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HAARP – significant influence on Earth’s ionosphere forms “ion cloud” concentration of microwave energy from several powerful emitters arises plasma – Константин Сивков Konstantin Sivkov

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Teleportation and the weapon of the future

Scientists are on the verge of discoveries that radically change the means and methods of warfare

Research results with sometimes very little to do with the army, capable of in the next 20 years have a significant impact on the appearance of weapons systems, the nature and content of hostilities.

The mechanism of the influence of science on the development of weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE) has two main components – the ontological and epistemological, which implies a settlement of fundamental and applied problems.

First significant for the development of science in general, or to several of its branches. In most cases the fundamental decisions have an impact on the development of basic military technologies through new methods of eliminating existing or newly emerging application problems.

The latter are important for the individual application areas of science. As a rule, their resolution has a direct impact on the development of basic military technologies.

The entire list of existing problems of science is large enough and in a single article can not be considered. Therefore focus only on those who are able to provide in the future a significant impact on the development of AMSE.

The unified field theory

One problem – the development of a unified field theory. It is likely to receive its approval in the long term, and therefore its influence on the development of AMSE felt only in the distant future. For military affairs it will have a double meaning.

Teleportation and the weapon of the future
Collage Andrei Grizzly

On the one hand, with sufficient predictive capabilities of such a theory, in addition to the disclosure and the mathematical description of the four known interactions (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak) within it should appear method to identify other types of interaction between matter and experimental verification of their existence. This will provide new opportunities for the creation of qualitatively different systems AMSE, based on the use of these fields and the effects of their mutual influence.

On the other – such a theory would probably help to explain a sufficiently large class of phenomena, which are combined today called “paranormal.” The vast majority of them – it’s no confirmed fiction okolonauchnom crooks.However, there is a sufficient statistic strictly scientifically documented phenomena of this kind (eg extrasensory clairvoyance), which does not allow them to just shrug and requires explanation.

Disclosure mechanisms of such phenomena and their formal description of new opportunities will open warfare, especially in the field of information and technology in mind control. Most scientists do not deny the existence of such phenomena, agree on the fact that they must be based on new types of fields, as yet unknown to science. Prevent their discovery is quite possible, given that humanity has entered in the XX century with two types of fields – gravitational and electromagnetic, and came with four, adding the strong and weak interactions. In addition, we should remember that we do not know enough about our world to simply dismiss the phenomena that do not fit in today’s idea of ​​it, let’s not forget the fate of genetics, cybernetics, and geopolitics.

At the moment, the unified field theory yet. Work on its creation is in two main areas, the ideological basis of which was founded in the beginning of XX century.

The first of these is based on quantum representations describing all kinds of fields, according to which the mechanism of their occurrence is a special exchange of virtual particles (for example, the electromagnetic field – it photons). In the Standard Model, based on the quantum approach, it was possible to obtain a satisfactory description of the famous four field interactions. The discovery of the Higgs boson has confirmed the correctness of the theory. However perfectly describing these processes, the quantum approach does not go any further – theoretically predict the probable new species interactions. Impossible to find in this theory, and a satisfactory explanation of some effects of the microcosm, in particular the state of teleportation microparticles (although formal mathematical description of this phenomenon in the framework of the Standard Model exists). That is, it does not have sufficient progosticheskim potential.

The second approach is based on geometric representations arising from the concept of the gravitational field of education as a manifestation of curved space in the general theory of relativity. Here, attempts to form a unified field theory by introducing additional dimensions of space (the concept of the Kaluza-Weyl), the curvature of which leads to the emergence of electromagnetic and other fundamental fields until they reached success.

Intensively developed at present the theory of superstrings (related more to the geometric approach to quantum than) the potential to give a better description of the phenomena of the microcosm and in fact can become a unified field theory. However, the results of which could be verified experimentally, the developers of this theory have not yet received.

Therefore, modern physics is looking for signs of other effects that can give a boost to the development of theoretical ideas about the microworld, increasing the power of the experimental units (in particular by creating the Large Hadron Collider).

Despite the enormous complexity of the problem of constructing a unified field theory, we can expect that in the next two to three decades, it will be formulated. The key to success is the achievement of modern mathematics and cybernetics.

Such a theory will revolutionize warfare, similar to that which occurred as a result of the development of quantum theory, which led eventually to the development of atomic and thermonuclear weapons, the birth of nuclear energy, as well as to the entire spectrum of science and technology that form the basis of today’s progress – from microelectronics to microbiology.

Through the use of other, now unknown forms of energy can appear such weapons, in comparison with which nuclear weapons may seem simple children’s cracker.

Geophysics and climate formation

The most interesting application of the methodological issue relevant to the further development of AMSE is the development of methods to predict the development of geophysical and climate-forming processes under the influence of various destabilizing factors with precision, accuracy and reliability, which would make it possible to carry out the formation of the desired nature of the geophysical and climatic processes in the specified areas planet. Today in this direction are quite intensive research, especially in the United States.

Teleportation and the weapon of the future
Collage Andrei Grizzly

The urgency of this problem for military affairs due to the advent of the means to provide a sufficiently powerful effect on geophysics and climate of the planet is almost globally.

It is primarily known HAARP – complex, capable of exerting a significant influence on the Earth’s ionosphere. It forms in her “ion cloud”, which due to the concentration of the microwave energy from several powerful emitters arises plasma. Warhead or a plane hitting one of those areas, or in the adjacent area will be destroyed. That is HAARP originally created as a set of missile defense.

However, during its trial operation revealed that he is able to exert a certain influence on the Earth’s geophysics and pogodoobrazovanie over considerable areas. HAARP opportunities to influence the weather, due to the fact that the state of the ionosphere and the troposphere is strongly dependent on each other. As a result, fluctuations in the ionosphere caused by the influence of the complex, will inevitably lead to changes in weather conditions.

Physics impact HAARP geophysical processes based on the fact that the Earth is from the point of view of electromagnetism is a giant spherical capacitor, whose outer conductive shell is represented by the ionosphere and the inner conductive core – the crust and magma, between which the dielectric – having poor electrical conductivity of the lower layers atmosphere. Sufficiently intense oscillations of the ionosphere can lead to a response in the deep layers of the Earth in the form of oscillation processes in the magma. The consequence of this are in the areas of energy discharges geological stresses on the joints of geological plates, which manifests itself in the form of earthquakes. The absence of any effective prediction of the consequences of making the use of HAARP is almost unpredictable, which may under certain conditions lead to disaster for themselves the owners of this technique.

However, the development of the technology with respect to accurate prediction of the effects of HAARP turn into a powerful geophysical and climatic weapons. Activities are carried out in two main directions.

Firstly, on the basis of the creation of supercomputers special complexes that will simulate pogodoobrazovanie over considerable areas and geophysical processes, the consequence of which will be earthquakes in certain areas.

Secondly, the collection and systematization of statistical information about these phenomena in amounts sufficient for their prediction.

Modification of life

The first application of ontological problems should be identified creation of living beings with desired properties on the basis of genetic engineering techniques. Important for the development of military affairs in this field are in the direction of creating disease-causing bacteria and viruses with high-grade ability on the basis of race. The problem is that the pathogens were dangerous only to a specific group of people defined by race. Such studies are currently under way in the United States. So far failed to achieve the desired level of “racial selectivity.” However, some progress is already there – there were previously unknown pathogens that for certain races are more dangerous, but for others – less. As an example, SARS and avian influenza.

Beam guns

Development of small high-powered microwave radiation generators, radio-, optical and X-ray is the main prerequisite for the development of a family of high-efficiency beam weapons. Work in this area has become a priority within the United States missile defense program.

The objectives of the weapon that uses microwave radiation, will be electronic system of military facilities for various purposes, including aircraft.

Powerful generators of coherent optical and X-rays allowed to create laser weapons. His first samples have already been taken to adopt the United States Navy.

In the future they will be the main armament of space combat systems of the future, which will be capable of destroying not only space, but also ground targets. But this requires the solution of the problem of passage of high beams of electromagnetic energy of the optical and X-ray through the atmosphere.

Heavy Duty computer

Important for military affairs will be the implementation possibilities of using teleportation effect states of quantum particles in the perspective of electronic systems, especially the development on this basis of a computer.

Being this effect is that if two or more microparticles with pronounced quantum properties are in the same system, and then left it and went in the space, the change in state of any one of them immediately leads to certain changes in the status of other particles in the group.

It is believed that the use of quantum teleportation will create a relatively small computer having a huge performance significantly superior to even modern supercomputers.

This is due to the fact that one of the main factors limiting the speed of computing today is the speed of propagation of the electromagnetic field. Application effect of teleportation of quantum states of the particles will remove this restriction.

The creation of such systems will revolutionize the military cybernetics – on the orders of reduced processing time information of ACS, will increase the pace of military operations, will significantly increase the quality of decision-making, improve the ability of the armed forces of robotics through the use of more complex models that take into account more factors, and most importantly – happens a qualitative leap in the level of intelligence, accuracy, reliability, accuracy and timeliness of weapon control systems and technical means.


An important role in the development of weapons systems will play a solution to the problem of creating nanoscale engineering devices with the required functionality and the ability to replicate.

In this area, the main difficulties arise from the fact that the formation and behavior of nano-objects defining influence quantum effects, making these processes are probabilistic. In essence, it is about creating extremely complex oriented to perform specific functions in specific conditions of macromolecules.

The set of such molecules, united in conglomerates may act medium storing and processing information. Being among other molecular and atomic systems, they are able to act as modifiers, and destroyers of these structures.

Thus, it is possible to create a qualitatively new weapons systems based on suspensions nanorobots capable of quickly destroy military targets, AMSE and manpower.

Not exclude the appearance suspenzioobraznyh processing systems and storage, which will have an extremely high resistance to various damaging influences.

Thus, the resolution of these and other problems of fundamental and applied science will in the next 20 years to the development of new kinds of weapons likely to have a significant impact on the nature of warfare.

Sivkov Constantine ,
the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences

Published in issue number 19 (487) for May 22, 2013

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