toxic chemical trails are simply the
formation of ice crystals from the exhaust of commercial
jetliners flying at high altitudes17.
I have lived in the same house since 1977 and viewed
the same area of the sky nearly every day. After the
morning marine layer burns off, the sky in San Diego,
California, USA, has been often cloudless; rain is infrequent
here. The air is warm and dry, not at all conducive
for the formation of ice crystals from high-altitude jet
aircraft exhaust. Since the spring of 2014, I observed that
the common occurrence of toxic geoengineering trails
in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), which mixes with
the air we breathe, was increasing in frequency (Figures 1
and 2). By November 2014, the spraying from tanker-jet
aircraft had become a near-daily occurrence, sometimes
to the extent of causing the otherwise blue sky to be
completely overcast with artificial clouds (Figure 3). Disturbingly,
the Mayor and Chief of Police, San Diego
issued no health warnings, even to the most at-risk members
of the community: children, pregnant women, the
elderly, and those with compromised immune and respiratory
If natural volcanic ash were used for geoengineering,
which is not the case, it would not be without health
risks; acute respiratory conditions such as shortness of
breath, wheezing and coughing have been noted as well
as irritation to the eye and nasal passage18. But to my
knowledge release of mobile aluminum into the environment
does not occur from natural volcanic ash. Mining
and milling rock to produce artificial volcanic ash in sufficient
quantity, 10–12 million tonnes/yr, to implement a
full-scale geoengineering programme to cool the planet
would be outrageously expensive. Artificially produced
chemicals would likewise be prohibitively expensive, except
for peripheral clandestine use in weather modifying/
weaponizing experiments.
There is, however, a readily available, almost unlimited
amount of an extremely low-cost waste product with
proper grain size for aerosol dispersing, one that requires
extra processing – coal fly ash, which makes up the second
largest industrial waste stream of the US economy. Although
details of the government’s massive tropospheric
geoengineering activities are secret, and even unacknowledged
to date, as described below, there is reason to
believe that coal fly ash is the principal ingredient used
for geoengineering.
Coal burning by industries in the West, mostly electric
utilities, produces heavy ash that settles out, as well as fly
ash that earlier went up the smokestack into the atmosphere,
but is now captured and stored because of its wellknown
adverse human health effects and damage to the
environment. Coal fly ash poses danger as a stored waste
because water leaches out toxic elements19. Leaching
experiments on coal fly ash are typically aimed at understanding/
mitigating chemical mobility caused by groundwater20,21.
Moreno et al.20 investigated laboratory leach
behaviour of 23 coal fly ash samples from different European
power plant sources. The selection covered most of
coal fly ash types produced in the European Union. All
except one were collected at electrostatic precipitators.
The leach procedure employed required mixing 100 g of
coal fly ash with 1 litre of distilled water in 2 litre bottles
for a period of 24 h.

The authors report the abundance of
38 elements in the leachate, including radioactive
uranium and thorium and, of particular interest here,
aluminum, barium and strontium. Together, aluminum,
barium and strontium appear to be the fingerprint of the
principal clandestine geoengineering toxic substance.

Figure 9a

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Chemtrails_are_Coal_Ash [I am unable to discern source of this document.]

This appears to be source of above pdf:

The HAARP Report [Admittedly I’ve been ignoring since phony “Operation Indigo Skyfold” story, but perhaps correct regarding his Chemtrails are Coal Ash thesis.]

During the period between July 2011 and November

2012, 73 rainwater samples were collected and analysed
for aluminum and barium; 71 were collected from 60
different locations in Germany, 1 from France and 1 from
Austria. Aluminum was detected in 77% of the rainwater
samples, at an average concentration of 17.68 g/l. The
average barium concentration was found to be 3.38 g/l.
Strontium, with an average composition of 2.16 g/l, was
also observed in 23 rainwater samples22.
To my knowledge there have been no leaching experiments
on coal fly ash that has been exposed to conditions
such as one might expect from atmospheric aerosol dispersal,
like exposure to UV light, particle contact abrasion
or electrostatic discharge. In one set of rainwater
measurements in a non-industrial area of northern California,
rainwater collected during an electrical storm contained
3,450 g/l of aluminum, whereas similar sampling
10 days earlier yielded 850 g/l of aluminum16; the difference
may or may not have anything to do with electrical
Figure 4 shows measurement of aluminum content of
collected rainwater samples from 2001 to 2014. Generally,
the samples were collected by independent scientists
who paid the analytical laboratory fees out of their own
pockets, hence the paucity of data; government supported
academic scientists either have not made comparable
measurements or else have not published them. Rainwater
evaporation concentrates the aluminum content. In one
lined pond fed by rainwater and well water with undetectable
aluminum content, the aluminum concentration
of the pond water was found to be 375,000 g/l (ref. 16).
Through the use of ratios it is possible to compare
directly the composition of rainwater with the composition
of coal fly leach experiments. Figure 5 is a side-byside
comparison of aluminum to barium (Al/Ba) weight
ratios of rainwater16,22 and coal fly ash leachate20. The
range of Al/Ba values for the rainwater and coal fly ash
leachate is virtually indistinguishable, even though the
rainwater samples were collected at different times, in
different locations, under different degrees of toxic aerosol
emplacement, and the coal fly ash samples varied by
location and composition.
Figure 6 is a side-by-side comparison of strontium to
barium (Sr/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater16,22 and coal fly
ash leachate20. The range of Sr/Ba values for the rainwater
and coal fly ash leachate is virtually indistinguishable,
even though the rainwater samples were collected at
different times, in different locations, under different
degrees of toxic aerosol emplacement, and coal fly ash
samples varied by location and composition.
The data presented above constitute evidence that coal
fly ash is the principal material being employed in clandestine
geoengineering activities for a period of at least
15 years in America and for unknown periods in Western
Europe, New Zealand, and perhaps elsewhere.
Such clandestine geoengineering activities have exposed
humanity and Earth’s biota to highly mobilized aluminum,
a toxic substance not generally found in the
natural environment and one for which no natural immunity
had evolved. During the period of coal fly ash utilization
for clandestine geoengineering, aluminum-implicated
neurological diseases showed explosive growth profiles,
including autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD and
others2–11, as well as manifold destruction of plant and
animal life. Highly mobilized aluminum from the
geoengineering-dispersed coal fly ash, I posit, is the
cause. How can that assertion be verified? In principle,
one might show a correlation between the amount of coal
fly ash emplaced into the atmosphere for geoengineering
and the occurrence of aluminum-implicated neurological
diseases. It is unlikely, though, that the clandestine coal
fly ash geoengineering data will ever be forthcoming.
After the US President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn
in for a second term in office on 20 January 2013, geoengineering
activities escalated sharply, becoming a neardaily
occurrence in many parts of America14–16. If coal fly
ash geoengineering activities are the principal cause of
aluminum-implicated neurological diseases, then there
will be a sharp spike in their occurrences after 20 January
2013; proof, albeit horrific proof, of crimes against humanity
and Earth’s biota of a magnitude and severity
never before experienced.
The Ganga Alluvial Plain, as shown in Figure 7, abuts
the Himalaya Mountains, a natural barricade to the passage
of clouds. Seasonally, as discovered by Jigyasu et
al.1, rainfall delivers toxic quantities of highly mobile
aluminum to the Gomati River Basin (Figure 8). I suggest
that the primary source of highly mobile aluminum is
aerosolized coal fly ash. This suggestion is relatively easy
to verify by taking rainwater samples and analysing them
for aluminum, barium and strontium. If aerosolized coal
fly ash is indeed verified as the major source of highly
mobile aluminum, then another more difficult question
should be addressed: What proportion of the aerosolized
coal fly ash derives from clandestine geoengineering
activities and what proportion comes from industrial coal
burning in India? One forensic approach that should be
considered is direct sampling of the coal fly ash in the
monsoon clouds and in the clouds before they enter the
Indian airspace. These samples may then be compared
with the Indian industrial coal fly ash samples. Although
the above described forensic investigation may be difficult
and expensive, the results might help India improve
the health of its citizens.
1. Jigyasu, D. K. et al., High mobility of aluminum in Gomati River
Basin: implications to human health. Curr. Sci., 2015, 108(3),
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aluminum by pressure acid-leaching method from coal fly ash.
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Received 17 February 2015; accepted 23 April 2015

Figure 1
Figure 1. Clandestine geoengineering toxic chemical aerosol trails
early in the daily emplacement activity in San Diego, USA on 8 August
2014. The trail from the tanker-jet dissipates, first forming wispy white
‘clouds’ as shown, and eventually forms a white haze.

Figure 2

Figure 2. Multiple clandestine geoengineering toxic chemical trails
above a recognizable area of San Diego, Kearney Mesa, on 16 January

Figure 3

Figure 3. Heavy jet-tanker toxic chemical emplacement by clandestine
geoengineering activity on 23 November 2014 over San Diego. Initially
the sky was pure blue on that day, devoid of any natural clouds.
The toxic material does not remain in the atmosphere, but contaminates
the air breathed by the San Diegans, the rain and the soil.

Figure 4

Figure 4. Aluminum content of captured rainwater samples as a function
of date collected. The gap between 2002 and 2006 does not indicate
an absence of clandestine geoengineering; numerous photographic
data are available during that interval.

Figure 5

Figure 5. Fingerprint similarity in Al/Ba ratio range between postgeoengineering
rainwater and coal fly ash leachate. Placement on the
horizontal axis is arbitrary to spread out data points.

Figure 6

Figure 6. Fingerprint similarity in Sr/Ba ratio range between postgeoengineering
rainwater and coal fly ash leachate. Placement on the
horizontal axis is arbitrary to spread out data points.

Figure 7

Figure 7. Location map of the Gomati River Basin (courtesy: Jigyasu
et al.1).

Figure 8a

Figure 8b

Figure 8c

Figure 8. Seasonal distribution of dissolved Al concentration along with discharge in the Gomati River
water at
Chandwak (courtesy: Jigyasu et al.1).


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    General Al Cuppet, letter from retired army




    © 2012

    By MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret)
    You should know, dear reader, we are not among those who despised ADM Jeremy “Mike” Boorda. In fact, we did and always will admire this fine man, who went all the way from Seaman to Chief of Naval Operations. No one has done it before, and it’s very likely no one else will accomplish such a feat in the future.

    ADM Boorda deserves our respect and remembrance as a great leader who deeply cared about his sailors and country.

    On this, the 16th anniversary of his mysterious death, we should mourn his loss, but also demand the Pentagon come clean on what really happened in the Washington Navy Yard on May 16, 1996


    The “official story” – that Boorda committed suicide because he was shamed over wearing two attachments to ribbons that he may or may not have earned – is ludicrous on its face. In the 12 years has been on line, we have not run into one Navy enlisted member or officer who buys that steaming kettle of fish.

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    However, the mainstream media has not shared the widespread skepticism of the Navy rank-and-file. No investigative articles have appeared in the New York TIMES or Washington POST. A check of shows no books have been written, not a one about the case, in the 16 years since Boorda’s bizarre death. Why not?

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    As a former PAO myself, one who knows what “plausible denials” are and has taught journalism to enlisted members and officers alike, rule number one on controlling a potentially unbelievable story is to find a respected “mainstream media” journalist who will go along with whatever is fed him, grateful for having a big story and the full cooperation of the powers-that-be.

    Such a writer was Pulitzer Prize-winner Nick Kotz, a veteran of the Washington POST, who wrote a lengthy article on Boorda’s “suicide” in the December 1996 issue of Washingtonian Magazine. The 20,000-word piece called “BREAKING POINT” dove-tailed completely with the Navy’s version of what happened at the Washington Navy Yard.


    The story even quoted from one of two notes that Boorda allegedly typed up (but curiously didn’t sign). One was said to be addressed to his family, the other “To my sailors.” It is that one that we reproduce below:

    “What I am about to do isn’t very smart, but it is right for me. You see, I have asked you to do the right thing, to care for and take care of each other and to stand up for what is good and correct. All of these things require honor, courage and commitment . . . our core values.

    “I am about to be accused of wearing combat devices on two ribbons I earned during sea tours in Vietnam. It turns out I didn’t really rate them. When I found out I was wrong, I immediately took them off, but it really was too late. I don’t expect any reporters to believe I could have made an honest mistake, and you may or may not believe it your-selves. That is up to you, and isn’t all that important now anyway. I’ve made it not matter in the big scheme of things because I love our Navy so much, and you who are the heart and soul of our Navy, that I couldn’t bear to bring dishonor to you.”

    Well, if you believe that, you’ll buy Jill Metzger’s lies along with the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Note the way the “farewell note” is written. Not at all like Boorda spoke or wrote himself. It’s style is melodramatic and hitting all the “talking points” as to why the Navy’s top officer would painfully kill himself less than 90 days before an eagerly-anticipated retirement. We suspect this “note” (which was quoted to friendly reporter Kotz, but not released in copy or any other form to the public) was written by someone who wanted to make sure the reader would be lulled into thinking Boorda suddenly decided to kill himself so he wouldn’t, and we quote, “bring dishonor” to the Navy.


    One Navy veteran who doesn’t believe that for a moment is a retired chief medical corpsman now living in Florida.

    He can’t risk having his name published (that always gives the trolls and critics of MCC fodder to attack us, but it can’t be helped) for obvious reasons. But he says Boorda had “two gunshot wounds to the upper torso, not one.” Oops. How could Mike Boorda blast himself at close range with hollow-point bullets from a .38 (said to have been given him by his son-in-law, a lawyer for NCIS) and then pull the trigger again? Yeah, right.


    It has been 16 long years and the Navy still refuses to release the autopsy report. Why? If Boorda shot himself like the official story goes, what’s to hide? The results would confirm the single shot to the sternum that ripped through the admiral’s body and exited his back, doing terrible damage to the internal organs, including the heart as it tore into his torso.

    If for no other reason than to halt the spate of conspiracy theories out there – one woman, a Kay Griggs (you can find her on Google) states her ex-husband, a Marine colonel, was a trained assassin and may have played a role in Boorda’s untimely demise – the Navy should release both the autopsy report and original “note” Boorda allegedly wrote. The one to his family can and should remain private.

    If the admiral would take the time to type out the two notes, why wouldn’t he take two seconds and sign them at the bottom? Unless someone else did the writing?


    The death gun is said to have been a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver given the CNO by his son-in-law to “protect” him and his family from possible “intruders.” Wouldn’t you think with all the Marines and Navy personnel at the Washington Navy Yard, many with loaded weapons of their own, that Admiral Boorda and his family in historic Tingey House wouldn’t have to arm themselves?

    And what military officer doesn’t know that the swiftest and surest way of killing oneself is to use a .45 or 9mm pistol. Just place the muzzle in the mouth against the soft palate, tilt the head upwards and squeeze the trigger. “Gut-shooting” yourself, even with illegal hollow-point bullets, is no guarantee of success when you want to commit suicide.

    We are sure the carpers and critics will be out in force attacking us for even mentioning this case. “Kill the messenger” is SOP. Well, we won’t be intimidated. Whatever happened to Mike Boorda back then, deserves to be known now. And only the gullible and willing fools want to “look the other way.”

    [EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have any information that you feel would be helpful in investigating the Boorda case, please click on our “contact” button (yellow tab) up by the mast head and let us know. Thanks.]


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