Atmospheric Aerosol Researcher Asked To Destroy Document Sent In Error By The Ministry For The Environment


An internal memorandum was sent in error by an employee at the Ministry for the Environment to a post-graduate researcher named Malcolm Scott of Canterbury.  Mr Scott, who is investigating issues related to atmospheric aerosol operations in New Zealand, did not realize the significance of the 6-paged document until someone called him and asked him to destroy it.

Malcolm081Post-graduate researcher,   Mr Malcolm Scott

On March the 11th, Mr Scott got a phone call  from a member of the Climate Directorate staff informing him that a 6-page memo had been sent in error and they wanted it destroyed.  Malcolm asked for the request in writing and lo and behold, later that afternoon this arrived via email:

Can you please confirm by return that you have destroyed the 6 page internal memorandum that was inadvertently released to you under the Official information (OIA).  A mistake at our end and I apologise for…

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21 thoughts on “Atmospheric Aerosol Researcher Asked To Destroy Document Sent In Error By The Ministry For The Environment

  1. Okay sharing your video. I must admit I have seen same thing w the real chemtrails. So what does this tell us? Don’t our guys have stealth technology? Plus don’t they have advanced technology which they don’t share w the masses? So many secrets. My guess is there’s strange phenomena (ufos) our MIL doesn’t want us to know. But the real spraying that results in toxic air water soil etc Betcha it’s our guys doing that Unless it’s foreign MIL (Open Skies Treaty) Sometimes it happens so friggin fast, seems the Devil himself is spraying us.


  2. chemTrails + Phenomena (more and more convinced just Science we don’t understand yet)
    1 20 2016 5 09 to 5 13 PM
    Sorry so untimely, been super busy. TY, Rose.
    @chemTrailActivi on Twitter


    I never get more interference than when I’m trying to view or share some of your posts, namely

    IDK how many times I got knocked offline the other day
    Guess it’s okay we share toxic chemtrails images, but not the strange other-worldly stuff
    TY Rose


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