299 thoughts on “Chemtrails Activists Unfortunately Seen In Same Class As Sandy Hook Hoaxers

  1. @Prof_JMcCanney #GOP #plasmaDischargeCometModel Antennas – Circuit Boards & #Nazca #Palpa Lines 01/18/2016

    On my December 31, 2015 weekly radio show i announced an amazing discovery i made some weeks ago during a trip to Peru and released the information in a White Paper available on the secure web ordering sub-page entitled “The Nazca Palpa Lines Peru – Mystery Solved” (i expand on this topic if subsequent shows) … here are some antenna and circuit board pics related the Nazca area designs … below see a picture of a modern circuit board design … compare to the Nazca Palpa Lines pic below

    below is a fractal antenna design from the Palpa Ancient Antenna Complex … compare to the above modern circuit board layout

    below a modern TV antenna … compare to the Nazca Lines “Heron” figure next picture below

    below the “Heron” fractal antenna at Nazca includes the TV type antenna as well as a broken dipole fractal and in front a lobe which would adjust the frequency and then the long Dipole nose … compare to the modern TV antenna above but created thousands of years ago … my discovery ranks as one of the top archaeological discoveries of all time … it truly links us with a past of which we know nothing but which leads to communications with other star systems as explained in my white paper


    Previous shows archived here:


  2. Sweet name, youre born once again for me
    Just as long as I can see, Ill never stop this vision flowing
    [audio src="https://rosettasister.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/6-david-bowie-station-to-station-entire-album11976.mp3" /]


  3. It’s Twitter Time at The Last Chance chemTrails Saloon

    Images Source:

    Listen baby, do you see this town … baby someday this can all be yours. Hey, Sweetheart … I mean … you know … I mean … it’s like … you know … it’s jazz man … I dig jazz … it’s got … its like … it’s jazz … is … is … you know … where it’s at … you know where I’m at … I mean jazz.



    [Images Captured One Moment in Time. Probably most are legit. Mostly just sharing music and appreciating my fellow Tweeters.]

    January 26, 2016

    Your representatives in Congress got GMOs ALL WRONG. What makes you think they got chemTrails right?! They’re often wrong.

    I’m @chemTrailActivi on Twitter – Replies greatly appreciated at Twitter


  4. Trump: ‘I Love The Fact That ISIS Is Being Hit By Russia’
    Breitbart News-Sep 30, 2015
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared “I love the fact that ISIS is … he stated, “A couple of bad moves…you have World War III over Syria, right? … Look, if Russia wants to go in there, it would have been nice if we went in and as a unified front, to be honest with you, but if Russia wants to …


  5. Lookupcolorado2 & techgigbit – Recent chemTrails images uploaded by 2 Twitter users




    These are just recent images uploaded by two Twitter users.

    Please understand this happens everyday.

    The spraying continues unabated.

    The U.S. government does not fear its citizens because its citizens have given permission with their silence.


    Replies please @chemTrailActivi at Twitter

    Please take the time to leave an actual, real reply in PUBLIC.

    Thank you, Rose


  6. Well here I go again trying to explain the inexplicable
    You are not being targeted
    Sometimes a plane is not a plane
    And helicopters are not helicopters
    These creatures are alive but not what they seem
    This virtual reality that we live in can be altered
    Perhaps just trying to poke you a little bit into understanding there’s more to life than this physical reality
    I don’t want to come off as sounding condescending
    I’m trying to help you
    Hey when you see these creatures / objects seemingly appear out of nowhere
    Literally “dropping” into this 3D learning laboratory we call Home
    THEN we can really talk
    You may remember me as Rose Rosetta or Rosetta Rose
    @chemTrailActivi on Twitter


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